Points of Pugh: Invasion of the Body Slammers 9 
The big date draws nearer and nearer to The Dominator’s last stand at the Sussex Coast College on Saturday October 5th. The most emotional night in British wrestling awaits and I cannot wait for the big bang! The ‘British Beast’ started a revolution inside a STEEL CAGE and he’s going to end it inside a STEEL CAGE! But more on that as we get closer. Invasion of the Bodyslammers IX has a star studded line up already featuring some epic debut’s as well as welcoming returns to the company. So let’s look at some of the already announced matches for October 5th.
Shaun Summers vs. Crusher Curtis:
Summers made a great impression in his debut but came up short against the menacing Mr. Meaner back in July. This time around he has the chance to do some research on his opponent who’s arguably one of the best big men on the British circuit right now, multiple time British champion for various promotions and somebody we haven’t seen in Extreme World Wrestling for nearly two years, the powerful Crusher Curtis. No Bully Briggs at his side this time, Curtis looks to right the wrong from his previous EWW encounter, Summers could pick up a big upset should he get the job done however, but how has he recovered since the beating he took from Mr. Meaner?
N-EWW Championship: Lupo Lee (c) vs. Kelly Sixx:
For the first time since the 20 year anniversary, the ‘King Of Performance’ is back in EWW and looking to pick up a championship this time around. He put on a hell of a match with Lupo’s friend Grayson Dawn but Lupo has been on an incredible streak retaining the championship from challengers of any kind, from Infinity to Furio and Lenny Lawless. Another tough contender who is definitely worthy of wearing that championship. This’ll certainly be fast paced, don’t blink on this one when the bell rings.
Grayson Dawn vs. Ash Draven:
At last, the ‘Anti-Social’ one! One of the most talked about up and comers in the UK for the past few years now is prepared to turn the carnival of extreme into his “HAPPY PLACE”. A young, dangerous predator who enjoys hurting people and picking up championships along the way. The flying Grayson has quickly rose to the ranks as one of the most popular young athletes to graduate from the Extreme Academy of Wrestling. Should he score a victory over Draven, his early career could sky rocket to greater heights in not just EWW but around the country. 
EWW Tag Team Championships: MENergy (c) vs. The Bone Brothers:
No idea how but MENergy seem to get the job done against challengers that are thrown at them via EWW management. But come October 5th, it may in fact all come to an end when they take on the debuting Bone Brothers who’ve also been making a lot of noise in the tag team division as of late. How impressive it would be to win the belts on their debut (it has occurred in company history before) but what tricks do Lou Steel and Fabulous Felix have up there sleeves this time?
Cindee & Layton Cole vs. Mary Mayhem & Flatliner:
How could it be Dominator’s send off without one of his biggest friends/rivals not in the building? The fearless Flatliner returns to EWW to team with newcomer Mary Mayhem from the Wildkats and they will be facing the team from the Back Country in the form of Cindee and Layton Cole. Cole has a history of running his mouth before his matches but maybe he’s bitten off more than he can chew. The legendary Flatliner looks set to humiliate the loudmouth and rid him from EWW once and for all! This should be a lot of fun.
Voodoo vs. Corvis Kid:
Well kid, it was nice knowing you. You see, since Voodoo lost the St. George’s Championship in July to Lenny Lawless, the monster has had time to recuperate and heal some injuries. So what do you think he’s going to do to you once he get’s his hands on you? I hope the Unknown have prepared a funeral for you my friend. Get your stop watched ready ladies and gent’s….that’s if the Unknown don’t have a masterplan that is…
EWW Women’s Championship: Erin Angel (c) vs. Astrid the Viking:
Astrid made quick work of Team Tenacity in July and I must say I was impressed with this brutal force of nature. Definitely the biggest threat to Erin’s title in a long time. The champion needs to dig deep from her years of experience to find a way to get the Viking off her feet but most important of all, keep the Women’s Championship around her waist.
How’s that for a line up? and we’re not even done yet!!! Tickets are still available for this historic night and I urge you to grab them as soon as possible. Your last chance to see The Dominator go to war, make his final walk to the ring inside a STEEL CAGE as he teams with Skarlett to battle Titan and the current EWW World Heavyweight Champion, the Unknown’s Cyrus Shade! As I stated, more in the coming weeks but trust me, this is going to be a night never to be forgotten.  



The hottest night of the year shall commence this Saturday July 27th at the Summerfield Leisure Centre as EWW returns with the brand of N-EWW for Summerfield Slam. We hit the breaks to the final stop before the Dominator’s last stand on Saturday October 5th at the Sussex Coast College so let’s rundown the matches for this Saturday and Hastings, you’re in for a treat.

The Dominator vs. Deadly Nightshade:

As we gear towards the ‘British Beast’s’ final fight inside the steel cage on Saturday October 5th, witness history as this Saturday at Summerfield Slam, The Dominator shall take his last walk to the ring in a single’s match! I’ve had the honour of calling some of his classic encounters with the likes of SINders, The Rage, Stockwell and Philip Bateman but this time, he has chosen his most bizarre student from the Extreme Academy of Wrestling, the ‘Freak’ Deadly Nightshade. Nightshade has taken this opportunity very seriously but although the clock is ticking for the Dominator, you can never prepare for the punishment that the beast will unleash!!!

Skarlett vs. Trevor Bekooy:

Since the leader of the Unknown made his way into the carnival of Extreme, he has been a huge pain in Skarlett’s arse! After all the talking, the jump attacks, the personal issues, Bekooy is finally going to have to put his money where his mouth is when he has his very first match against the ‘Bombshell from Hell’. If Bekooy wins, he gets to keep EWW broadcaster Stickman, if Skarlett wins, Bekooy must release him to his freedom. I’m sure Bekooy will have backup at hand but I know for a fact he’ll be in for the ass whooping of a lifetime!

Drake vs Layton Cole:

The ‘Prince of Punk’ returns to EWW competition and has a lot to prove when he goes one on one against Layton Cole. Drake has a lot to prove considering he was one of the early graduates from N-EWW and a former St. George’s Champion (and my broadcast colleague let’s not forget). If he can pick up a win, this may get him back in the title hunt.

EWW St. George’s Championship: Voodoo © vs. Lenny Lawless:

The first N-EWW Champion Lawless looks to finally add the St. George’s title to his resume, something that has been eating away at him on multiple occasions, but he’s going to have to get through the scariest dude on the EWW roster in the form of the 7ft 300lbs champion Voodoo!

Grayson Dawn vs. Corvis Kid:

The youngest of the Unknown could make history by picking up the biggest win of his very early career by beating one of the most respected and popular athletes on the N-EWW roster, Majesty Memorial winner the flying Grayson Dawn. I’m sure Kid will have his ‘buddies’ at ringside in the process but Grayson is the more expreinced and has a great EWW track record thus far.

Team Tenacity vs. The Valkyries:

The Valkyries debut at Summerfield Slam against the most popular young trainees out of N-EWW Kent, Team Tenacity. Tenacity will need to use their speed to avoid the dominance of the Valkyries who are looking to make a huge impression this Saturday!

MENergy & Billy Zero vs. The Wildcats & Mary Mayhem:

This should be a lot of fun as the reigning EWW Tag Team Champions team with newcomer Billy Zero to take on the the Rockstar Jeff Leopard, the hugely popular Maddi Almighty and the debuting Mary Mayhem. Expect chaos in this one with bodies flying everywhere. I’m siding with the Wildcats but MENergy I’m sure will have a trick up their sleeve.

Shawn Summers vs. Mr Meaner:

This one I’m very intrigued to see, having spoken to Summers and watched him train a few weeks back I can see a bright future ahead for him. But a fellow debut steps up to the challenge at Summerfield Slam in the form of the deadly and terrifying Mr. Meaner!!!

N-EWW Championship Match: Lupo Lee © vs. Infinity:

This one could potentially steal the show. Lupo has been on a roll since winning the title back at the 20 year anniversary spectacular. However, the Unknown’s unique athlete doesn’t necessarily need his stable by his side to get the job done. I think we could be in for a classic encounter between two of the highly recommended athletes to come out of the Extreme Academy of Wrestling.

EWW World Heavyweight Championship: Cyrus Shade © vs. AWOL:

The ‘Soldier of Fortune’ gets his first ever shot at the big one at Summerfield Slam and is training very hard in the gym to prepare! The stronger of the two going into this contest but the defending champion, Cyrus Shade has experience on his side and will take it to a whole new level to keep the gold around his waist, especially if he was to go that one step further. Remember the blood massacre when the Children of Eden were demolished? Unfinished business here that’s going to get settled and to sweeten the deal, the EWW World Heavyweight Championship is on the line!!!

10 explosive matches coming your way this Saturday, be part of history and join us on a historical journey that you will remember for the ages!

Points of Pugh: Shawn Summers Interview.
Saturday July 27th, we see 2 huge debuts for N-EWW Summerfield Slam, this past week I caught up with one of the combatants, Shawn Summers. Enjoy!
Jake: Making his singles debut at Summerfield Slam on July 27th is Shawn Summers. Thanks for joining me at this time Shawn, firstly how did you get into wrestling?
Summers: Well, I’ve always been a wrestling fan ever since I was a kid, I grew up in the late 90’s/2000’s which was obviously a fantastic time to be a fan, but what really made me fall in love with wrestling was going to live shows and watching some of the British Wrestling legends like Steve Grey, Mal Sanders, and Doug Williams demonstrate their technical brilliance! Watching those guys as a kid left me in awe and ignited a passion that I still have today. Fast forward quite a few years and here I am, ready to debut in my first singles match.
Jake: There are many schools around the country but what made you come and join the Extreme Academy of Wrestling, what do you think sets it apart from the other schools that are out there?
Summers: It really was a no brainer when it came to choosing a school. The Extreme Academy of Wrestling has a fantastic reputation and the trainers all have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you won’t find in other places. From top to bottom everyone wants you to succeed and you are given the tools and opportunities to do so. I think what sets it apart though is the family and team environment that you feel part of from day 1. I think you would struggle to find such a tight bond of people anywhere else.
Jake: Is there anybody on the roster at the moment that you look at and think “I wanna wrestle that guy”?
Summers: To be honest with you, the talent on the roster is so good I want to get in there with everyone. I think that the roster is so diverse there are so many match ups that could steal the show on any given night. With that being said though, it’s all about chasing the gold and right now the Champion is Cyrus Shade. I know I have a long road ahead of me but I’m hungry and willing to putting in the hours of hard work to finally get the opportunity face the champ so bring it on.
Jake: So as I stated earlier at Summerfield Slam you make your singles debut however you’re going in there against a chap known as Mr. Meaner, somebody who looks like he’s not to be trifled with, how do you prepare for somebody like that considering as it’s not really the sort of opponent you’d wanna be in there with right? Particularly on your debut?
Summers: It’s difficult because so little is known about my opponent it’s hard to prepare for anything specific but what I can do is focus on my weaknesses and continue to work on the things I do well. I’ve been working hard and I’m ready for this opportunity, I think that if I can dictate the pace of the match and not give him chance to play mind games with me then I’m confident I will get the better of him.
Jake: If you manage to pick up the win over Meaner on July 27th, what’s next for Shawn Summers?
Summers: To continue to grow and develop as a wrestler – like I said earlier it’s all about working towards winning championships and being the best, I possibly can be. I have goals in mind and I’m going to stick to them.
Jake: Shawn thanks so much for the interview do you have a final message to the Hastings crowd before your match?
Summers: Just if you haven’t got tickets already, get them quick because they will sell out fast. July 27th is not going to be a night you’ll want to miss!
Points of Pugh: Lupo Lee Interview
So much coming up as we gear towards October 5th at the Sussex Coast College where we shall witness The Dominator’s retirement match inside the steel cage, Summerfield Slam is just around the corner but 2 weeks before then, N-EWW Kent returns to Snodland Saturday July 13th and the full lineup has been announced. One participant involved on July 13th is also in action on July 27th, the current N-EWW Champion, Lupo Lee! I recently got the chance to sit down with Lee to discuss how it felt winning the title on such a monumental event as well as his plans for the future and his opponent Infinity at Summerfield Slam. Enjoy!
JAKE: I’m joined at this time with the current N-EWW Champion and one of the brightest young stars to come from the Extreme Academy of Wrestling, Lupo Lee! Lee thanks for joining me I want to take you back to the night you won the the belt from Lenny Lawless on the EWW 20 Year Anniversary show, what was going through your mind before and especially after the bout?
LUPO: Thank you Jake, that’s quite an intro, thank you! As someone who’s been following EWW for most of my life, it was a huge honour to be a part of the 20th anniversary show, especially in a title match at 21 years old! Before that match I was nervous and excited, but more focused and determined than I’d ever been. I was so close to me dream, but there was no way I was going to underestimate Lenny. When I got that 3 count I felt untouchable, after years of people telling me I was to little and that I’d never get anywhere and all that bollocks, I won the academy championship. Honestly the best night of my life, all the support from my family and friends in the crowd, it was unreal and I’m still not convinced of wasn’t a dream.
JAKE: So much has happened since you made your debut from the gauntlet matches, to tag matches and being opposite the ring from your own mentor, what would you say you’ve learnt the most as a young competitor?
LUPO:  Never stay down. As you said, I’ve been in gauntlets, rumbles, ladder matches, fought critical mass (twice), caught ladders with me face.. But whatever’s happens I get back up and smile. Never stay down.
JAKE: Have you got a favourite match that sticks out to you so far?
LUPO: To watch? Or be part of? I’ll give you both anyway, my favourite match I’ve seen would have to be Skarlett Vs Cyrus Shade at the 20th anniversary of EWW. They both put everything they had into that match, and whilst I have seen some true classics in EWW, this is my favourite. My personal fav to be part of… Either the first match with Critical Mass or The NEWW Championship match I had with Lenny Lawless. That title means everything to me. But being stood across the ring from giants, especially when one of them gave you your chance in this business.. There’s nothing quite like it.
JAKE: Talk to me about your friendship with Grayson Dawn, somebody you’ve known for a long time and you’ve been through a lot of highs and lows together how do you compare your success to his?
LUPO:  Ah yes, well me and Grayson didn’t start on the right foot, he crossbodied me when I attacked Len, we brawled a bit in the ladder match and by the a mutual respect had built, now we’re a team, we’ve proven we won’t back down and we are coming for those tag titles. We have had similar success. We both picked up our first victory in a rumble, Grayson winning the Majesty memorial, and me becoming no.1 contender and going on to win the championship. Believe me, there’ll be lots more success for Lupo & Grayson.
JAKE: Right, Summerfield Slam on July 27th you defend the N-EWW Championship against the Unknowns Infinity, somebody a lot bigger, stronger as well as athletic, but he too graduated from the Academy and had the same ride as you did, how are you preparing for this matchup? .
LUPO:  Infinity. The boundless vessel of the unknown. As you said, bigger than me. Stronger than me. But so are most people I fight. I will not underestimate infinity, I know he can be a threat, hell I know it’s not just him I have to look out for, the unknown are not afraid to take shortcuts but if they want my NEWW Championship, they’re gonna have to kill me.
JAKE:  Lupo Lee thanks so much for your time any final message to your supporters out there?
I don’t think you quite know how much being a part of EWW means to me, always been my dream and the support and love is amazing ❤
Points of Pugh:
It’s been a while people but after the news that dropped just last week I couldn’t go quiet on this one.
Firstly the revelation of the brand new EWW World Championship! If you haven’t seen it, here is the image below and it’s absolutely beautiful, unfortunately in the hands of the Unknown’s Cyrus Shade who beat Skarlett to win the title at Dissolution and we’re awaiting on who will be the next contender to step up and have a shot at the gold.
But the biggest bombshell that dropped last week was the announcement from The Dominator, who will be wrestling his final match on Saturday October 5th at the Sussex Coast College in a match that put him and Extreme World Wrestling on the map since it’s inception in December 1998. That’s right, The British Beast teams with Skarlett for the first time in over a decade to take on Cyrus Shade and former tag partner Titan inside a 16ft high STEEL CAGE!!! The last time a cage match was contested in EWW, The Dominator went to war with fellow legend Philip Bateman in 2006 at the Good, the Red and the Ugly, Dominator is going out with a bang after 25 years in the business and as we progress to October 5th be prepared for lot’s of Dominator content. Rest assured…he’s not done just yet.
Saturday July 27th, the N-EWW brand returns to the Summerfields Leisure Centre for the hottest extravaganza of the summer as N-EWW presents “SUMMERFIELD SLAM”. Tickets are now available and shall feature a mix of the finest standout’s in the Extreme Academy of Wrestling as well as the popular Extremists such as Skarlett, Cyrus Shade, Voodoo and yes…THE DOMINATOR!
It is confirmed that The Dominator shall have his final single’s match on July 27th as we gear towards the big farewell on October 5th. The British Beast goes one on one with the Freak, Deadly Nightshade. The only time these two collided was in the finals of the EWW Tag Team Championship tournament back at Family Values in 2016. Nightshade has grown to become one of the most vicious standouts in the academy, I think his matches with Deano Lock speaks for itself, as well as that, he’s a former British Women’s Champion (yep you heard that right). If he was to pick up a victory against Dominator next month especially as it’s so close to the end of his career, Nightshade’s own career could sky rocket straight to the top. I hope he’s studying his own mentor for this match, considering the quick work he’s made on the like’s of Lou Steel and Infinity. Guaranteed neither athletes came out the same!
We got so much more to come so stay tuned folks, this will certainly be an emotional roller coaster over the next 4 months so enjoy every minute of it and be apart of history. Lot’s of big announcements coming our way, a blazing inferno is upon us as we approach SUMMERFIELD SLAM!!!
Points of Pugh:
A lot to discuss as we begin our first journey of 2019 towards EWW Dissolution at the Sussex Coast College on Saturday March 16th. The big news over the weekend has been the talk of the return of Ruffneck to the promotion. Somebody who hasn’t been seen in a EWW ring since 2014. The ‘hard bastard from the north’ has proposed to management that a 15 man Battle Royal takes place and he’s THAT confident he’s offered to put up £1000 of his own money if anybody can get him over the top rope and on to the floor. EWW Commissioner, Dany Garnell has accepted the proposition and the participants should hopefully be announced in the coming weeks. 
Speaking of Mr Garnell,  he officially announced a few weeks ago that the EWW Tag Team Championships are now vacant after the split of Critical Mass back in October, however Titan has refused to return the belts to EWW HQ. His comments, “Danny Garnell thinks he’s getting his belt back. Danny Garnell will have to come and collect my belt from me personally.
Danny Garnell needs to keep tight hold of his fillings.  Danny Garnell wants a tag belt bent onto his normal head! 
In what world do you honestly believe you can put any condition on me. You may have authority. . But it’s only in your head!”
So on that note Mr Garnell has stated that Titan shall now defend both belts on Saturday March 16th against the newest team on the block in the form of Menergy! Although it’s two on one for the tag titles, I don’t like the teams chances, especially when going up against a 7ft black hearted brutal force of destruction!. And I’m sure the Dominator will be paying close attention, because although he has Infinity on his hands at Dissolution, something tells me that a giant showdown between the two former partners awaits on the horizon.
EWW British Women’s Champion Erin Angel makes her long awaited return to the company from injury on March 16th as she battles Bobbi Tyler. Tyler has been picking up a lot of momentum recently across the UK, most notably winning the IPW Women’s Championship as well as recently finishing up a tour in Japan. Let’s not forget that Sweet Saraya, who defeated Maddi Almighty at Invasion of the Bodyslammers to claim her right as number one contender shall be watching so I think it’s safe to say that whoever should walk out as the champion on March 16th will have to meet the first queen of British wrestling later on in the year!
More to come as we get closer and closer to Dissolution, we are anxiously awaiting a response from Skarlett as to weather or not shell will step in the ring with Cyrus Shade one more time for the World Heavyweight Championship! The stakes are even higher this time as Shade has proclaimed that should he not walk out of Sussex Coast College as the champion, then he’ll leave Extreme World Wrestling forever! Including the fact that the Unknown have been unleashing attack after attack on Skarlett’s students just to get her attention, how much more of this can we actually take???


Points of Pugh:

Summerfield’s Leisure Centre shall once again bare witness to the land of extreme! Almost a decade ago EWW’s last stop on the ‘Hardcore Tour’ took place right here in this very building, looking back who could have predicted the outcomes of victories as well as the future’s of super stardom in not just Britain but all over the world. ‘Playboy’ Phil Bedwell went one on one with WWE legend Scotty 2 Hotty, a rookie Skarlett picked up a victory over a young Marty Scurll who’s known would wide now as ‘The Villain’ and in 6 man tag team action, then EWW Heavyweight Champion, The Dominator pinned former ECW World Heavyweight Champion Raven with a DDT right in the centre of the ring!

Fast forward and on Saturday December 8th 2018, the final show of the year under the EWW brand, then a rookie, NOW a champion, the ‘Bombshell from Hell’ defends the EWW World Heavyweight Championship once more against the Unknown’s Cyrus Shade. Very questionable outcome during tag team action back at N-EWW in Snodland when Shade claims he scored a pin fall over the champion but the referee did not see the shoulder down, so in order to settle the score, Commissioner Danny Garnell has order the two square off in a rematch from our 20th anniversary event! Can lightning strike twice? Or will the Unknown have a master plan to finally take the title into the darkness.

Speaking of the Unknown, the 7ft giant now known as ‘Tiny’ will debut in tag action as her partner’s alongside “The Kid” and Infinity to take on the popular WildCats team of Jeff Leopard, Maddi Almighty and making his EWW debut, the powerhouse Charlie Davies!

EWW’s high flying sensation and winner of the Majesty Memorial, Grayson Dawn put on a great matchup against Kelly Sixx in October, now he has the chance to get back in the victory line as he goes one on one with the ‘Scourge of London’ Cali Gray.

We shall crown a brand new number one contender to the EWW S.t George’s Championship at WrestleRok as former N-EWW Champion Lenny Lawless faces former EWW British Women’s Champion Deadly Nightshade. Winner goes on to meet the mysterious Voodoo in the new year!

For the first time in EWW, Lou Steel will be hosting HASTINGS NEXT TOP MODEL LIVE alongside his personal stylist Fantastic Felix, Which member of the audience will be chose to ‘Walk the Walk? Find out at the Summerfield’s Leisure Centre this Saturday!

Recently crowned N-EWW Kent Champion, The Damned has very little time to celebrate his win at Snodland because he’ll be going against EWW’s ‘Soldier of Fortune’ AWOL! Can the Masked man out strength AWOL or will the former St. George’s Champion add another title to his resume’.

Big Bully Briggs and Layton Cole shall meet each other in the ring on Saturday December 8th to crown a number one contender to the N-EWW Championship! The winner goes on to meet the N-EWW Champion in the new year whoever that may be…

Lupo Lee had the biggest highlight of his career dethroning Lenny Lawless and becoming the new N-EWW Champion in front of a capacity crowd at our 20th anniversary show. Now he faces his darkest challenge to date as he must now meet the ‘Ninja Warrior’ Furio!

EWW ends 2018 with a bang so come down and be apart of history, this year has been our busiest to date and it’s only going to get bigger and better from here! We thank you all for all your support over this past year, now get your tickets for Saturday December 8th and get ready to WRESTLEROK AND ROLL!!!

Points of Pugh:

After all the lies, the mind games, the accusations we got to the bottom as to who within the realms of Extreme World Wrestling would betray their fellow companions and join the Unknown by the end of the evening. What should have been a night of celebration and triumph, we left the Sussex Coast College that night with a bitter taste in our mouths. A bloody violent encounter in the main event of Invasion of the Bodyslammers 8 saw Skarlett retain the EWW World Championship over Cyrus Shade and immediately afterwards Trevor Bekooy was going to reveal out of herself or The Dominator who had secretly been in cahoots with the Unknown this whole time.


However, no. It was not the British Beast, nor was it the Bombshell from Hell, which Bekooy had stated on more than one occasion that he had unleashed a monster that they couldn’t even control. Oh we got a monster alright, but in the form in one of the most beloved personalities in EWW…TITAN!


Yeah you heard that right, TITAN! The very man who earlier in the show along with Dominator retained the EWW Tag Team Championships over the Unknown’s Infinity and Damien! A giant whose fan base in EWW was through the roof and one of it’s hottest prospects for the past 8 years. So what lead to Titan committing the unthinkable and laying out both Dominator and Skarlett by the end of the show? Still bitter about the Death Row days? Maybe it’s because the ‘Revolution’ couldn’t ever get the job done in becoming the EWW World Heavyweight Champion? Or was it perhaps because selfishness got the better of the big man and he got sick of sharing the spotlight along with other ‘friends’?

 Doesn’t take much to re waken a beast, Dominator simply had this to say to his former partner, “Titan, I’m coming for you, and you’re getting knocked the f**k out!!!”

 We’re all asking ourselves the same questions, but when it came down to getting an explanation from Titan, this is all we got,, “Down Mungo! My former tag partner telling my fortune, but I’ve never been a big believer in fortune tellers, what I believe is taking what is yours with the muscle on your bones and the spirit of a warrior!! You’ve shared videos of you busting me out with a chair the last time you decided you wanted to go for it, but you’re so dense to work out that means you have NEVER beaten me, maybe you can’t? What I’ll probably do is knock the fillings out of all your roster for a while I reckon, and then when you are really pissed I’m talking really pissed we’ll talk!! Also we are still tag champs buddy! Might even use the strap to bust some pull your socks up into anyone on your roster I please! Sorry about hoofing your world heavyweight champ in the guts, I just wanted you to know how serious I am, oh and the UNKNOWN know how to drink whiskey!

First breathe of an unknown substance!


You can rest assured that there will be hell to pay and we could be in for a confrontation that not even the entire EWW locker room could contain. Survival of the Sickest? Clash of the Giants? Looks like one of the most anticipated rematches in EWW history could be on the horizon not for the faint hearted! And what about the EWW Tag Team Championships?? The Mass are still the defending tag champions!!!! A trip to Mr. Garnell’s office is in order I feel but as for now. Stay tuned in the coming weeks.


Eww Invasion of the Bodyslammers 8 Rundown!!!

From the Exeter Hall in Kiddlington, the Palace Nightclub Witney, Hastings Centre and now the Sussex Coast College, EWW vs The Dead Souls, Extreme Warfare matches and an ultimate monster mash…Only EWW can accomplish this in 20 years! Many faces have come and gone, made an impact and a lot of noise but most of all, EWW started a revolution and paved the way for the top quality of British Wrestling that we see thriving today. The Dominator, Skarlett, Jody Fleisch, Philip Bateman, The Rage, Stockwell, UK Pitbulls, Jynx, Erin Angel and many others have giving everything to the fans in making the dream a reality in bringing a vision to life which started back in 1998 and to this day is growing stronger than ever and for that we say…THANK YOU!!!

20 Years of Extreme World Wrestling slams it’s way this Saturday for a night of explosive action, trips down memory lane and a few surprises here and there… We’ve been building to this moment for a very long time and it’ll certainly be a night never to be forgotten so let’s get to the full line up for Saturdays extravaganza!

Majesty Memorial Trophy Rumble: In memory of our fallen warrior queen Majesty we are launching the annual Majesty memorial trophy in her honour on October 27th. 12 EWW and Academy stars, and for the first time ever Ref Paz, will do battle in a classic Battle Royal to crown the first ever winner.

EWW St. George’s Championship: Voodoo (c) vs. B-Rey. B-Rey looks set to become the first ever 2x EWW St. George’s Champion but he must go through the 7ft monster in order to do so! B-Rey certainly won’t be coming alone as his acquaintances are also in action later on in the evening.

Kelly Sixx vs. Grayson Dawn: Battle of the high flyers on Saturday night as the ‘King of Performance’ looks to make a mark in the land of extreme by toppling one of EWW’s youngest hot prospects. Sixx has been tearing it up in Japan and all over Britain as of late! Should Grayson pick up the win, it’ll certainly be his biggest highlight to date.

Priscilla vs. SINders: The former St. George’s Champion returns after a brief absence but who answered his open challenge for Invasion of the Bodyslammers 8? None other than the controversial, world travelled ‘Queen of the Ring’ Priscilla! An interesting encounter between two very unique personalities!

N-EWW Championship: Lenny Lawless (c) vs. Lupo Lee: Lupo Lee earned his shot by winning the rumble at the Spy Who Shoved Me! What better way to prove to be the very best of the Extreme Academy than by clashing at the 20th Anniversary of Extreme World Wrestling! Be sure to look out for Reverend Randy at ringside, an associate to Lenny and will aid in him retaining the championship at any cost!!!

Survival of the Sickest Elimination Tag: TEAM LOCK VS TEAM NIGHTSHADE: This bitter rivalry comes to an end on Saturday night as Deano Lock and Deadly Nightshade square off once more but this time, they have company! Maddi Almighty, Jeff Leopard and EWW legend the Flatliner march into battle to take on Nightshade, Lou Steel, Big Bully Briggs and making his long awaited return to EWW, ‘the Extreme Machine’ Blitzkrieg!!!

AWOL vs. ‘Rowdy’ Ricky Knight: For the first time in 7 years, British Wrestling legend and former EWW St. George’s Champion, the ‘Rowdy Man’ steps back into EWW action for the 20 year anniversary! His opponent will be none other than AWOL who looks to get back on the victory rankings after suffering losses to Thunder and Lenny Lawless as of late! Expect a knock down drag out affair in this one!

EWW Tag Team Championships: Critical Mass (c) vs. The Unknown: No doubt about it, this one will get ugly! The king of EWW, The Dominator along with Mass partner Titan defend the tag titles against Infinity and the Unknown’s demon Damien! Things got seriously out of hand back at Unknown Uprising but this time an official match has been accepted! Will the Mass’s reign come to an end? Or will the powerhouses send the Unknown crumbling to the ground?

EWW British Women’s Championship: Erin Angel (c) vs. Sweet Saraya: The first lady of British wrestling has unfinished business in EWW and made it very clear she was coming back for the British Women’s Championship! Erin Angel has taken on all challenges since winning the title last year but no doubt this is her fiercest opponent to date! We could be in for one of the best matches in EWW history with this one!

EWW World Championship NO DQ: Skarlett (c) vs. Cyrus Shade: The battle lines have been drawn here! Skarlett has revealed that she WILL be in action this Saturday and WILL defend the EWW Championship! Skarlett goes into the Sussex Coast College as reigning champion for exactly 2 years after defeating Philip Bateman for the belt. Could it all come to an end after all the mind games, the beating to Drake, twisted lies and allegations as to who’s side The Dominator is on? The Unknown look to crash EWW’s biggest party by taking every championship within the company, the fact that this match has now been made a NO DQ match, both will die trying to get their hands raised in victory!

Plus we have WOS legend Scrubber Daly in the building! What role will he play on the night of the 20 year anniversary? Former co owner Chris O’ Regan returns for MC duties for the first time in almost a decade!

Chris O ‘Regan Interview:

Jake: So ladies and gentlemen on October 27th returning to Extreme World Wrestling for mc duties is the former co owner of the company and extreme enforcer, Chris O ’Regan. Chris how does it feel to be back?

Chris: Oh Jake, I’m so excited that EWW have asked me back to be part of the 20th Anniversary. I was with EWW consistently for 11 years and it’s been nearly that long again since I was last there, so it’s gonna be strange going home to a whole new family. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

Jake: What better time to make a return to EWW than on the 20th Anniversary, tell me did you honestly think EWW would still be going strong after all these years?

Chris: Honestly? Absolutely yes! EWW has always been something special, a mould breaker and there will always be room for something like that. You can go up and down the country and see your traditional wrestling shows and that’s fine, but what EWW have always done is create compelling action stories, pushed boundaries and put on a master class in how to entertain. Over the years there have been different people involved behind the scenes, but the driving force behind EWW has remained constant. I don’t think people realise just how important EWW were 20 years ago, making the cover of magazines, multi-page spreads and not forgetting TV coverage, Jerry Springer and one of my favourites, ITV News interviewing The Dominator ahead of Scorched Earth, which was a sell-out.

Jake: You were part of many different landscapes within the company over the years is there a certain time within the company you look back on and enjoyed the most?

Chris: There was something special about those first couple of years where I was just stunned to be there and part of the show. But the time I enjoyed the most was the Witney years at the Palace nightclub. Obviously I love to get in front of the live crowd, but what I really enjoyed was being involved behind the scenes. With Jamie Clubb no longer being part of EWW, Stu gave me the opportunity to step up and help in the planning of the shows, creative, running order, all that stuff and it was so satisfying to see it come off. Plus the crowd were absolutely mental! They were so loyal, so loud and so into what we were doing from the beginning of the show right through to the end. We had some crazy matches back then too, I’ll never forget the sight of ‘Playboy’ Phil Bedwell pumping blood out of his forehead with every heartbeat, to this day I don’t think I’ve seen that much blood in a match anywhere else.

Jake: You refereed the very first EWW event, The Declaration in 1998, what do you remember about that night?

Chris: It was an amazing experience. I’d actually contacted them to see if they needed a commentator or MC and I’d sent them a tape, which I think led them to believe I was a little unhinged, a perfect fit you might say. I wonder what happened to that tape? They didn’t need the roles I was looking for, they’d got Jamie’s Uncle Mike Tunnicliffe, an old circus ring master, to MC, but they wanted a referee. I’d never done anything like that before, but they talked me through what they wanted and I know for a time Stu liked me to referee his matches, so I must have done ok. Something else that was cool that night and I’m quite proud of, is they asked me to go to the ring, hype the crowd up and introduce Mike, so I got to be the first person in the ring, on the microphone on the very first show. It was a really good show, I wish the quality of the cameras were better back then. Recording shows to sell wasn’t the norm at the time, so EWW were leading the way right from the start. I mean they had a cage match final on their first show. That immediately tells people what to expect going forward.

Jake: Have you kept up with the current EWW roster? If so who do you see in the company with a big future?

Chris: I’ve never stopped following EWW, I’ve not seen all the shows, but I have kept up. There are a number of people I’m looking forward to seeing while I’m there. Skarlett might seem like an odd one having been around a long time now, but when I was with EWW she was still very new, I came back for one night in 2011 (I think) and the difference in her was astounding, now she’s the EWW World Champion, I just have to see where she’s at now. I’ve always been a big supporter of the up and comers, I liked the idea that someone who had their start in EWW could become a worldwide star in the future, so I’m looking forward to seeing some of the guys and girls that have come through the EWW Academy. I’ve heard good things about Lupo Lee, I know much like yourself he started out watched EWW as a fan and has gone on to be part of the show, so it’ll be cool to see what he’s like. Through their academy, EWW are doing a great job of building their future, so I can see us looking back once more in another 20 years.

Jake: What would you say is your standout moment in EWW history?

Chris: Ooooh, that’s a hard one. Stu gave me the opportunity to do so much cool stuff over the years. As a kid I was asked to list things I could see myself doing when I’m older, I listed wrestler, referee, commentator and MC. Thanks to EWW I got to do all of that. Having a match against the UK Pitbulls was pretty cool, it made sense with the story we were telling and is a moment I’ll never forget. Some of the videos we made were real fun to produce too, such as the Hunt for Necrosis ahead of Resurrection in 2004, I showed that to friends at the time and some of them were actually freaked out.

Jake: So after October 27th is all said and done, what is next for you?

Chris: Ya know I really don’t know. I don’t know if this is a return or a visit, it depends how I feel coming out of the show, whether there’s anything I can bring to the table that will be fun for me and of value to the company. I just don’t know, but I do hope whatever happens after 27th, that I’ll always be considered part of the EWW family


Skarlett Interview:

This past weekend I had the chance to sit down with Skarlett and see how her progression with injury is going plus questions that I feel need answering as we gear towards October 27th.

Jake: I’m joined at this time with the current EWW Champion Skarlett. Thanks for joining me at this time which I know is very difficult at the moment, for those who don’t know could you please explain how your injury came about and what have the doctors told you exactly what it is?

Skarlett: Hi Jake, it’s a pleasure, I’m always happy to talk. It was an unfortunate accident in the gym that wasn’t entirely my fault but resulted in a broken fibula and a large internal bleed due to broken blood vessels. Unfortunately that is not something you can just walk off so I’m heading doctors orders this time and taking the time and space I need to rehabilitate this injury correctly.

Jake: I want to take you back to the Spy Who Shoved Me it was an event that (before your injury of course) you were very hands on with and I personally consider it one of the best events under the EWW banner, we’re you happy with the event overall?

Skarlett: I loved that event. The N-EWW brand events are always so much fun and full of surprises.

It always inspires me to see the next generation stepping up and showing what they’re about. I’m always hands on with these events as I’d be totally remiss in my position as assistant head coach at the academy if I wasn’t on hand to assist and guide the trainees and inexperienced young talent. I will usually always agree to wrestle too because for me it’s important that they hear me talk the talk but then by example also walk the walk and put my own teachings into action.

Jake: If you had to pick your top prospects for the future who’s currently in N-EWW who would they be?

Skarlett: That’s a really tough one for me because each of the Extreme academy trainees / N-EWW roster has something about them as an individual that makes them stand alone from

Anyone else. If you forced me to pick? Lupo Lee is about to skyrocket, mark my words that boy is going to surprise you all. Also I’d say Maddi Almightyy & Grayson Dawn have immense potential if they continue focusing on their training and development.

Jake: I want to talk to you about your match please. Although you walked out still the champion I know it wasn’t under the circumstances you or I were expecting, I can honestly say Skarlett I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen you show such aggression on another opponent, now I know it was utter disrespectful from the Unknown to disgrace yourself and the title in the way that they did but I have to ask, what was going through your mind?

Skarlett: I was expecting this question. Honest answer Jake is I snapped. I was so angry. They attacked my trainees, they insulted me, the kept throwing bloody weapons in the ring when I was trying to defend my title. They made me lose my head to anger in front of the ones I’m supposed to be setting an example to and it’s eaten me up ever since. Yeah I retained my title but in all ways that was a LOSS. 

I’ve had a lot of time to think about it, digest it. I know what I have to do. 

Jake: Let’s get on to a positive note, Saturday October 27th, Sussex Coast College, Invasion of the Bodyslammers 8, it’s the biggest night in EWW as we celebrate our 20 year anniversary how is it for you looking back on your career in EWW which is close to a decade in itself as well as the overall history of the company which started way back in 1998?

Skarlett: I’m so proud to be sitting as the poster girl of the brand at the 20th anniversary. It’s huge. Looking back to my debut 10 years ago we would both agree that the girl I was then was green, sloppy, frankly rubbish. EWW took me in, taught me, sharpened me and from that scruffy scrappy girl turned me into the bombshell from hell. I’m unrecognisable. I would say that my evolution is parallel to that of the brands. Both from humble hardcore beginnings, evolved into absolute premiers. It’s an incredible thing to be proud of. And I’ll give EWW another 20 years if it will still have me in any capacity I can.  Above all that, I’m so hyped to see what was my husband Stu’s (Dominator) brain child (formally extreme world warfare) grow up to become something very special indeed.

Jake: Currently to date, if you had to choose your favourite match, what would it be in EWW?

Skarlett: I’ve been fortunate to have some great matches with some amazing opponents, but two in my career at EWW stand a little higher for me, the first was the career vs title match with Philip Bateman. We took each other to the limit but one of us had to go. There can only be one top dog after all. I watch that back incredulous that I managed to catch what was one of the original roster members of the company and become the world champion.  That was a dream come true. A woman at the head of the company.  I never thought I’d see the day, let alone thought it would be me, dreams come true yeah? But you gotta work your arse off for them.

The second was Jynx’s retirement match.  We had a notable feud a couple of years ago. Jynx was always the most intimidating and unpredictable opponent. He taught me to expect the unexpected and to never bring a game plan into the ring with him. He taught me to trust my instincts as a wrestler.

I was on the receiving end of so many beatings from Jynx and whilst he was probably my ultimate enemy I had immeasurable respect for him. His retirement match was a huge honour. His last opponent. And whilst on the night I managed to steal a win it was my greatest honour to leave the belt with him in the ring to the standing ovation he deserves.

Jake: On a final Skarlett, the big question on everybody’s mind, as the current reigning EWW World Heavyweight Champion, will you be ready for action on the biggest event in the history of Extreme World Wrestling?

Skarlett: This is the one I was dreading. The answer is I don’t know. All I can do is rest and recover as well as I can.

I can say that I will be there either way, Trevor Becoyy has been mouthing off to management and due to my failure to compete at N-EWW Kent if I am not fit to compete I will be forced to vacate the world title.  Rules are rules I guess. I don’t much care for this one.

But Jake? If I am fit? IF. I’ll give you an exclusive. IF I am fit… Cyrus Shade is my target, the only way he will be getting the belt is if it’s stripped from me and he doesn’t deserve it OR if he prises it from my cold dead fingers. I have unfinished business with the unknown. I plan on killing the snake by taking its fangs.


Points of Pugh:

First of all guys before we get cracking with the recently announced matches for Invasion of the Bodyslammers 8 BIG news in as for the first time in over a decade, the former Extreme Enforcer, former co owner of Extreme World Wrestling, Chris O’Regan will be returning on Saturday October 27th at the Sussex Coast College for MC duties in celebrating 20 years of EWW! Chris started with EWW as a referee in the very beginning at the age of 18 and quickly developed as a very respected individual in the company as the years went by. I can remember such moments as the time he lead team EWW into battle when LDN wrestling tried to invade the company at the time, he refereed the very first bout to take place in EWW back in 1998 which pitted ‘Street Devil’ Jody Fleisch against Scotty Rock then there were not so comfortable times for him such as being handcuffed and gagged by the Dead Souls organisation or getting squashed by the UK Pitbulls and breaking ribs in the process. I’ll certainly be catching up with him at the show! Welcome back Chris, or should I say…welcome home!

Right let’s get to the newly announced matches,

SINders vs. Priscilla ‘Queen of the Ring’: The maniacal mad man is back after a brief absence in EWW and laid out an open challenge to anybody on the roster for October 27th. Our enforcer Danny Garnell searched far and wide and sent out a contract to a personality who has yet to make his debut in EWW but will do so come October. A very bizarre superstar shall we say. Somebody who has wrestled for close to a decade now and they don’t come more bizarre and exotic than the she… He who goes by the name of Priscilla! Those who have never seen Priscilla before you’re certainly in for a treat! I don’t even think SINders is aware of what sort of challenge awaits him in the form of the ‘Queen of the Ring’. I’m sure he sees this as some sort of a joke challenge but I can assure you first hand after seeing Priscilla live and in person many times in the past that he…she… Is in fact a very skilled technician and has won championships in both singles and tag competition in many promotions in the United Kingdom. SINders on the other hand is known for his violent brutality and a former St. George’s Champion, speaking of which, after losing that championship to Voodoo at Unknown Uprising it’ll be very interesting to see where SINder’s head is at when it’s time for the two meet and the bell rings!

EWW Tag Team Championships: Critical Mass (Dominator & Titan) vs The Unknown (Damien & Infinity). Mark my words, this isn’t going to be a clean wrestling match. This is going to be violent and brutal! Critical Mass look to finally get revenge on the Unknown particularly after feeling humiliated due to the Unknown unleashing their wrath on the Mass with the assistance of their latest recruit who’s name is unknown (no pun intended) but stands close to 7ft tall and weighs close to 350lbs! Trevor Bekooy only agreed to this matchup unless both Dominator & Titan would put the tag belts on the line to which the Mass accepted. But what may have caught the tag champs off guard is to which members of the Unknown they would be fighting. Firstly, Infinity, he had a hell of a match with Skarlett at the Spy Who Shoved Me and proved to everybody that although an impressive athlete, he can go that extra step and become a very dangerous foe to be in the ring with. His tag partner? Somebody who hasn’t been seen since the unveiling of the Unknown, one of the most agile heavyweights on the British scene right now, the dark, powerful, deadly…DAMIEN!!! The Mass may see this as fresh meat for them to chew on, however I do fear that this could be the upper hand that the Unknown want in a fresh, powerful, stronger monster who’s had time to heal his wounds and has a few scores to settle with old foes such as the EWW tag champs themselves!

We’re yet to get words from any of these competitors but maybe that’s a good thing for now, but one subject I am determined to get to the bottom too is the situation regarding the EWW Heavyweight Championship! How is Skarlett healing? Will she make it to the 20 year celebration? Will she be stripped of the belt? Will it be handed to the Unknown? Stay tuned everybody, dangerous days are ahead..


Points of Pugh: Gregg Stockwell interview

Jake: So with the 20 year anniversary down the line I thought it was time to catch up with some EWW legends and joining me today is former two time world heavyweight champion and St. Georges champion, Greg Stockwell. Greg tell us how you got into EWW back when you first started in the business? 


Greg: I got into the business around 2000, when i was introduced to The Dominator by a mutual friend. I started attending his school, which was then ran as the Combat Performance Academy in Oxfordshire along with martial arts expert Jamie Clubb. In terms of my debut, that was in 2004 when Stu ran a show at the Palace nightclub in Witney, against EWW legend Necrosis ( Lee Edwards). Thankfully Lee was great to work with and really looked after me – truth be told I was rotten back then, and he gave me far more than he could have done. I consider myself really lucky to have been around so many pros at that time, sharing locker rooms with the likes of Jody Fleisch, Jonny Storm, Drew McDonald, Phil Bedwell, Spud, the UK Pitbulls, and of course Stu.  


Jake: You were the first graduate of the EWW academy way back in 2001/2002 I believe? Can you compare the academy back then to how it is now?  


Greg: The academy back then shared a lot with the way it is ran now – an emphasis on shoot wrestling and conditioning. I think it’s key in training to become a wrestler – how can you ‘sell’ an armbar, for example, if you do t know what it really feels like to be put in one? Whilst I’m not at the academy these days, it’s great to hear all the recent success stories coming out of there – again testament to Stu’s training. I’ll always be an advocate for ‘hard’ training over gymnastics, I think it builds character and prepares us for the realities of the wrestling world, which as we know, isn’t ballet!  


Jake: Your very first EWW match was at Resurrection in May 2004 back in Witney Oxfordshire, can you remember the feeling you had before and after the match with Necrosis?  


Greg: looking back on that match now, it’s strange – I don’t recall really being that nervous. In fact, I tended to overthink my matches more as the years went on, as I think I was quite oblivious to the “do’s and don’t’s” of wrestling back then – I was just enjoying the moment, as opposed to thinking ” well I shouldn’t do X because of Y” etc. What I can remember though is the feeling of utter fear when we were on the top rope for the powerbomb spot ( why the hell did I agree to a top rope powerbomb in my first match??). But I think that sort of fear can be very rewarding when you achieve the result that you were so scared of. I can’t thank Necrosis enough though for that match, he was a true gent who was very generous with what he gave me.  


Jake: If you had to pick your favourite EWW match you participated in what would it be?  


Greg: I would have to say my ‘extreme rules’ encounter with The Dominator from a few years back. Absolutely brutal, Stu didn’t hold back and the atmosphere in the building was so tense you could cut it with a knife. It felt very much like a ‘real’ fight, for lack of a better phrase. A great example of doing the right things at the right time, with no need for anything too dangerous. Well, perhaps apart from the barbed wire bat…that one stung a bit!  


Jake: This October marks the 20 year anniversary of extreme world wrestling, not many british promotions can say they have a legacy of that length how does it feel for you to be such a big part of a prestigious and history changing company such as EWW?  


Greg: I am and always will be so proud that I was a part of EWW. The UK scene is booming right now and I believe EWW has been an important part of that by being a constant in the UK scene for 20 years. Whilst I’ve retired ( hate that word) from wrestling I still enjoy watching the company go from strength to strength and love the Stiff Right Hand podcast.  


Jake: So Mr Stockwell with that being said, could we possibly see “the modern messiah” return for one more match?  


Greg: Right now, I’m not in the space to return to the ring. Wrestling requires a lot of dedication and commitment, nor should we give it anything less, that my life at this time just can’t support. With progressing in my own career which requires a lot of hours, being a husband and father and also training BJJ, i just couldn’t give it what it deserves. The best I can give you Jake is ‘never say never’. But rest assured that if I do ever decide to lace up the old boots again and warm up the arm for the lariet, I’ll be asking Stu if EWW will be the place for me to do it. 


Points of Pugh:
Big news this week people and I do mean BIG!
Live in attendance on Saturday October 27th at the Sussex Coast College, Extreme World Wrestling invites WOS Wrestling legend, Scrubber Daly to Invasion of the Bodyslammers 8. One of the best super heavyweights to ever come out of this country and former tag partner to the late great Giant Haystacks! Daly will be in the building but what part he shall play you’ll just have to wait and see! The countdown is on as we head towards Invasion of the Bodyslammers 8. THE biggest event in the history of Extreme World Wrestling as we celebrate 20 years of EWW! I conducted an interview with former commissioner J.Dawg recently and you can be sure there will be many more to come… But for now let’s look into the matches already announced for this extravaganza!

EWW British Women’s Championship:
Erin Angel vs. Sweet Saraya Knight.
For the first time since Invasion of the Bodyslammers 1 Sweet Saraya, the original queen of the ring and member of the famous Knight Dynasty returns to EWW and is looking to take care of some unfinished business and she made it very loud and clear that if she was to come back, she wants that British Women’s Championship! The champion Erin Angel has crossed paths with Saraya before but never inside the land of Extreme. Angel has taken on all challenges since capturing the gold at Brave New World back in May 2017 but I fear her time may be up as although both very experienced competitors around the world, I’m not sure if anybody can match the brutality that Saraya can dish out! Whatever the result, I feel we’re in for one of the finest bouts in EWW history come October 27th!

Grayson Dawn vs. Kelly Sixx:
A battle of high flyers shall commence on the 20th anniversary of EWW as the young up and coming Grayson Dawn goes one on one with ‘The King of Performance’. Kelly Sixx has travelled globally making a name for himself particularly in Japan and is back in the UK and vows to make a huge impression and what better what to showcase than against EWW’s finest high flyer and somebody who has shown so much progression since he first stepped foot in a wrestling ring. He took a vicious beating at the N-EWW show but Grayson comes back training stronger, faster and if he can defeat the more experienced Sixx, not only will it be the biggest win in his career but also shall gain world wide recognition.
EWW St. George’s Championship:

Voodoo vs. B-Rey.
The Unknown look set to grab a championship into their helm as B-Rey aims to take out the most intimidating figure on the EWW roster. The 7ft tall Voodoo picked up the win against Deadly Nightshade at the Spy Who Shoved Me and retained the St. George’s title, I fear though that Voodoo’s reign may be coming to end come October 27th merely for the pure fact we all know B-Rey isn’t coming alone, Trevor Bekooy has stated every member of the Unknown shall be at the Sussex Coast College on October 27th and are set to ruin the party that is EWW’s 20th anniversary! B-Rey could make history should he get the job done by becoming the first TWO TIME EWW S.t George’s Champion but remember Voodoo is no ordinary individual. This mysterious monster can pull anything from his arsenal to distract the former champion and send him down to the depths of hell for good!!!

More announcements on the way folks and I shall be giving more thoughts, interviews and predictions leading up to Invasion of the Bodyslammers 8 but one question going around everyone’s mind right now is will Skarlett even be able to defend the World Heavyweight Championship on the biggest EWW show ever? She’s still be seen on crutches as the days and weeks go by! Where does this leave the championship?? Surely the most prestigious prize in British wrestling must be defended one way or another on EWW’s 20 Year Celebration? I hope to get a word with Skarlett in the coming weeks to get some answers!


Points of Pugh: J.Dawg interview

Hello everybody Jake here with an exclusive for joining me now is a good friend of mine and someone who has created a lot of magic for us here at EWW with his phenomenal work on posters and graphics but most importantly…his voice! Former MC and Commissioner of Extreme World Wrestling its J.Dawg!

Jay it’s so good to speak to you after all this time I know you got a lot going on currently which we’ll get onto in a moment but please tell us how did it all begin for you with your journey into EWW?

Jay: Well, to tell you the full story Jake I’ll have to “take you back” – and I know you love a Rocky reference!

My journey into the wrestling business began in 2007 with a dabble at wrestling training with a local promotion but unfortunately due a lack of focus and some self-destructive habits I didn’t get too far with that. I did make one appearance in a rumble match and as a superkick fodder security person a few times but my involvement was primarily as a backstage agent, runner and as a driver – and my pay mostly came in liquid form. Good combo, right?

However, one night in Yate when the regular MC no showed, I (half cut by this point, of course) was asked to take over the mic duties. I had no prior experience and no clue what I was doing but I managed to pass it off. Having somehow made a good impression (or out of desperation) I became the MC for smaller trainee shows and a few gigs on a farm surrounded by sheep and pigs (yes, you heard correct – and this explains a later contract reference to “livestock” which you’ll probably remember.)

Promised the full time MC spot should the regular guy retire or pop his clogs, I kept up the same routine of “will work for booze” – mainly to disguise the fact that I wasn’t feeling entirely respected by my promoter or the rest of the locker room, which I’d never felt a part of, albeit for a few – including one flame haired female we all know quite well, who I’d seen around a few shows at this time, and who seemed to be stuck in a rut of her own.

Speaking of this young lady, the beginnings of the Skarlett we know today (the hair and skills at least – the blue and white gear can’t be unseen), I remember vividly the day when she was accompanied to a show in Weston-Super-Mare by a literal Beast of a chap who was not one of our own stock and later in the evening this fellow came up to me randomly and asked me “You’re Jay aren’t you?” (my initial thought being “I never touched her. Don’t kill me.’) I said that I was and he introduced himself – “I’m Stu”. And to be honest I don’t remember much more of a conversation than that.

Several months later I again heard from Stu over Facebook inviting me to come along to one of his newly relaunched EWW shows in Hastings in May of 2009. It was quite a trek over from Wiltshire to East Sussex and I’d been out of touch with wrestling for a while having parted ways with the former promotion but I thought it’d be a good day out and a chance to see some British talent and meet some visiting imports such as Raven. I enjoyed being a fan and loved the tone of the show and it’s gimmicks. War paint and gothic characters, the type of shit I grew up on and that made me love wrestling as a boy – Demolition and Ultimate Warrior being amongst my faves. It also gave me the opportunity to reacquaint with Stu and Tarnya again.

Soon after the show in Hastings I got messaged again, this time asking me if I would be interested in trying out as the MC for an autumn EWW show in Herne Bay. It’d been a while since I’d held a mic, let alone in front of a new crowd and a new crew of wrestlers, on a “proper” show in unknown territory far from home. But it was an opportunity I was keen to take up despite the extreme odds..

Jake: I remember the event very well it was Battle of Britain 1 in the Kings Hall in Herne Bay where you debuted as the voice of EWW, can you remember the feeling before going out to the ring that night?

Jay: It was a long drive to Herne Bay and I anxiously arrived early enough to check in with Stu and the crew and get a bit of a briefing – and receive that massive “This is Your Life” folder thing (which quickly got replaced with cue cards or a notebook!) I remember being told I’d have an interview to conduct in the ring and that was something I’d never done before so was bricking it behind that curtain. I wanted to make the best impression and didn’t know if this was going to be the start of a lengthy relationship or a one shot at this point. But I am always very job proud and Stu’s respect and the respect of his promotion was my main focus.

Fortunately the event went mostly without a problem, aside for a few poor remembrances of names, and watching the video back my confidence clearly needed work. As for the interview, the subject of the segment always seemed to enjoy the sound of his own voice so I was able to let him take the mic on that one. I was asked to come back, and a year later I was promoted to Commissioner – so I guess we can say that night went well..

Jake: Now you’ve introduced many wrestler’s and matches but is there anything in particular that stands out for you as something very special?

Jay: There are so many great moments that I’ve had the honour of announcing and being a part of throughout my run with EWW. Obviously, revealing I was secretly the Commissioner was an early highlight for me as was my confrontation with the Rage a few years later. Anytime I got to announce the Dominator as face was a great feeling because there was so much energy in the crowd to feed off. On the flip side during my character’s time on the other side of morality I really enjoyed bringing out Philip Bateman because I could really heel it up and sell the shit out of the fact he was “The Wrestling God”. But my proudest moments were those with Skarlett. As our journeys had paralleled in their individual right it was most fitting to finish of in a program with her, and that my last show was the one on which she reached the top spot of her business and became the EWW Champion. I hope in some small way I helped to elevate her during those last couple of year because she truly deserves that spot.

Jake: Now I understand that you have done a fantastic job over the past year or so with Fitness and you are looking in fantastic shape, I know that you are a big follower on DDP Yoga please tell us how that all came to be?

Jay: Thank you Jake, I’ve been working on my fitness for a few years now (since eliminating those aforementioned bad habits) and we wouldn’t be doing this interview if I didn’t have some sort of interest in wrestling so finding out that there was a former WCW champion who has his own fitness program was a hook for me to try DDP Yoga. Also the fact that one of my childhood favourites Jake “The Snake” Roberts had enjoyed so much success through the program really sold it to me and I’ve been dedicated follower for around five years now, even having travelled to the States and Mexico for DDP’s seminars and to visit his performance centre in Atlanta and we’ve become friends over the years. I’m currently on the instructor program and have a class running locally, with some students who are fellow wrestling fans and others who had no idea what a “DDP” even was before they started!

As you know, I say enough about DDPY on my social media and you;ve seen my results and the physical feats I’ve been able to perform because I started this workout, but it really is a superb program that anybody can start and get strength and mobility benefits from – the weight loss just happens alongside. Who knows, perhaps one day I’ll be allowed to bring it to the pupils of the Extreme Academy of Wrestling!

Jake: With the new job that you have unfortunately had to say goodbye to EWW but certainly will always be apart of the family, in October Extreme World Wrestling will be celebrating it’s 20 year anniversary so my question to you is, will you be in attendance?

Jay: It is sadly true that my current work schedule and ambitions have meant I’ve had to change focus and sacrifice an immediate future with EWW. But I hope that if or when I return to the “asylum” it’ll be as a new and improved J.Dawg in many ways.

As for a J.Dawg appearance at the 20 year anniversary show, you’ll just have to wait and see!

N-EWW: The Spy Who Shoved Me.

A sold out Battle Memorial Hall witnessed a night that would go down in history as one of the most memorable outings under the EWW banner. The students certainly brought their A game and stepped up big time by showing tremendous courage, passion and determination to be the very best in N-EWW but that wasn’t all, although a night of celebration for some, deep dark thoughts are on the mind of others…

Joey Axl vs. Lupo Lee:

The ‘thunder from down under’ returned after a defeat from Skarlett to make an example out of one of her students, but it was no easy ride. Although Lupo is one of the smallest of competitors, he proved exactly why he is one of N-EWW’s hottest prospects and gave everything he had and almost got the biggest win in his young career. The Australian veteran’s power was too much for the young lad especially after going to work on the lower back of his and Axl gained the winning pin fall after an exciting back and fourth encounter. WINNER: JOEY AXL.

Layton Cole vs. Deano Lock:

The head coach of SLAM Wrestling returned to the very venue where he was inches away from becoming the first N-EWW Champion and looked to even the odds by going up against one of the hardest hitters to have ever come out of the Extreme Academy, Deano Lock. Lock is known specifically for his MMA/Kick Boxing background and Layton Cole is known for his ground work and technicality so a nice mix up here where Lock certainly held his own, but all it took was for Deadly Nightshade to get involved in the matchup and Cole got the victory after a super plex from the top rope. WINNER: LAYTON COLE.

Big Bully Briggs vs. The Dominator:

For the first time in almost two years the ‘British Beast’ returned to singles competition under the EWW banner. Briggs proved he can talk the talk but only just managed to walk the walk. After two exciting contests that displayed speed and technicality it was time for the big guns to knock lumps out of each other until the other stayed down. Briggs proved he can hang in there with the biggest dog in the yard but after a brutal spear it was all over! WINNER: DOMINATOR.

Cyrus Shade vs. Grayson Dawn:

This is where it gets ugly. Cyrus certainly wasn’t coming alone as he was accompanied by Infinity, a new young hooded companion filming the violence off his phone and of course, Trevor Bekooy. The flying Grayson may have gone into this matchup full of confidence, but I said from the get go of this matchup that I didn’t like his chances. After Cyrus got the win, it wasn’t over. The Unknown unleashed a brutal beating involving a kendo stick more than once to Grayson and it was nothing more than a mugging! Having seen enough, Skarlett ran down to ringside but was stopped dead in her tracks by Mr. Bekooy who then addressed the matter of how they’ve bided their time when it came to the world champion. “Why are you so comfortable around the monster’s Skarlett…Maybe there’s a monster in you…” WINNER: CYRUS SHADE.

EWW St. Georges Championship: Voodoo vs. Deadly Nightshade:

When you talk about monsters, don’t forget to mention the freaks as we were in for a very ‘different’ kind of encounter for the St. George’s title as two of EWW’s most bizarre characters squared off for the very first time. Deano Lock interfered to gain some revenge after Nightshade’s actions earlier in the evening and when it was all said and done, the 7ft demon prevailed and retained the St. Georges Championship! WINNER: VOODOO.

N-EWW Title #1 Contender’s Rumble:

Although suffering a defeat earlier in the evening, Lupo Lee entered the rumble at number one to which was followed by one of the biggest surprises of the evening and that was the returning ‘Prince of Punk’ Drake who entered the rumble at number two! Deadly Nightshade AND Deano Lock got in on the action, but the ring couldn’t hold either of them as they both toppled over the top rope at the same time and brawled to the back. Jeff Leopard, Ron Jovi, Pandemonium, Vicki B, Lou Steel and Taylor Essex all got in on the rumble to earn their right but the final two happened to be the first two! Both kicked and scrapped and clawed their way through overcoming the odds and after some back and fourth action, Lupo Lee eliminated Drake to receive a thunderous ovation from the Battle crowd and go on to meet the N-EWW champion the next time we would return to the Memorial Hall. To sweeten the deal, Drake showed the ultimate sign of respect by handing over his punk jacket to Lee before leaving allowing Lupo to celebrate with the fans. WINNER: LUPO LEE.

N-EWW Championship: Lenny vs AWOL:

Now we had a brand-new number one contender it was time to find out who Lupo Lee would be facing for the N-EWW Title down the line. AWOL a former St Georges Champion and one of the earlier graduates of the Extreme Academy whilst Lenny is just getting started after almost two years in the business and this was his very first title defence. This was without doubt both men’s best match to date and although I was expecting a mutual respect and sportsman like conduct between these two after some great technical wrestling and speed, the bout went into the crowd as AWOL showed more of an aggressive side to which I haven’t seen since his days in the children of Eden. Lenny would get the victory after 10 minutes into the match but after both gentlemen shook hands, Lenny quickly dropped AWOL to the canvas and turned on the Battle crowd. This should set up an interesting matchup between him and Lupo Lee on a future date! WINNER: LENNY.

Lacey James vs. Maddi Almighty:

Lacey James suffered a loss to current British Women’s Champion Erin Angel at Unknown Uprising, so she was quick to get a match for the Spy Who Shoved Me and get back into the Women’s Championship rankings. Maddi Almighty proved yet again that she has a lot of heart and fire and is certainly a future star in the making but the more experienced Lacey knows every trick in the book and managed to pin Maddi’s shoulders to the mat, BUT her feet were on the ropes to her advantage and the referee didn’t see a thing! A questionable victory but the referee’s decision is final. WINNER: LACEY JAMES.

EWW World Championship: Skarlett vs. Infinity:

Main event time and the Unknown returned to ringside to try and grasp the championship into their hands!  This was a very different Infinity to who we saw 4 years ago, a man who was loved by the crowd and grew popular after each event. Still a man with no limits but all he was interested in was dominance, violence and most importantly the World Heavyweight Title. At least three times during the bout, The Unknown tempted Skarlett to strike with a weapon in hand be it a kendo stick, a steel chair or even a barbed wire bat! But the ‘bombshell from hell’ would stick to her guns and focus on her opponent. But this is when things took a turn for the worse, it’s one thing threatening someone with weapons but when you want to take one of Skarlett’s most precious possession well that’s another thing! After toying with the championship belt right the champion’s face, Skarlett had been pushed and pushed to a point where she struck Infinity with the belt out of anger to which there was a stunned silence from all around. As she came to her senses Skarlett quickly realised what she had done and dropped to her knees out of pure shock! The Unknown got what they wanted…not the championship belt but to unleash the monster buried deep inside the champion that she tried so hard not to let out! The Unknown have an advantage over Skarlett after this event but how will she refocus and retaliate as we head towards October 27th for our 20 Year Anniversary event at the Sussex Coast College? What could possibly be going through her mind? Maybe the Unknown have awoken a monster that they cannot possible control…

Points of Pugh:

Before we get to the main topics at hand I wanted to briefly mention about what we’ll have coming up over the next few months. This coming October is a big one as it’s the 20 year anniversary for Extreme World Wrestling so as we go along the journey I shall be getting in contact with current AND past EWW personalities and getting their thoughts on their time with the company, how they felt being part of a promotion that helped revolutionise British wrestling in the late 90’s/early 00’s and a special article to be released here exclusively to titled ‘Remembering EWW’…more on these topics within the coming months..

And to the matter at hand, we have two new matches have been announced for N-EWW The Spy Who Shoved me on Saturday June 30th at the Battle Memorial Hall.

Grayson Dawn vs. Cyrus Shade:

We shall witness the single’s debut of Cyrus Shade as he goes one on one with Grayson Dawn who’s been making waves in EWW as of late along with Lupo Lee, particularly in their bouts with the EWW Tag Team Champions, Critical Mass. The Unknown have put a beating to Lee and Grayson before so to say that the high flyer is looking for some payback is a bit of an understatement.

 Cyrus Shade is a bit of a lunatic who’s always armed with a barbed wire baseball bat along with his ‘Unknown’ companion’s. I must admit I’m a little worried about this contest as I don’t really see a result to this with either individual getting their hand raised. Mainly concerned about the safety and well beings for these youngsters who are the future of Extreme World Wrestling. I don’t think the Unknown care about picking up a win in EWW to be honest with you, it’s all about wreaking havoc and causing chaos in the most destructive and bloodiest way possible!!!

N-EWW #1 Contender’s Rumble:

The first ever N-EWW Intergender over the top rope Battle Royal will take place on Saturday June 30th and it’s all for a shot at the N-EWW Championship! Rules to this match are very simple.

The only way to win is to be thrown over the top rope and BOTH feet must touch the floor and the winner will get a future shot at the N-EWW Title currently held by Len, but who’s to say Len may walk out STILL N-EWW champion by the end of the night? We could be looking at a NEW title holder in the form of AWOL! One of the early graduates of the Extreme Academy of Wrestling who is set to put Len through his paces and show him why EWW is the toughest place to be. Competitor’s confirmed for the Battle Royal:

Jeff Leopard

Leo Strong


Lou Steel

Ron Jovi

Vickie B

William West

Lupo Lee

The Damned

Alfred The Great

Deano Lock

Many names you’d be familiar with, others debuted at Unknown Uprising in the ladder match but here is where they will really shine as this is a step up to their own personal ladder and climbing to the top of becoming the best within N-EWW. A few tickets are still available for this so get booking! Plus, we got a EWW World Title match as Skarlett goes up against the Unknown’s newest recruit, Infinity, Voodoo defends the EWW St. George’s Championship against Deadly Nightshade, Big Bully Briggs looks to dethrone the big dog in the yard as he goes one on one with the Dominator. All this and more on Saturday June 30th at the Battle Memorial Hall for N-EWW The Spy Who Shoved Me!!!

Points of Pugh:
More matches have been announced for N-EWW ‘The Spy Who Shoved Me’ under the banner of Extreme World Wrestling which shall be taking place live at the Battle Memorial Hall on Sunday June 30th. We already have 3 title matches confirmed and now we have 4 matchups added to that line up.

Joey Axel vs. Lupo Leigh:
Fresh off his EWW World Title encounter at Unknown Uprising, the ‘thunder from down under’ isn’t going away quietly as he looks to make an example out of a member of the Extreme Academy of Wrestling and that victim could be the high flyer Lupo Leigh. Now Joey Axel is without a doubt one of the strongest competitors on the EWW roster with plenty of wrestling experience travelling all around the world as well as winning championships, however Lupo Leigh is strong at heart and will never back down from any challenge. You just have to look at his recent tag matches along with Grayson Dawn when they took a hell of a beating from Critical Mass. Anybody who think Axel with make quick work of this young man I’m afraid you’re mistaken. All it takes is 3 seconds for Lupo to pull off the biggest win yet in his young career, but he may not live to tell the story should Axel allow his win/loss record in EWW to go 0-2. Power vs speed in this one, don’t blink as this could be a show stealer!

Deano Lock vs. Layton Cole:
The no nonsense loudmouth is back again and he’s not in a good mood (nothing new there) Not once but twice he has failed in capturing gold in Extreme World Wrestling. Back at Unknown Uprising he was unsuccessful in winning the St. George’s Championship in a triple threat and at the New Declaration he couldn’t get the job done in becoming the first N-EWW Champion to which he was beaten for by Len. I think our Commissioner Danny Garnell has come up with the perfect solution to silence the head coach of Slam Wrestling once and for all by putting him in a match with one of our most popular students but somebody who has a history of violent impact and brutal matches…Deano Lock, a former king of the academy who the crowd adore but don’t let the smile fool you for a nice guy. Lock is one of the hardest hitters in the EWW locker room and is always ready for a fight, I can assure you that Layton Cole is in for a long night!

Maddi Almighty vs. Lacey James:
Speaking of popular, Maddi Almighty has quickly rose to the top of the academy in regards to popularity! Huge support wherever she goes, and she is certainly one tough cookie who backs down from absolutely nobody. Doesn’t matter if you’re Joey Axel, Voodoo, The Damned, Deadly Nightshade or a member of the Unknown she will take the fight to the ultimate finish. Her head coach Skarlett has certainly put her through paces in training and the payoff is already starting to show. But the ‘powerpuff princess’ has signed the contract for the Spy Who Shoved Me and her opponent is none other than Lacey James! The hard-hitting bad girl from the black country who put up a very impressive fight against current EWW British Women’s Champion Erin Angel. Although Lacey may have lost the contest she has made it clear that she wants another shot at the title, but I think it’s fair to say that perhaps whoever wins out of her and Almighty, the winner takes another step up the rankings in the women’s championship division. I’m certain the champion will be paying close attention to this one.

The Dominator vs. Big Bully Briggs:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A battle of the heavyweights is set for N-EWW as on Saturday June 30th we shall witness the singles debut of Big Bully Briggs who tagged up with Crusher Curtis at Unknown Uprising. He was beaten at the hands of Flatliner and Jeff Leopard and after feeling humiliated was spouting his gums off backstage about how he wants to prove to everybody in the EWW locker room that he is a future force to be reckoned with and that he’ll take on anybody on the roster to prove he means business. Well, ask and you shall receive as Bully Briggs clashes with the biggest dog in the EWW yard, the ‘British Beast’ The Dominator. The Current EWW Tag Team champion returns to singles action in the company for the first time since the steel cage match with Philip Bateman back at the Good the Red and the Ugly in 2016. Bully wants to prove he can hang with the best of them? Then try out the baddest of the bad in the form of Dominator. 3-time EWW Heavyweight Champion, co-founder behind some of the most dangerous forces in wrestling such as Dead Souls, Death Row, I’m starting to think Briggs may have made a huge mistake with this one. However, do not underestimate your opponent in anyway. Briggs is a big man and very strong but still in experienced compared to his opponent who is a legend of over 20 years. Strap yourselves in people this will be a bumpy ride.

Still a few tickets left for the Spy Who Shoved Me at the Battle Memorial Hall on Saturday June 30th so get cracking and book tickets before they are gone!
Plus, I would like to take the time as it’s indeed appropriate to check out all our Extreme Academies of Wrestling based in Hastings, Medway and Maidstone. If you would like to become a professional wrestler, learn the basics, become larger than life and get in the minds of some very experienced coaches I strongly recommend you book your places! EWW- WHERE MONSTERS ARE MADE!!!


Points of Pugh:
A new Declaration emerged last December as Extreme World Wrestling presented for the first time ever a show which could allow the students from the Extreme Academy of Wrestling to display all the talents they have learnt and to continue progressing along with the help of some EWW pro’s and head trainers at the Memorial Hall in Battle.
A historical night as everything came full circle with N-EWW’s first event which featured Skarlett and SINders battling it out in a EWW Champion vs Champion bout as well as the first ever N-EWW Champion being crowned in the form of Lucha Len. Now on Saturday June 30th EWW can officially confirm that N-EWW returns to the Battle Memorial Hall as they present ‘The Spy Who Shoved Me’ and we can officially announce 3 championship bouts that shall take place on June 30th.

EWW St. George’s Championship: Voodoo (c) vs. Deadly Nightshade:
This will certainly be one of the most talked about bouts in EWW history as Nightshade looks set to redeem himself after a violent encounter with Deano Lock at Unknown Uprising where also on the same night, Voodoo made history by cashing in on a golden contract he won an hour beforehand to pin SINders and become the new St. George’s Champion. Exodus has gone but Voodoo has been replaced and although proving a fan favourite with the crowd he is one of the deadliest, mysterious individuals on the British wrestling scene where as Nightshade although a freak in his own right has grown as a young EWW talent to be a force to be reckoned with. We’re in for quite an interesting encounter quite possibly with smoke and mirrors and above all mind games!

N-EWW Championship: Len (c) vs. AWOL:
The Extreme Soldier of Fortune AWOL has another opportunity to gain EWW gold around his waist after losing the EWW S.t George’s Championship almost a year ago and what better way than to do it on occasion where we celebrate the students of EWW. An academy that he helped build over the years and has been a member of since day one. Len became the first ever N-EWW Champion back in December when he went one on one with Layton Cole and has mixed it up with some of EWW’s hottest prospects in multi man ladder matches as well as title encounters with the likes of SINders. This will certainly prove a tough test for both men as Len looks to make the N-EWW product his vehicle with the champ himself in the driver’s seat, whereas AWOL looks to show yet again how far he has come since his debut all the way back in 2012 at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 2. Both men will have a lot of supporters in the crowd for this one and I can see a lot of mutual respect between the two.

EWW World Championship: Skarlett (c) vs. Infinity:
The main event has been signed by both competitors and Skarlett needs to watch her back more so than ever now as her challenger for ‘The Spy Who Shoved Me’ is a returning face to EWW as she goes face to face with the recently announced newest member to the Unknown, Infinity! It’s been a very long while since we’ve seen Infinity, in fact his last appearance was Survival of the Sickest in 2014 against ‘Mr Massive’ Chuck Cyrus. At the time Infinity was the one of the most impressive young prospects to come out of the Extreme Academy of Wrestling and towards the end of 2014 he vanished. No explanation as to why he stepped away from professional wrestling but hopefully on Sunday 30th June we shall have answers! Be sure to witness a huge change in attitude in this young man as he looks to bring the biggest prize in EWW into the hands of the Unknown. Speaking of which, the rest of the consortium just may well show up at the Battle Memorial Hall to wreak havoc, especially when they have a 7ft plus killing machine on the loose!

Plenty more to announce and go into detail within the next month, please keep checking back for more information and tickets are on sale via our online shop and Skarletts cafe Battle now! Don’t forget this is another step towards the big 20 year anniversary event coming up later in the year so if you don’t want to miss a second of all that goes down, you better grab your tickets now!!!


Points of Pugh: Unknown Uprising Results!

Well guys Unknown Uprising is in the history books; many questions need answering and what a brutal night it was for some more than others. Firstly, would like to wish Titan a speedy recovery after suffering a broken jaw during the tag match as well as to both Deadly Nightshade and Deano Lock after kicking the absolute crap out of each other in the Hastings Street Fight but more on to that later! A magnificent view for myself, Drake, Jack White and Ricky Slatter as we called the action for this gigantic card of event! Let’s get down to business and give you the official results:Dirty

– Dozen’s Golden Contract Ladder Match

Voodoo def. Alfred the Great (w/Majesty) Lupo Lee, Grayson Dawn, Pandemonium, Maddi Almighty, Dick Farrington, Vickie B, William West, Leo Strong, Matt Ball and The Damned!

– Jeff Leopard & Flatliner def. Crusher Curtis & Big Bully Briggs

After the tag bout Commissioner Danny Garnell introduced the challenger for the EWW World Title to the ring Joey Axel to explain his actions for costing Maddi Almighty the golden contract earlier in the show. Axel explained it was simply a dig at Skarlett as Maddi is the reigning champion’s student. This then brought the ‘Bombshell from Hell’ down to the ring and she vowed that at the end of the match she’ll make the ‘Thunder from Down Under’ tap out in the centre of the ring!

– ‘The Monster from the Midlands’ Thunder def. AWOL

– ‘The Pitbull’ Bulk def. ‘The Diva of Destruction’ Lou Steel

– Critical Cash Tag Challenge:

EWW Tag Team Champion’s Critical Mass def. Lupo Lee & Grayson Dawn

Although the Mass defeated the young students for the second time and retained the tag belts, Lee and Grayson only lasted just over 5 minutes and did not win the £5000 cash but that would not stop them from stealing the money bag and making a dash for the car outside the Sussex Coast College! As the Mass looked on in despair, the Unknown led by their leader ‘The Esteemed’ Trevor Bekooy hit the ring and beat both Dominator and Titan to a bloody pulp with chains and barbed wire baseball bats. But the shock factor of this moment came when the Unknown introduced a new member to their family, an incredible giant who stood over 7ft tall, tattooed with arms and shoulders the size of tanks! No name was given but believe me when I tell you he even made Titan look a middleweight!

–  ‘The Unknown’ Cyrus Shade & B-Rey def. Will Harper & Taylor Essex

– EWW St George’s Championship Triple Threat:

– SINders def. ‘Formerly Lucha Len’ Lenny & Layton Cole

After the bout, Voodoo hit the ring and cashed in on his golden contract and in one of the quickest bouts in EWW history, Voodoo scored the win and was crowned the new St. George’s Champion!!!

– Hastings Street Fight:

Deano Lock vs. Deadly Nightshade – NO CONTEST-

After a violent contest which involved bats, tables and exit signs neither competitor could make it to their feet and the referee decided to end the bout! Danny Garnell then announced for October that both Nightshade and Lock must find some partners and will participate in an elimination survival match!

– EWW British Women’s Championship:

– Erin Angel def. Lacy James

– EWW World Heavyweight Championship:

– ‘Bombshell from Hell’ Skarlett def. ‘The Thunder from Down Under’ Joey Axel

A fierce matchup with stiff strikes and kicks to the head from both athletes and when all was said and done, Skarlett did what she said she would do and forced the challenger to tap in the centre of the ring to the ‘skarlett’s web’. When the bout was over the Unknown once again made their presence felt and surrounded the champion like a pack of wolves. When it looked as though a violent mugging was about to take place Trevor Bekooy declared that ‘now was not the time’ and with that, the Unknown slowly exited from the ringside area. Skarlett demanded to the commissioner that in October she wanted a match with any member of the Unknown and for the EWW World Heavyweight Championship too to which Garnell agreed. But the question that was left on everybody’s mind was why? Why did the Unknown attack Critical Mass but not Skarlett? Why were they not quick to take advantage and challenge for the EWW Titles? Hopefully by October we shall have some answers!

Talking of October, we shall be officially under way with our road to the 20-year anniversary of Extreme World Wrestling. Although Unknown Uprising was a night of violence and destruction we were treated to some EWW legends such as Flatliner, Bulk & Thunder, so imagine the hype announcements and surprises we have in store for you this October. Stay tuned everybody there’s plenty coming your way…


Points of Pugh:
Back again everybody, hope you have all been well. A few updates before we get to the matter at hand. We’ve got some latest updates to our website so be sure to check them out and a whole lot more is coming your way and be sure to check out the official EWW YouTube Channel with music videos promos and a FREE Match as we gear up to the EWW Network which shall be available very soon.

Now I’m here to talk about the most recently announced matchups for Unknown Uprising live at the Sussex Coast College on Saturday March 24th! Recently announced is a triple threat match for the EWW St. George’s Championship as the maniacal mad man SINders puts the gold up for grabs against Lucha Len and Layton Cole!
Lucha Len and SINders squared off in singles competition at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7 but the champion managed to retain, can lightning strike twice or will Lucha walk away with not one but TWO championships in Extreme World Wrestling?

Len and Cole are certainly no strangers to one another as they clashed on the first ever N-EWW event in Battle last year to crown the first ever N-EWW Champion but now the two of them have another opportunity as they look set to outwit SINders and go at it themselves and try to walk out of Hastings the brand new St. George’s Champion!

Lou Steel is certainly going to have his hands full at Unknown Uprising I can assure you. If he thought Exodus was a tough challenge, believe me he’s going to wish he never crossed the giants in EWW and you know why? Because on Saturday March 24th Lou Steel is going one on one with a returning face to the company after a lengthy absence, a legend in EWW, Europe’s heaviest at 500lbs it’s the pit bull BULK!!!!  The last time we saw Bulk was at Family Values in a World Heavyweight Title match against Philip Bateman, ever since then we’ve seen him go up and down the country winning belts in both solo and tag team action now he returns to the land of extreme and he’s very hungry!!! Lou Steel it was nice knowing you my friend.

More tag team action gets underway on Saturday March 24th as EWW favourites Flatliner and Jeff Leopard will be up against the returning Crusher Curtis and making his EWW debut Big Bully Briggs. Leopard and Flatliner proved to be a strong team back in October but after Crusher’s miscommunication with the Damned he set out and found a new partner, a brute force of nature waiting to unleash punishment and his name is Big Bully Briggs!

Will youth and speed be enough to counter barbed wire baseball bats? We’ll found out at Unknown Uprising as the young duo of Taylor Essex and Will Harper go up against the Unknown who will be officially debuting in tag action together for the first time. The dangerous duo of Cyrus Shade and B-Rey have been sent by Damien to unleash as much destruction as possible on Saturday March 24th and after the chaos they caused at the last event I really don’t like Essex and Harper’s chances.

EWW British Women’s Champion Erin Angel put up a great fight against Amarah at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7 and still has the true fighting spirit of a champion by taking on all comers from anywhere, with that we can officially confirm that her next challenger will be a hard-hitting bad girl from the Black Country, from the All Snow Wrestling Academy, it’s none other than Lacey James. As Lacey shall use her strength and power, I feel Angel must go back to basics and out wrestle her as much as possible, plus with the champion having experience on her side this shall be a very interesting matchup!

Once again EWW shall take the Sussex Coast College to the extreme by having the BIGGEST LADDER MATCH in history!!! All for a chance at a shot at any Extreme World Wrestling Championship, all you must do is simply climb the ladder and grab the Golden Contract! This will feature superstars from both EWW and N-EWW such as Lupo Lee and Grayson Dawn (who also have a shot at Critical Mass with £5,000 and tag belts up for grabs) Pandemonium, Maddi Almighty, the 7ft monster Voodoo and returning to EWW, formerly Alfie Essex…. it’s Alfred the Great! Plus, more names involved in this huge match up but I tell you after the 8 man ladder match from last year this one is going to tear the house down even further so be sure to grab your tickets now before they are gone!

So, there you have it ladies and gent’s. In the coming weeks I shall give an official rundown of the entire card before we get to the big event on Saturday March 24th at the Sussex Coast College, be sure to contact us through this website or on twitter @EWW_Wrestling or search EWW Pro Wrestling on Facebook for all information! This is going to get out of hand at Unknown Uprising, gigantic even! Gigantic athletes crushing bones and body slams! Just how we like it! So get on it and book your tickets right now!!!!


Points of Pugh: Matches Confirmed!

That time again everybody and hope you’ve had a good week, I mentioned in the last article that we were on the road this year towards the 20 year anniversary of Extreme World Wrestling, that being said I’d like to reveal that as we get closer and closer towards the event in October later down the line we shall be looking back on past EWW events, the effect certain moments and matches may have had on the wrestler’s promoter’s etc as well as exclusive interviews with past and present EWW personalities so do keep your eyes out down the line.
Merely 48 hours after the last article went online our commissioner Danny Garnell had not one but TWO match announcements confirmed for Unknown Uprising on Saturday March 24th at the Sussex Coast College. Let’s look at those announcements and see how this may affect the superstars themselves.

AWOL vs. Thunder:
In the last edition of Points of Pugh, I discussed the return of the masked mean machine Thunder and how we were waiting on confirmation for his opponent. Now AWOL has officially stepped up to the challenge and we could be in for quite a brutal heavyweight encounter. It’s still unknown (no pun intended) on the physical condition of AWOL although donning his true colours towards the end of Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7 he did take a violent beating at the hands of the Unknown as the Children of Eden officially disbanded. No not Brother David but AWOL, the man with heavy artillery and the guns will hopefully be ready and fired up for action 100% as we get closer to Unknown Uprising. A former EWW St. George’s Champion and a graduate of the Extreme Academy of Wrestling, AWOL has been in the ring with big names such as Exodus, SINders, Flatliner, Philip Bateman and Jynx. But it’s fair to say he hasn’t been in the ring with someone quite like Thunder, a super heavyweight who is hell bent on destruction, world travelled, a former British champion for ASW as well as title’s all over the world but most of all his presence is enough to put you off you’re a-game! The ring may need re enforcing for this contest, not just for huge body slams, leg drops and spears but for how out of hand this match may get, we may even need security standing by…If they’re brave enough!

EWW World Heavyweight Championship: Skarlett (c) vs. Joey Axl:
Our next announcement for this week reveals the main event for Unknown Uprising which shall of course be contested with the EWW World Title on the line! Skarlett has had an incredible year in 2017 with successful defences over Doug Williams and Jynx. Two British legends still at the top of their game delivering everything they had but for 2018 our commissioner searched for fresh meat to join the ranks of extreme! We welcome Joey Axl into EWW! Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Axl was trained by George ‘The Hitman’ Julio and Mike Burr, current International champion for Wrestleforce here in the United Kingdom he in fact won his first championship in his homeland at 17 years old! But that’s not all, Axl tours all over the world including Singapore and Japan before settling here in the UK for a few years now working for many different promotions and after seeing most of his matches I can honestly say he is a very unique individual and one of the strongest human beings I’ve ever seen. How will the Hastings crowd react to Joey Axl the moment he walks through the curtain? The ‘Bombshell from Hell’ of course has the hometown crowd on her side and has proven on many occasions she can get the job done but Axl is a different type of opponent. We know how tough the champion is, but can she handle the super strength of the challenger? Little fun fact for you too… should Axl win the EWW Championship, he shall be the second wrestler outside of the United Kingdom to win the belt!

And another thought too, how will the Unknown play into all of this? They have stated on more than one occasion that they intend on taking the EWW belt with them! Is this to throw both challenger and champion off their game? Will they even show up again? A lot at stake here ladies and gentlemen, be sure to get on board the site and purchase your tickets now! See you soon for more updates, bye for now!




Hope you all had a merry Christmas and a happy new year! 2017 was a game changer for EWW with a brand new venue, returns and new comers shining, champions crowned and 2018 looks to be the biggest one to date considering that come this October we shall be celebrating the 20-year anniversary of Extreme World Wrestling. EWW started a revolution back in 1998 and to see the company grow to what it has become today you can expect many surprises, old faces and a big crazy celebration like only EWW can do it!!! Lots of exciting updates and announcements coming your way! BUT we’ve got a stop to make before we get there…

On the road to the 20 year anniversary we are happy to announce our return to the Sussex Coast College on Saturday March 24th when EWW proudly presents ‘Unknown Uprising’. I couldn’t think of a title more appropriate after the events of Invasion of the Bodyslammers when a new army who go by the name ‘The Unknown’ invaded their way into the land of extreme! The Children of Eden is no more! With Damien at the helm, Cyrus Shade and a returning B-Rey armed with chains and baseball bats made their presence felt by unleashing a brutal bloody attack on Drake, Brother David as well as putting Exodus through a table. Followed by shocking events ever seen in EWW The Unknown took their statement one step further by unmasking the 7ft monster and nobody has discovered his whereabouts since…More on this as soon as we get information.

Our first Academy show took place this past December in Battle and we congratulate Lucha Len on becoming the first ever N-EWW Academy Champion by beating Layton Cole. Skarlett still stands at the top of the mountain as EWW World Heavyweight Champion after successful victories over Doug Williams and Jynx respectively. Speaking of Jynx, a huge send off was given to the jester clown when the 1000 in attendance at the Sussex Coast College gave the legend a standing ovation as well as the EWW roster surrounding the ring to pay respect to without a doubt one of the finest competitors in the history of EWW!

Now that was last year, this is now!!! Unknown Uprising already has two confirmations and let’s talk about those…

Lupo Lee and Grayson Dawn took a hell of a beating back in October from Critical Mass, although the youngsters came up short they certainly had the respect earnt by the tag champions. Now on March 24th the Dominator and Titan have granted Lupo and Grayson a rematch but with huge stakes at claim. IF the two young lads can last 10 minutes in the ring with the Mass, then they will take home £5000 cash in a briefcase BUT if they can overcome the odds and beat the two giants then they will also be walking away as the NEW EWW Tag Team Champions!!! I can assure you that Lupo and Grayson will be training for the fight of their lives for this one, although I am a little concerned considering how the first match went down! But you know the saying, “it’s not always the size of the dog that matters, it’s the size of the heart inside” We could be looking at pure punishment and brutality from the tag team champions here but if they can try hard enough we could be looking at one of the biggest upsets in EWW history! Be sure to book tickets as soon as they are available guys, you don’t want to miss this!

EWW is known as the land of the monsters and this confirmed wrestler for Unknown Uprising is certainly a sight to be seen. I consider this man one of the most dangerous powerhouses on the wrestling scene because on Saturday March 24th making only his 2nd ever appearance for EWW is the man mountain known as Thunder! During the early to mid-00’s Thunder was in fact the original tag team partner of the Dominator known as ‘The Overlords’ tearing up the tag team division back in the day at the FWA and FCW in Holland, the two would eventually go to war against Dutch legend Madcow and EWW favourite Flatliner in a vicious ‘Barbed Wire Death Match’ at EWW Resurrection all the way back in 2004. Many people forget this but Thunder was in fact a stable mate in the short lived faction at the time known as The Sindicate (which many old school EWW follower’s thought of as the original Death Row) and was eventually suspended from EWW for attacking management at the time. As the years passed Thunder has travelled all over the world winning championships and teaming with many intimidating super heavyweights in tag action. Finally, he returns to a federation where I personally thought he felt at home as the metal masked mean machine steps in the ring for Extreme World Wrestling for the first time in 14 years!!! His opponent is not yet announced but whoever it maybe I suggest you do your research as Thunder has one thing on his mind and that is destruction!

Ticket details for Unknown Uprising will be released shortly but two explosive announcements already and we got so much more to come so I highly advise you get your tickets in quick, THIS WILL SELL OUT! Saturday March 24th Sussex Coast College. Anything can happen! Stay tuned we’re in for a gigantic year with lots of twists and turns, an exciting journey into the unkown…



Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7…the seventh annual in our big super show event with some classic moments over the years such as the birth of Death Row, the retirements of Philip Bateman and The Rage and of course our first ever female World Heavyweight Champion! October 21st promises to create legacy making moments such as this! We are merely around the corner folks and the final line up is all set for Saturday October 21st at the Sussex Coast College so be sure to book tickets before they are all gone! Let’s take a look at the final rundown and check out what we have in store…

Exodus vs. Lou Steel:

Lou Steel, the so called ‘Diva of Destruction’ was disguised as a referee and probably made the biggest mistake of his life after costing the 7ft monster the St George’s Championship in just pure moments after winning the belt. So Steel will have to put up and shut up on the night of Saturday October 21st as Exodus looks to exact revenge before getting his hands back on the St. George’s Title!

EWW St. George’s Championship – SINders (c) vs. Lucha Len:

Newly crowned champion SINders sent a challenge to anybody on the roster to step in the ring with him at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7 and that challenge was answered by none other than Lucha Len, current holder of the Golden Contract! SINders vows to embarrass Len by throwing him around the hard way but there is that possibility that the Lucha one could overcome the odds and get the biggest win of his career so far.

Amarah vs. Maddi Almighty:

The voodoo queen returns to solo action to show the world why she should be the rightful owner of the British Women’s Championship but standing in her way is EWW newcomer Maddi Almighty! Can Maddi pull off the upset? Or will Amarah lay out a punishment so bad Almighty would never want to get back into action again? I’m with Almighty on this one!!!

Erin Angel Open Challenge:

EWW British Women’s Champion Erin Angel has sent a message to the entire women’s division to step up and try taking the title from her. But we shall not know who that challenger shall be until the night of Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7. Could it be the possible winner from Amarah and Maddi Almighty? Or perhaps a returning face to EWW such as former champion Destiny? To reclaim a belt she never lost? Only way to find out will be to grab a ticket to the show and find out!

EDEN vs. Doug Williams and Jody Fleisch:

3 on 2 handicap match that pits Brother’s Damien, David and Drake against British legends and world travelled Fleisch and Williams. The Children of Eden look set to get a win back after feeling humiliated in there encounters back at Brave New World but this will be no easy task as they take on one of the best high flyers and technical wrestler’s in the world. The big question is however can Doug and Jody work together? They have a love hate relationship that has spanned for over a decade! They would make a fantastic team if they can somehow stay on the same page. Personally I think we’re in for a superb encounter.

Deano Lock vs. Deadly Nightshade:

Two of the finest in the EWW Academy do battle one on one for the very first time! Nightshade has been ranting ever since losing the Women’s title in a gauntlet match and the MMA specialist in Deano looks to set to shut him up once and for all. This match up could get quite ugly.

The Damned & Crusher Curtis vs. Flatliner and Jeff Leopard:

EWW legend the Fearless Flatliner returns to EWW with newcomer Jeff Leopard at his side but this will be no easy task as they face the powerful combination of the masked Damned and the debuting powerhouse Crusher Curtis. Curtis and Flatliner have a rivalry outside of EWW and to see this spiral out of control on October 21st will be very interesting.

EWW Tag Team Championships – Critical Mass (c) vs. Grayson & Lupo:

Two of the youngest (and smallest) from the Extreme Academy have joined forces and made noise about wanting to be the best tag team in EWW…well well well…look no further than the tag champs themselves in Titan and The Dominator! If Grayson and Lupo can do the unthinkable and somehow beat the Mass this could be the biggest upset in the history of EWW! But to be honest with you, I think they’ve dug their own graves!!!

EWW World Heavyweight Championship – Skarlett (c) vs. Jynx:

The main event which has got a lot of people talking just based on all the possible outcomes! Skarlett had a very successful victory over Doug Williams at Brave New World so what should stop her at defeating Jynx? The clown has always been Skarlett’s greatest fear and they’ve had memorable matchups in the past. But is Jynx a different creature now? After all, this will be Jynx final bow! Win lose or draw this is the silent assassin’s final professional wrestling match!!! Can Jynx retire as the EWW World Heavyweight Champion? What happens to the belt if that is the case? You’ll find out at the Sussex Coast College October 21st for the biggest night in Extreme World Wrestling history!

Plus ‘Dangerous’ Danny Garnell debuts as the new commissioner which should stir up some trouble for some members of the EWW roster, he shall be tested to see if he can remain an authority figure and not put his hands on any of the wrestlers




EWW News:

NEW EWW St. George’s Champion SINders has sent a message to Exodus and anybody else on the EWW roster should they wish to step up to the plate and try daring to take the championship from him! At Brave New World although Exodus defeated Brother David to win the St. George’s Championship he had very little time to celebrate or enjoy his time as champion after the ‘maniacal madman’ cashed in on his golden contract on the 7ft masked monster. How will Exodus respond after the actions of SINders? Check the video out here

Our official trailer for Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7 is online right here  for ticket information contact us right here on the website or through the EWW Pro Wrestling Facebook Page.

Before we get on to the main topic a quick mention to the STIFF RIGHT HAND PODCAST which is presented by the owner of Extreme World Wrestling Stuart Allen AKA The Dominator! The wrestling podcast that pulls no punches! Already special guests such as fellow tag partner Titan, EWW World Heavyweight Champion Skarlett and future guests on the show such as Sweet Saraya, the UK Pitbulls wrestling legend and Dominator’s mentor Adrian Street and more to be announced, available on iTunes, YouTube and everywhere else, get on it!!!

Speaking of the EWW World Title, today’s article covers the recent news on the main event that was just announced to close Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7. Skarlett for the 3rd time shall meet her greatest fear, she was the first wrestler to conquer the clown at first and since then they have been even, but will history be made on the night of Saturday October 21st? As Jynx has the opportunity to bow out of professional wrestling forever as the EWW World Heavyweight Champion!!!

It’s an interesting journey as to how we got to this match due on October 21st at the Sussex Coast College because the stakes have gone higher for each and every time they have fought each other. Invasion of the Bodyslammers 3 in 2013 was the very first encounter between the two where Jynx beat Skarlett so bad that she wasn’t capable of defending herself from Destiny who took the British Women’s Championship away from her shortly after. Skarlett vowed afterwards that some day she would step up again and beat the clown 1.2.3.

Eden Rising in 2015 the two would meet again in a ‘Golden Contract’ match where the winner would gain a title opportunity any time they please. It was very close but the ‘bombshell from hell’ lived up to her word and caught the silent assassin with the winning pin fall and of course Skarlett would go on to dethrone Philip Bateman and become the first ever female world heavyweight champion whilst Jynx would go on to have memorable matchup’s with the likes of Titan K and recently at Brave New World Jody Fleisch!

As reported recently Jynx has had final instructions from his doctor’s that he must retire from the squared circle after injuries have crept up badly. As heartbreaking as it is for the EWW staff, wrestler’s and especially the fan’s you can rest assured that Jynx will be going out with a bang on Saturday October 21st! And what better way than for that to happen than for his very last match in professional wrestling for him to take the world heavyweight title back to his box.

What happens to the EWW World Heavyweight Championship should Jynx win? The most prestigious belt in British wrestling that has been held by the likes of Dominator, Philip Bateman, The Rage, Frankie Capone and Justin Richards just to name a few certainly hangs in the balance… Would this mean that EWW would have no choice but to introduce a new title belt? The clown may in fact have the last laugh should he get his hands on the gold on the very event he made famous by climbing out the gift box back in 2012.

Skarlett is on the role of a life time after a very successful victory over Doug Williams at Brave New World but as focused as she’ll be I’m pretty sure there are other thought’s on her mind. Especially ‘THEM’…’WE’ … that are due to occur and threatening to take over Extreme World Wrestling on October 21st, considering ‘THEY’ are supposedly coming for the belt. You’ll get all the answers by buying a ticket and heading down the Sussex Coast College on Saturday October 21st for EWW Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7 and we shall well and truely see by the end of the night , who will have the last laugh?…


Points of Pugh – THEY’RE BACK! WE’RE COMING…

It’s that time of year cropping up again people as Extreme World Wrestling welcomes the Sussex Coast College Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7 on Saturday October 21st! All the thrills, spills and monsters return for an action packed night like only EWW can deliver. Let’s take a look at what matches have been announced so far.

Deano Lock vs. Deadly Nightshade:

The former EWW British Women’s Champion Nightshade is certainly in for a pounding as he goes one on one with the hardest hitting prospect to come out of the Extreme Academy. Deano Lock looks to regain a victory after a loss in the multi ladder match at Brave New World and what better opponenet than a former champion!

Amarah vs. Maddi Almighty:

The voodoo queen will stop at nothing to get her hands on the Women’s Championship but before she has that opportunity she must go through a lady making her EWW debut and her name is Maddi Almighty. Will Amarah make an example out of her? Or will Maddi gain the almighty upset and quickly step up in the championship rankings?

The Damned & Crusher Curtis vs. Flatliner & Jeff Leopard:

I’ve been watching Crusher for a while in multiple promotions and he is a very impressive heavyweight! He has a huge reputation for being unstoppable where ever he has travelled up and down the country and enters the land of extreme for the first time teaming with fellow powerhouse the masked Damned! Jeff Leopard also makes his debut by teaming with EWW legend the Flatliner and this combination could be very interesting due to the experience of Flatliner and Leopard’s first match going up against two huge forces of nature.

Critical Mass vs. Lupo & Grayson Dawn:

More tag action on the way as the EWW Tag Team Champions Dominator and Titan take on the newly formed team of Grayson Dawn and Lupo. Rumour has it that these two asked EWW management for this match to prove that despite not having much meat on their bodies they can certainly mix it up with the big boys! I’m not sure if this is either very brave or very stupid but most of all, win or lose, will they come back to tell the tale? Well it was nice knowing you lads!

More matches on the way but a couple of announcements leading up to Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7 as we welcome our brand new EWW Enforcer and he goes by the name of ‘Dangerous’ Danny Garnell. For those unfamiliar Garnell is a former wrestler who had a reputation for being not only technical but when it came down to it, he could dish out a beating inside the ring and actually had one match for EWW by beating B-Rey seven years ago at our first event in the old Phoenix Arts Centre. I’m very interested to see what he brings to the table as Enforcer and more importantly, can he behave himself and not put his hands and assault fellow wrestlers should situations get out of hand!

EWW would like to welcome back B-Rey! Yes the former St. George’s Champion makes his long awaited return to EWW after several years away from the squared circle but after watching his most recent hype video online we could be looking at a more edgy side to him. Why would this occur? Be there on October 21st to find out!

We are extremely saddened to announce ladies and gent’s that on October 21st the silent assassin Jynx shall be making his final appearance for EWW before he hangs up the jester outfit for good. It has been said that due to a lot of injuries over the past few years he has been given final instructions from the doctors that he must retire from professional wrestling so at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7 Jynx will be in action for the very last time so be sure you book your seats to witness the final bow for one of the most gifted athletes to step inside a professional wrestling ring.

A mysterious individual by the name of Cyrus Shade is to make his debut in EWW on October 21st. We know absolutely nothing about the gentleman, however a few sadistic messages have been sent towards to EWW Headquaters headlining “NO ONE IS SAFE WHEN WE COME EWW!” with a symbol of the EWW World Heavyweight Championship burnt up in flames, what does this mean for Skarlett? Could her reign come to an end after a successful victory over Doug Williams? I’m keen to find out who ‘WE’ are claiming to be… Perhaps the Children of Eden could be coming to an end? Is this the return of Death Row? Or perhaps something darker, more powerful that nobody, not Skarlett, Dominator, Titan, Doug Williams or anybody on the entire roster can stop? You better buy your tickets to Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7 to find out, dark days are well and truely ahead!!!



Big thank you to Jim at the Rock Show Radio for having me on the show Monday (despite the interruption from SINders) a great success talking about Saturday June 17th and We are officially just days away from the biggest extravaganza EWW will put on to date live from our brand new venue at the Sussex Coast College Hastings. Many surprises and new faces will be on the way and I can guarantee it will be a night that you will never ever forget. So without further or do let’s take a look at the final line up.

EWW World Heavyweight Championship: Skarlett (c) vs. Doug Williams:

History was made in October after Skarlett retired Philip Bateman to become the first ever female World Heavyweight Champion but her first challenger is no easy task as she goes up against an ambassador for wrestling in this country and former TNA X-Division champion Doug Williams. Skarlett has the opportunity to pull off the biggest win of her career here whilst Williams looks to add another prestigious belt to his resume and making only his 3rd ever appearance for EWW this will be an interesting main event!

EWW St. George’s Championship: Brother David (c) vs. Exodus:

Exodus has yet to win a championship here in EWW but BRAVE NEW WORLD could finally be the night, has he overcome the wounds from his recent battles with Jynx and SINders? Or will Brother David chop down the giant and pick up yet another victory after remaining champion since October 2015!

EWW British Women’s Championship Gauntlet: Deadly Nighshade vs. Erin Angel vs. Amarah vs. Sammi Baynes vs. Pandemonium:

The girls are certainly going to pull out all the stops in this one to prove who is the most dominant female in the British Women’s championship rankings lots of scores to settle in this with the likes of ‘The Voodoo Queen’ and Erin Angel, Sammi Baynes returns to EWW after debuting back in 2014 and they all gotta figure out a way to get rid of the monstrous Pandemonium. Plus keep your eyes on Dometria who will be at the side of Nightshade and I’m sure she’ll be assisting Nightshade in anyway to retain the title!

Golden Contract Ladder Match: Deano Lock vs. Brother Alfred vs. Grayson Dawn vs. The Damned vs. Lupo vs. Lucha Len vs. Ricky Knight JR vs. James Castle:

This could get pretty ugly with bodies flying everywhere! All gunning for a championship opportunity anytime they please. All they have to do is climb the ladder and retrieve the golden contract, the Children of Eden have inflicted their powers by forcing one of their own (Brother Alfred) to enter this bout. Any opportunity to get the world title back to Eden they will take it but with the likes of fan favourites Deano Lock and Lucha Len blocking their way and ‘The Anarchist’ James Castle looking to make a statement along with impressive young talent RKJ (from the Knight Dynasty) this is going to be one to watch. BEWARE…SINders is yet to cash in on his Golden Contract from last year, how will this affect the matchup? Buy a ticket and join us this Saturday to find out!

Jynx vs. Jody Fleisch:

The silent assassin has indeed gone silent in EWW over the past few months, the last time we saw him was July 2016 after beating Titan in an epic encounter from the Good the Red and the Ugly. Meanwhile a EWW original returned at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 6 when ‘The Phoenix’ became a huge hit with the Hastings crowd and seems to be back for good in his original home that is Extreme World Wrestling! Now the evil clown has been awoken and Jynx is back to make a huge statement that HE is the one that rules EWW past, present and future! Don’t blink people, this will be one of the best matches in the history of EWW…mark my words!!!

6 Man Street Fight: Critical Mass & Ruffneck vs. Eden & Joey Ozbourne:

If you’re new to the EWW product and this will be your first show to attend then we’re going to show you what Extreme World Wrestling is all about! This is going to get really out of hand people the battle between the EWW Tag Team Champions (Dominator & Titan) and the Children of Eden is being taken to a whole new level. Brother Drake and Brother Damien have handpicked Joey Ozbourne to be at their side in battle whilst the Mass have chosen one of the biggest and most powerful brawlers in Ruffneck to help take down Eden. Anything goes in this contest so do watch out!!!

Few tickets are still left for BRAVE NEW WORLD and I strongly advise you get them in quick. The Hastings crowd are the best fans in the country and its action packed from start to finish with a capacity crowd of 1000. Be a part of history as EWW deliver every single time! Sussex Coast College Hastings, Saturday June 17th 2017…A BRAVE NEW WORLD IS FINALLY UPON US!!!

Points of Pugh – Golden Opportunities
We’ve had a lot of points flying out within the past week or so covering the gauntlet match for the British Women’s Championship, a 6 man Street Fight and the whereabouts on the current golden contract holder SINders and speaking of golden contracts, another holder will be determined on Saturday June 17th….But firstly another championship bout set for BRAVE NEW WORLD!
EWW St. George’s Championship: Brother David (c) vs. Exodus:
Children of Eden’s Brother David has been on an impressive winning streak since winning the St. George’s belt all the way back in October 2015 almost TWO YEARS AGO!!! Defeating the likes of Drake, Flatliner and Deano Lock, all different types of opponents when talking about style of wrestling, power and athleticism one way or the other he has managed to keep the gold in the possession of Eden but his streak could be in serious threat when he steps in the ring with the 7ft masked monster. Exodus has been in some tough competition in EWW lately after some fierce rivalries with the likes of SINders and Jynx now he sets his sights on gold and since joining EWW back in 2009 he has yet to win a title. Saturday June 17th could be the night this action may happen in front of a packed Sussex Coast College which EWW are proud to call our new home.
As a matter of fact the last time we saw these two lock up was back at Eden Rising in 2015 the very same night AWOL morphed into Brother David! The first time we witnessed this dark twisted side to AWOL although a tough warrior who served for our country in the forces we weren’t ready to see this more brutal sadistic side to him as he punished Exodus with his own steel chains he wears when marching to the ring. I’m sure Exodus hasn’t forgotten and will be preparing for the fight of his life in this one… we already have one championship taken away from Eden it would be great to get another back into team extreme!

I mentioned earlier about another golden contract opportunity, well on Saturday June 17th at the Sussex Coast College, we can confirm a LADDER MATCH will take place with a GOLDEN CONTRACT suspended above the ring and one individual must fight his way through the other contenders by climbing the ladder and retrieving the contract earning a championship shot ANY TIME!!! ANY PLACE!!! Wrestler’s confirmed…

Ricky Knight Jr:
From the famous Knight Dynasty, RKJ makes his EWW debut and what better opportunity than to walk straight through the doors and get a possible championship shot, his display of technicality and high flying manoeuvres will prove a big hit with our fans!

Grayson Dawn:
From the Extreme Academy this young man looks set to make a huge impression in this match and much like RKJ, his high flying style could also help his way to the golden contract!

The Damned:
A graduate from the Extreme Academy in Maidstone this masked hard hitter proved how worthy he is to join the EWW ranks last October we shall see what happens when ladders come into play!

Lucha Len:
EWW’s luchadore shall be flying into the Sussex Coast College with one thing on his mind and that’s championship gold! Bearing in mind that he has a rivalry with Lupo who is also in this match, can he pull off the upset and gain the contract? We’ll have to wait and see!

The youngest competitor in this bout but don’t let that fool you, he’ll take any risk to get the job done and if he has to go through 6 other competitor’s then so be it. We’ve seen his encounters with Lucha Len in the past so a bit of unfinished business will come in to play in this one!

James Castle:
‘The Anarchist’ makes one of the most anticipated debuts in EWW history on June 17th and is one of the most dangerous athletes on the UK scene today. You can rest assured he’ll go beyond extreme and take out anybody who gets in his way to victory!

Deano Lock:
One of the hardest hitters in EWW with his MMA background Deano is the favourite going into this match who has an impressive EWW track record, although nearly grasping a title in the past he couldn’t quite get there, June 17th could be his last chance at an offer like this and coming up against ‘The Anarchist’ in the same ring should make an interesting encounter.
These are the final two matches confirmed for BRAVE NEW WORLD and the Hastings crowd are certainly in for a treat. Be sure to stay tuned next week for a full rundown of the entire card there is so much going on we’re not sure if the Sussex Coast College can even contain it!!!
One of the most talked about EWW cards in history this night shall be remembered forever. Tickets are still available so be sure to book now because each and every time the seats are full by bell time! History in the making for BRAVE NEW WORLD be there to witness it as it will be a night you will never ever forget!!!


Points of Pugh – GAUNTLET
So this week’s points to look at are the competitor’s involved in the recently just announced gauntlet match for the EWW British Women’s Championship for BRAVE NEW WORLD. Currently held by the mysterious yet very skilled Deadly Nightshade and he (she? I dunno anymore) will be putting the belt up for grabs against the following:
Sammi Baynz: a lady making only her second outing for EWW and no stranger to fellow contestant Erin Angel when the two were on opposite sides of the ring to each other when they collided along with Destiny and Skarlett at Survival of the Sickest back in 2014. From Norfolk this lady returns to EWW with a very impressive track record particularly her work within the Bellatrix promotion. Could she come back and make a massive impression by walking out the new British Women’s Champion? Well you better head down to the Sussex Coast College on June 17th to find out.

Amarah: Oh yes the voodoo queen has come close at championship opportunities before but this will be the toughest to date, she also has a score to settle with Erin Angel so this will test Amarah to see if she has learnt from her mistakes after suffering defeat from Angel back in July last year. But the trouble about Amarah is not about out wrestling her, it’s her as an individual. I’ve seen opponents freak out at the sight of Amarah just from her dancing around the ring. This could play in to effect come June 17th but that depends on the order of the gauntlet.
Pandemonium: This dominant female is representing the Extreme Academy of Wrestling and although yet to pick up a win in EWW this could be her biggest highlight to date if she can get the job done. Once again though it depends on the luck of entrance in the gauntlet, I’m pretty sure the other combatants are hoping she enters the match early for Pandemonium will certainly be the strongest going into this matchup.
Erin Angel: If it hadn’t have been for the freak foundation Angel could well have been the defending champion going into this match. One of the most popular female athletes on the EWW roster, the world travelled superstar has yet to wear the EWW Women’s Title around her waist. This could be her last chance should she not succeed and she knows each individual in this gauntlet very well. Can she pull it off? Well I know for certain that all the EWW faithful will be strongly rooting for her in this one.
Deadly Nightshade: EWW British Women’s Champion… that’s still so strange to say! One event Nightshade was fighting for the EWW Tag team Championships in the tournament final, following that beats Skarlett to take the Women’s Championship! I dunno how Nightshade has done it but he’s managed to keep hold of the belt since July. Unfinished business blossoms between Nightshade and Angel from Invasion of the Bodyslammers 6, if the two can get down as the remaining members of the gauntlet then they can finish what they started but remember, friend or foe it doesn’t matter. It’s every lady for herself!!!

We at EWW love a good gauntlet and I can remember the very first one 10 YEARS AGO in 2007 to crown the first ever St. George’s Champion at Cruel Britannia 2. As well as introduction of our graduates from the Extreme Academy of Wrestling featuring Alfie Essex, Drake, Blitzkrieg, Lupo Lee, Lucha Len and of course current EWW British Women’s Champion Deadly Nightshade! This one will certainly continue the legacy of going down as a classic. This match plus a 6 man street fight, World Heavyweight Title showdown between Skarlett and Doug Williams and a show stealing encounter between Jynx and Jody Fleisch. Getting more exciting by the day and very soon the lights, camera’s and action will be ready to go and EWW introduces you to a BRAVE NEW WORLD!!!


Points Of Pugh – SINders time?

One thing we’ve not covered in great detail lately is the current holder of the EWW Golden Contract and he goes by the name of SINders. From the birth of smouldering ashes could lead him to astonishing glory! After everything the maniacal mad man has been through over the past few years one must simply ask…is it his time to take the big one?
Well let’s be honest he did win the contract in circumstances that are beyond questionable but at the end of the day, he had his hand raised and he legally is acquired rights to a championship shot at anytime and anywhere.
Former EWW champion Philip Bateman once described SINders as a man that although his work is impressive he is lost without any correct guidance but sometimes in life I feel as much time goes on the wiser you should become, SINders now has that opportunity to think very carefully when he next strikes weather it may be a title shot or an exhibition contest. This golden contract could be the guidance that takes him right to the very top of EWW. He’s been through enough battles over the years to work out fellow EWW competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. Take the likes of Exodus, Dominator, Drake and Infinity for instance a win or loss is usually not a matter in the case of SINders, all he cares about is destroying his opponent and we’ve seen recently how far he will go using the likes of fire balls, tables, chairs and even petrol cans! Anyone that has gone into the ring with SINders has never quite come out the same but one important factor here is his win/loss record in EWW.
Although suffered defeat on a few occasions very rarely have we seen SINders pinned to the mat for a 3 count or tap out via submission. It matters a great deal to the person he should challenge once he decides to cash in on his championship shot as SINders actually has one of the best win/loss records in EWW. Which championship would he go for though?
Brother David is the reigning St. George’s Champion and has managed to successfully defend that belt on multiple occasions and although SINders and Eden may have the same outlook in wiping out all the EWW heroes, don’t think for one minute that he’s your friend. He would turn on you in a heartbeat! Let’s not forget also that Brother David was SINders first opponent in EWW so going back to the point of strengths and weaknesses they know how each other work, but so much has changed since 2012 so the result could be different this time around. That’s if SINders should choose to cash in on the St. George’s title that is!
And we have the World Heavyweight Champion Skarlett, a lady who made history at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 6 and for the first time a queen rules the kingdom of Extreme World Wrestling. Skarlett and SINders know each other very well indeed if you remember when Drake won the St. George’s championship back at Survival of the Sickest, Skarlett did play a little part in helping her brother to victory. And of course at Eden Rising SINders went to war with Dominator in a No Disqualification contest and defeated the British Beast due to a fast count from a referee representing Eden and although Dominator may have got revenge in the opening round of the tag team championship tournament SINders is one for mind games. A very important key here, could you imagine how much it would hurt the beast if a former rival of his was to crash his wife’s party as World Heavyweight Champion by beating her senselessly and winning the belt from her? SINders is a master of the mind games and the most terrifying part about it is his powerful tricks never run out of steam. When you think you’re in the clear…HE’S GOTCHA!
It’s a very exciting time for EWW as we head to the Sussex Coast College for BRAVE NEW WORLD and explosive matches announced already, but I’m just hoping that our champions are aware of just how sadistic and cunning SINders is. A brave new world is indeed coming for British wrestling especially EWW…be afraid…be very afraid!!!



So we got word from EWW management regarding our next match announcement for BRAVE NEW WORLD on Saturday June 17th live from the Sussex Coast College, Hastings. Critical Mass and the Children of Eden will go to war once more but this time however, both the Mass and Eden have selected an extra tag partner turning this into a six man tag with a stipulated ‘STREET FIGHT’ added to the equation.

Brother Drake and Brother Damien have selected none other than Joey Ozbourne as their partner. A huge individual who is also very gifted when it comes to mat based style of wrestling and very fast paced at the same time. Combine that with the speed and technicality from another powerhouse in Brother Damien and the lightweight style of Brother Drake we’ve got a very skilled team here who obtain many different qualities.

Ozbourne actually made his EWW debut way back in 2013 at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 3 when he teamed with Titan to take on Dominator and The Rage for the EWW Heavyweight Championship. How times have changed, this will be Ozbourne’s second outing at EWW and he will certainly be looking to make a statement, maybe if he can get the job done there’s a possible chance he could become the newest recruit to the Children of Eden? Would he be willing to accept though? Ozbourne is a man who would rather walk alone but in any case of climbing to the top of the EWW rankings he could well and truly take up the offer from Eden. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Critical Mass on the other hand are certainly capable of getting the job done themselves if they really wanted to but to even the odds with Ozbourne teaming along with Eden, how would the EWW tag team champions capitalize?

Who could possibly be strong enough, big enough and powerful enough to stand side by side with Dominator and Titan? Look no further in the biggest, the baddest evil b*****d from the north…Ruffneck!

Beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the most intimidating and toughest wrestler’s I’ve ever seen also making only his second appearance for EWW. He teamed with the ‘extreme machine’ Blitzkrieg back in 2014 for Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4. Ever since then he has traveled around the country winning championships, appeared on TV but more disturbingly beating his opponents up so bad he’s left most laying in a hospital bed! The ideal guy to join the Mass really isn’t he? No technical wrestling here, just simply throw bodies around and break some bones!

Don’t forget the stipulation here folks this is a STREET FIGHT. This goes in favor more for the Mass and Ruffneck but this does also mean anything goes. No disqualifications or a count out which could play heavily in the hands of the Children of Eden. They are on a mission to wipe out the monsters of EWW forever and will do so at any cost. What a way to debut at our new venue to show everybody what EWW is really about when it comes to taking it to the extreme! All hell will break loose in this contest and the action could spill out of control everywhere in the Sussex Coast College so watch out!!!

So a 6 man street fight, Jynx vs. Jody Fleisch and Skarlett defending the EWW Heavyweight Championship against Doug Williams all announced so far for BRAVE NEW WORLD. A star studded line up already and we’ve got so much more to come, get booking your tickets now ladies and gents as this promises to sell out very quickly! You’d be a fool to miss it as we welcome our current and new fans to a new chapter in the EWW legacy!

Points of Pugh: BRAVE NEW WORLD

It’s gone quiet for some time now in the land of extreme but now it’s time to wake up as we can officially confirm our new home in the Sussex Coast College! We bid farewell to the Hastings Centre but move somewhere bigger, badder and crazier! If you thought production values at the Hastings Centre were out of this world then you wait and see what’s in store come Saturday June 17th.
You heard me correct people Saturday June 17th it’s signed and dotted for Extreme World Wrestling’s next outing and over Christmas we announced some of the talent that would be in attendance such as the ‘Evil Bastard from the North’ Ruffneck, Ricky Knight JR, Sammi Baynes and Joey Ozbourne but as of right now we can officially confirm TWO matches that will take place at BRAVE NEW WORLD.
Jody Fleisch vs. Jynx:
Finally two of some of the finest athletes in EWW history are going to collide as Fleisch is staying put in the land of extreme. A place where his career began at the age of 18 all the way back in 1998 and what a welcome he got from the crowd after defeating Lance Lawrence back at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 6. This time he has his work cut out for him as he is set to face the jester clown, the silent assassin who will be returning after a mysterious absence but we can assure you he’s back to make a statement and the first victim on his list is the ‘Phoenix’. As terrifying as Jynx is, let’s not take away from the fact that he is a tremendous wrestler combining both speed and athleticism and also that fighting side of him that shows just how dangerous he can be. Just look at his last victory against the big Titan, Jynx can mix it up with anybody, whilst Fleisch has been out of EWW, Jynx has been working his way steadily up the rankings and I’m sure management would agree that both men could be in the lead for a future championship opportunity down the line later this year.
There’s no questioning about it, this will be one of the greatest bouts in EWW history and what better way than to showcase this matchup than at Brave New World at the Sussex Coast College!
In October 2016 we witnessed the final chapter in the career of Philip Bateman. After 2 years as reigning World Heavyweight Champion the ‘Prophet’ was beaten by the ‘Bombshell from Hell’ Skarlett! Skarlett made history by becoming the first ever female World Heavyweight Champion in EWW. Bateman threw everything he had at Skarlett but it wasn’t enough, Skarlett trained for the fight of her life with her career on the line and it certainly paid off when she made Bateman tap out in the centre of the ring. And thus a new era begins but the big question is, where do we go from here? Well I’ll tell you because on Saturday June 17th it’s been signed by both competitors…

Skarlett vs. Doug Williams – EWW World Heavyweight Championship:
I admit I’ve said it many times that each opponent Skarlett has been up against in EWW has been her toughest but that would be more on personal battles over the years such as Death Row, Children of Eden etc but now she is the defending champion she awaits new fresh challenges and they don’t come more challenging than somebody who is an ambassador for British Wrestling, a gentleman who helped build wrestling in this country to what it is today along with the likes of Dominator, Jody Fleisch and Philip Bateman. That man is Doug Williams!
I hate to use the phrase ‘tale of the tape’ but in that scenario this is what’s at stake come towards Brave New World. Skarlett will be making her first EWW World Title defence on June 17th now she has a strong track record of winning championships in this country. Former HEW, Wrestleforce, EWW Women’s Champion and still reigning Bellatrix champion and as a matter of fact THE longest reigning champion in Bellatrix history. She’s proven time and time again she can mix it up with the men in the ring especially those that her twice her size and most importantly has had her hand raised in victory!
Doug Williams is a world travelled athlete, a veteran of over 20 years and his list of championships outside of Great Britain: former TNA X-Division, Television and Tag Team Champion a former IWGP Tag Team Champion. But the key factor in this is the championships he has won in the UK. Former multiple time FWA Heavyweight Champion, XWA Frontier Sports Champion, former WAW World Heavyweight Champion, Heavyweight Champion also for both Premier and All Star Promotions. These are companies with a prestigious history and background BUT there is one belt that Williams has yet to add to that impressive list and that is the EWW World Heavyweight Championship! But don’t forget, this coming June would only be William’s 3rd EWW outing. His first would be defeating Stevie Knight at Scorched Earth back in 1999 and his second would be on EWW’s Hardcore Tour ten years later beating former EWW Champion Ashe.
This can go either two ways: Skarlett retains the belt and get’s her biggest win to date! OR Williams make history by claiming the one prestigious championship that he could never get his hands on!
Of course all your EWW favourites will be in attendance for Brave New World but only two matches announced so far! Stay tuned to social media and our website for all the up to date information on matches and new staff joining our team! 2016 was one of the best years EWW has ever had so you can rest assured that 2017 will blow last year’s success out the window.
Get ready people, a BRAVE NEW WORLD is coming…and it’s coming bigger…badder…CRAZIER!!!

Points of Pugh: Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to you all the EWW fans you certainly make our shows the best in the United Kingdom. We’ve seen so much in the year of 2016 with going from two shows to three shows a year, the return of the steel cage match, the expansion of the extreme academy of wrestling, rivalries taken to a whole new level and back in October history was made as EWW crowned a brand new World Heavyweight Champion in the form of Skarlett!

A bright light now surrounds the land of extreme as ‘the bombshell from hell’ is the first ever female world heavyweight champion in EWW history after ending the two year championship reign of ‘The Prophet’ Philip Bateman in a dramatic ‘retirement match’ and her matches in the past few years have just gone to show that she’s certainly worked her ass off to get to this point! Unfortunately, after Bateman retired we were introduced to the brand new leader to the Children of Eden and that leader is none other than Skarlett’s father! How will the new champion respond to such a betrayal? Well the only way to find out will be on Saturday May 13th at the Sussex Coast College, our BRAND NEW VENUE!!! More on that in a moment…

Our 2016 ‘golden contract winner’ is the maniacal madman SINders although winning the ladder match under very controversial circumstances the referee’s decision is final and now SINders gets to chose a championship match of his choosing anytime, anywhere, anyhow!  But the big question on everybody’s minds is what will he be choosing? He may chose a tag partner and go after Critical Mass for the EWW Tag Team Championships , maybe SINders still feels that there is somewhat unfinished business between him and the Dominator and what better way to settle the score than to take a belt from his rival? Perhaps he may want to turn his attention to the Children of Eden and go after Brother David’s St. Georges Championship? There’s no telling what SINders may do to anybody, weather you are his friend or enemy we’ve seen this in the past with his street fight encounters with the likes of Exodus and Jynx who were all team mates in the Death Row stable. Or does the psychopath want to crush everyone’s dreams and end Skarlett’s reign as World Heavyweight Champion before she can even have the chance to enjoy it? All these questions will be answered in 2017!

So going back to my earlier comment, we sadly bid goodbye to the Hastings Centre who we’ve had an incredible 3 years with selling the venue out and allowing the EWW talent to perform in front of a capacity crowd of up to 1000! But have no fear ladies and gentleman as we move to the Sussex Coast College, literally just next door to the Hastings train station where OVER 1000 people can witness Extreme World Wrestling live with bigger production values and fresh faces being added to the events. Our first outing for next year will be on Saturday May 13th and tickets shall be on sale right here at very soon.

Talent confirmed already,

‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fliesch:  Jody made a triumphant return to EWW at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 6 beating Lance Lawrence in the opening contest, Jody was part of the very first EWW event back in 1998 and he still hasn’t missed a beat, we can’t wait to bring ‘the phoenix’ back for more EWW outings.


‘The Evil B*****d from the North’ Ruffneck: The last time we saw this huge powerhouse was when he teamed with ‘the extreme machine’ Blitzkrieg back in 2014. After a busy schedule since then wrestling up and down the country winning championships, he returns to EWW and vows to leave destruction. Whoever his opponent may be, you better be prepared!


Sammi Baynes:  The powerhouse from Norfolk joins the new era of Extreme World Wrestling in 2017. The entire EWW women’s division had better train hard as this lady is very experienced, hard hitting and will certainly be gunning for the British Women’s Championship!


Ricky Knight J.R: One of the best breakout stars on the UK scene today and from the famous Knight Family, EWW proudly introduces in 2017 Ricky Knight J.R. Already picked up some championships at such a young age it’ll be interesting to see how this fast paced athlete will fair up against the giant’s of EWW.


Joey Ozbourne: We are pleased to welcome back the big man Ozbourne to EWW for the second time! His last encounter with us was EWW’s first event at the Hastings Centre in 2013 when he had the chance to wrestle for the Heavyweight Championship! One of the best athletes in the UK today we can’t wait to have back in the land of extreme!


That’s not all though everybody more names will be revealed but you’re going to have to wait for that! Of course all the names above will be joined by all your favourites so expect the competition to really shake up in Extreme World Wrestling. Once again a big thank you to the fans, as well as the wrestler’s, backstage staff at all events and a shout out to Ricky Slatter who I’ve had a great year with on commentary and next year will be more gigantic of matches to call! Thank you my friend!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody and we will see you very soon! Much love and god bless.


Points of Pugh: Invasion of the Bodyslammers Chapter 6: THE FULL RUNDOWN!!!

Saturday October 22nd is the most important night of British wrestling to date as so much is on the line, not only do we bid farewell to the Hastings Centre where we have seen many fine EWW battles over the years but we shall bid farewell to an EWW warrior by the end of the evening, it’s all or nothing, history will be made on the biggest occasion of the year, it’s Invasion of the Bodyslammers Chapter 6!!!

EWW British Women’s Championship-Deadly Nightshade (c) vs. Erin Angel:

Nightshade defeated Skarlett back in July to win the title but how long will the party go on for as the current number one contender Erin Angel looks to put that to a stop by finally becoming British women’s champion. Somebody who has been in the title hunt since the belt was introduced 7 years ago, Saturday October 22nd could finally be the night as the wonderful meets the weird!


King of the Academy Tournament:

This Saturday pits the very best from our two successful academies from both Hastings and Maidstone in the ring at the same time. You will see the likes of Deano Lock, Lupo Lee, Lucha Len, Pandemonium, Amarah, Grayson Dawn and The Damned all compete in a concept similar to what we had at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5, where the winner will be crowned the 2016 King or Queen of the Academy!


Lupo Lee vs. Lucha Len:

That’s not all though folks as Lucha Len has the opportunity to get revenge on Lupo Lee in singles contest on the very same night. Lupo Lee turned on his tag partner back in July blaming the Lucha on the loss so there will indeed be some scores to settle.


EWW Tag Team Championship- Critical Mass (c) vs. Eden:

The most powerful tag team in EWW history face their toughest challenge yet on October 22nd as Dominator and Titan go up against Children of Eden members, Brother David and the newly recruited Brother Alfred. This will be the Mass’s first defence since winning the belts back in March at Family Values. Can team EWW finally score a win over Eden or will Brother David hang another belt over his shoulder along with Alfred (after turning on the EWW faithful) looks to win his first title in the company.


Golden Contract Ladder Match- SINders vs. Exodus:

For the first time ever in EWW history we will have a ladder match where the only way to win will be to climb to the top and grab the golden contract suspended above the ring! Exodus and SINders will square off one more time and the golden contract states that the winner can challenege for ANY EWW championship , any place and any time!!!


The return of Jody Fleisch:

That’s right people Invasion of the Bodyslammers Chapter 6 shall bear witness to the return of a legend in EWW. That legend being the ‘Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch! Having been out of the company for 6 years, Fleisch finally comes home in front of a capacity crowd of 1000 EWW fans! What will he get up to? Find out on Saturday October 22nd!


EWW World Heavyweight Championship Retirement Match- ‘The God’ Philip Bateman (c) vs. ‘The Bombshell from Hell’ Skarlett:

As one legend returns to Extreme World Wrestling, we shall be saying goodbye to another by the end of this contest. Philip Bateman has been on an unstoppable warpath since winning the belt back at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4 just over two years ago! Skarlett has one more chance to right the wrongs which took place a year ago at our last Halloween spectacular. The most important main event in EWW history as Bateman puts his title and 20 year career on the line against the one individual who changed the landscape of EWW from the moment she walked through the doors back in 2009. If Bateman wins, could this be the end of Extreme World Wrestling? If Skarlett wins, could this finally be the end of the Children of Eden? Only way to find out will be to get down to the Hastings Centre on Saturday October 22nd!


What a year it has been for EWW but we’re going out of 2016 with a bang so be a part of history and witness the badly behave stepchild of British wrestling rock the house down at the Hastings Centre. Ladies and gentleman…IT’S ON!!!

E WW News:

Not one but TWO matches announced for EWW Invasion of the Bodyslammers 6 taking place at the Hastings Centre on Saturday October 22nd.

The EWW tag team championships will be on the line as Dominator and Titan, Critical Mass go up against the Children of Eden members, Brother David and the newly recruit Brother Alfred. Dominator will be looking for some payback on Alfred due to the belt shot delivered by the youngster at the end of the Good, the Red and the Ugly event back in July and turning on the fans. Eden looks set to dethrone the Mass and add the tag titles to their possessions, will they succeed? Find out on October 22nd at the biggest event of the year!

After a huge victory back in July, Jynx looks set to add another victim to that list but who did EWW management have in mind for his opponent? None other than the returning EWW and British wrestling legend, ‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch! Even at still a young age Fleisch has seen it and done it all around the world of professional wrestling but his career began right here in the land of extreme and what better way to make a return than on the biggest super show of the year in front of a capacity crowd of 1000 EWW fans!

Points of Pugh: Interview with Philip Bateman.

Jake: In what could be his last interview for EWW, I’m joined by the World heavyweight champion, the God Philip Bateman. Now sir let me take you back to July, the steel cage match with Dominator. I don’t think I’ve seen you take as much punishment like that in a while if you don’t mind me saying, I mean you could barely stand after exiting the cage, you somehow just managed to survive and I did notice you were being treated by paramedics backstage so I must ask after over a month later, how do you feel?

Bateman: I feel absolutely fine. It didn’t matter how much Dominator tried to hurt me. My will, my resolve and beliefs are stronger than the British Beast’s could ever be. With his defeat I now have no peer in E.W.W. I stand alone atop of this mountain. And I feel re-born as a God. There is no pain or uncertainty. I am the Way and I am the Truth.

Jake: I actually said this back in July and now its happening, October 22nd you enter Invasion of the Bodyslammers 6 as the EWW heavyweight champion for 2 years. Despite how the results came to be, look at it in the history books, the fatal 4 way match at invasion of the Bodyslammers 4, Titan, Bulk and Dominator, I mean that’s an impressive list of victories to look back on surely you must have gained some kind of respect to all your past opponents looking back?

Bateman: Why should I ever “respect” those weaker than myself? Eden is the one true religion but we are not a charity. We do not show mercy or weakness for those that are fallen. To be a child to have to be strong. You have to accept learning. To be a God? There can be no-one stronger.

Jake: One matter I wanted to address Mr. Bateman is the newest recruit to your Children of Eden, Alfie Essex, now known as Brother Alfred, simply put..why?? Why Alfie?

Bateman: Why not Jake? Why not? He was weak. He believed that the fans cared. Blinded by his own ego and a joke of a wrestler. Now he is reborn as a child. His education can begin and, like all my children, he will become whole. A legion of many who are equal and the strongest force that E.W.W has ever witnessed.

Jake: Let’s talk about Skarlett, one of the greatest rivalries in EWW shall come to an end on Saturday October 22nd, last year you did defeat the bombshell from hell with the help of brother Drake. A year later and you two square off once more, what’s changed for you mentally?

Bateman: Oh, nothing has changed at all for me Jake. I’ve broken her. I’ve taken everything she has ever thought true and loyal and torn it away. She has nothing left to offer me except her career. It’s her last principle, the fact that she can hear the cheers of all her fans and it defines her. I look forward to hearing each and every one of those fans cheer their loudest in October. Because it won’t be enough to stop a God. In October the Queen falls once more and for evermore.

Jake: Please don’t be offended by this next set of questions Mr. Bateman but is there any doubt in your mind that you couldn’t beat Skarlett? Is there a tiny part of you that fears the result of losing your title? And most importantly do you fear the thought that after 20 years in professional wrestling it could all come to an end?

Bateman: Your stupidity offends me. Next question.

Jake: Mr. Bateman thank you for your time and I do wish you all the best in the matchup this October but before you go, do you have a final message to the EWW fans?

Bateman: I look forward to October, and all the shows going forward where I will remain Champion. I look forward to crushing the hopes and desires of all the non-believers. Most importantly I look forward to becoming even greater, to be the prayer on the lips and in the hearts of every Child. Until everyone will have no choice but to join us.

Points of Pugh: The Phoenix Returns!

It’s been a fantastic year so far for EWW we’ve gone from two events in a year to now three events in a year, we’ve had our first steel cage match in 15 years this past July, first ever tag team champions crowned but most importantly the return of familiar faces from EWW past that will always be remembered as legends in this country, at Family Values we saw the comeback of the 35+stone super heavyweight Bulk, the Flatliner is now back in EWW and on Saturday October 22nd, Hastings Centre it gives me great pleasure to talk about the return of ‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch!

It has been very long overdue having Jody back in EWW and personally I think he is one of the greatest athletes to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. All the acrobatic high flying manoeuvres you see everywhere today on the wrestling scene, Jody was the first to do it! At least in my opinion anyhow, along with fellow EWW legends such as Dominator, Philip Bateman, Bulk and Flatliner, Jody was one of the first wrestler’s I ever watched live in the UK and even as a young boy, seeing what the formerly ‘Street Devil’ was capable of completely blew my mind away and I was a fan from the get go.

As a matter of fact Jody wrestled in the very first EWW match! The Declaration 1998 when EWW were based in Oxfordshire he beat Scotty Rock in a first round tournament to crown the first ever EWW Heavyweight Champion, he even dived off the top of a 15 foot high steel cage to save then champion Fighting Spirit from a beat down from the Dead Souls. I disturbingly remember his matchup with the Dominator at EWW Revelations in 1999 when he was thrown off a balcony onto a wooden floor, drilled into a mat with a tombstone and savagely brutalised with a barbed wire baseball bat!!! But one memory that will always stick out for me was his match from EWW Castled in 2001 when he put on a show stealing performance (injured at the time too may I add) defeating Dead Souls member Justice to win the SCW Mid Atlantic Light Heavyweight Championship and still goes down to this day as one of the best matches in EWW history. If you haven’t seen it, I advise you to check it out.

Jody was also known for his long time rivalry with fellow British legend ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm, the two wrestled in and out of EWW everywhere and their matches together are still talked about to this very day. The first they were on opposite teams in a tag match along with Fighting Spirit and The Dominator (who had scores to settle with each other) but their first EWW one on one encounter didn’t occur until October 2006 at the original halloween show ‘Halloween Holocaust’. Weather you loved him or hated him you could not ignore how talented Fleisch was every time he stepped in the ring. The last time I recall ‘the Phoenix’ competing in an EWW ring was back in 2010 The Darkest Hour event six years ago by beating Terry Frazier in the opening contest. Before that Jody wrestled Jonny Storm for EWW TV in the very same venue and the fans instantly recognised him as soon as he walked through the curtain.

It is unknown at this time as to who Jody will be wrestling at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 6 but whoever it may be you can rest assured it won’t be an easy task for either Jody or his opponent. Will it be somebody from EWW past that he may feel he has unfinished business with? Could it be a rising star from the ranks of the Extreme Academy? Or perhaps a member of the Children of Eden? I know which one I hope for… Get your tickets for Invasion of the Bodyslammers 6 people, I shall be getting words with some of the stars before the big event n October 22nd. Witness history in the making, witness somebody walking out the Hastings Centre the World Heavyweight Champion, witness somebody retire from wrestling forever and witness Jody Fleisch…coming home!!!

Points of Pugh: Last Chance!

So we are now officially on the road to the big Halloween spectacular that occurs once a year Invasion of the Bodyslammers! And the 6th annual tradition takes place on Saturday October 22nd at the Hastings Centre will feature a main event that will put the final nail in the coffin on one of the most controversial rivalries in EWW history. Almost one year ago Skarlett had the opportunity to make history by becoming the first ever female EWW World Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately that was not the case due to Brother Drake and the Children of Eden but on October 22nd she has one last chance to write the wrong from one year ago as she goes one on one with Philip Bateman once more with the winner walking out the champion and the loser retiring from professional wrestling forever!

The Good the Red and the Ugly this past July saw ‘the Prophet’ beaten to a bloody pulp at the hands of the Dominator inside a steel cage but still just managed to walk out the heavyweight champion. That very same night Skarlett would lose the British Women’s Championship to Deadly Nightshade. How much has this taken out of both individuals? Bateman may go down in history as one of the greatest EWW champions of all time after retaining each and every time but how much can his body hold out after violent encounters in the past with monsters such as ‘the British Beast’, Titan and the 35+ stone Bulk? How much does he have left in the tank after all the years? Not forgetting all the abuse he has taken over the years from Extreme Warfare and falls count anywhere matches, 20 years of travelling up and down the country beating some of Britain’s finest.

Skarlett’s is more psychological, deep down has she really got over what her brother did to her at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5? In the back of her mind is she paranoid that maybe somebody else is waiting to screw her out of becoming the World champion? And what about the pain she may still be suffering after recent years of battles with Jynx, Destiny, Brother Drake and now no longer holding the one thing she desired most, the British Women’s title?

I remember the very first encounter between Bateman and Skarlett which was a casket match in 2013 at Hell is Where the Heart Is. Skarlett’s hand was raised but she certainly took a lot of punishment even splitting her head open just before the end of the match. Bateman has often stated about his ‘passion’ for Skarlett and as each year went by, the tension between the two grew hotter and hotter! Survival of the Sickest in May 2014, Bateman scored the winning pin fall on Skarlett for Death Row to win a survival match and in the very same year, Bateman would win the EWW world title and Skarlett would defend the Women’s division from Commisioner Curd(as he likes to be addressed now).

Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5 the two collided in what was voted EWW Match of the Year in 2015 and the most heartbreaking scene of all would see family tearing each other apart with Bateman controlling the strings on Brother Drake as he smashed the gold over the head of his sister. Although she got revenge on Drake a few months later, it doesn’t take away the fact that she came very close to changing the EWW landscape forever!

October 22nd it’s do or die for both ‘the Bombshell from Hell’ and the Wrestling God’ this really is it ladies and gentleman at the end result. Skarlett or Philip Bateman’s rivalry is one that will stay fresh in the minds of EWW staff and fans alike. Everyone is talking about it and I advise the best fans in the United Kingdom, that’s right you! The good people of Hastings get your tickets fast and support your hero as she could well and truly be wrestling her very last match. She is our final hope to lay rest The Children of Eden. One chance for survival, one chance for the dream to come true…the last chance!


The Good, the Red and the Ugly rundown:

We’re just a few days away from EWW’s biggest extravaganza of the summer at the Hastings Centre and believe me things are hotting up here as we prepare for some historic clashes that I can assure you will go down as memorable so let’s get right to it.

Critical Mass & Skarlett vs. the Children of Eden:

The EWW Tag Team Champions, Dominator & Titan and British Women’s Champion Skarlett are all involved in huge single matchups this Saturday night but I understand that EWW management just couldn’t contain this situation any longer involving the Children of Eden so it was signed for representatives of Eden in Brother Drake, Brother Damian and Brother David to clash against the fan favourites of EWW. The outcome of this match is very important as it could change the game plans of each individual heading into their own matches later in the evening, how will they get on? Buy a ticket and find out this Saturday night!


Alfie Essex vs. Blitzkrieg:

Super excited for this matchup as I’m fully aware of what both of these gentlemen can do in the ring. Yes they have met in many tag matches and gauntlets in the past but this is the very first one on one encounter between the two. Essex has had success recently in being crowned king of the EWW academy and is on the rise of being one of the most popular rising stars in the EWW locker room however the extreme machine that is Blitzkrieg shows us each and every time why he is a force to be reckoned with inside the squared circle weather he is partnered up with Nightshade or not, destruction is on the mind and I think we’re in for a possible show stealer here.


Lupo and Lucha Len vs. Delightful Powers:

Representing the extreme academy, Lucha Len and Lupo will team up for the first time to take on Stan Powers and Richie Delight, the Delightful Powers are the more experienced team out of the two but let’s not forget about the beating they took at Family Values at the hands of Critical Mass. Will turn up with a new game plan? Or will the younger team of Lucha and Lupo score their first victory in EWW?


Amarah vs. Erin Angel:

Erin Angel makes her long awaited return to EWW after travelling around the world and now she’s back she does not have an easy task at all as her opponent is the voodoo queen Amarah. A very dangerous and terrifying lady who displayed a lot of dominance in the inter gender rumble at Family Values, Angel’s last EWW opponent was former Women’s Champion Destiny which was 3 years ago. Can she return on a high? Or will she become the first of possibly many victims to Amarah?


EWW St. George’s Championship: Brother David (c) vs. Deano Lock:

As we know Brother David will be involved in the 3-3 tag team match against Skarlett and Critical Mass but he also has a very important task at hand in defending the EWW St. George’s Championship against current no.1 contender Deano Lock. This will be Deano’s first singles match in EWW and what better way to get your first victory than by possibly winning the championship. I spoke with Deano just a few days ago and I can assure you he’s fully focused and is aware that Eden could get involved in this matchup. But he has a plan, will it work? Find out at the Good the Red and the Ugly!


No Disqualification Street Fight: SINders vs. Exodus:

Well we all remember how brutal the triple threat monster mash was at the last show and although Exodus came out victorious SINders is furious that he wasn’t crowned king of monsters especially at the fact that he wasn’t even pinned. Exodus of course has advantage in being 7ft tall and a very strong individual but don’t forget how dangerous and maniacal SINders is and still it is a mystery as to what lengths he may go not just to score a victory but to simply destroy his opponent. If you thought the triple threat was violent I can assure you you’ve seen nothing yet this contest will certainly get EXTREME!!!


EWW British Women’s Championship: match Skarlett (c) vs. Deadly Nightshade:

EWW commissioner J.Dawg ordered this match take place and we all sort of scratched our heads at first when this came about. Still uncertain as to what exactly Deadly Nightshade is but he (she) has the chance of walking out of the Hastings Centre as the Women’s Champion. Skarlett has fought the odds time after time and yet still J.Dawg will do whatever he can in his power to rid EWW of its women’s title. I’m not sure if that might even be the case on July 9th, maybe he’s happy to announce Nightshade as women’s champion. Who knows??!! Plus will Skarlett even be fully focused? She’s involved in the 3-3 tag match and has another chance to add a dessert to the main course of a beating she gave her Brother Drake at Family Values. Speaking of J.Dawg, it was recently announced on the EWW Facebook page that “certain behaviour from a certain individual with not be tolerated and will be adjusted”… who’s behind this? Is J.Dawg’s time up as the authority figure of Extreme World Wrestling? We’ll get our answers on July 9th.


Titan vs. Jynx:

Now this one I’m very much looking forward to and it’s a match I’ve been waiting to see for some time, Jynx must be in a very foul mood after taking quite a beating in the monster mash triple threat and having his shoulders pinned to the mat so at first I thought “whoever his opponent is in for a bad night” but this is no ordinary man, it’s the big hulking giant who is co holder of the EWW Tag Team Championships. Titan fears no evil and weather he has walked out in the past victorious or defeated he certainly would leave his mark as a force to be reckoned with. But even somebody as powerful as Titan is, your game plan totally changes once staring into those dark mysterious eyes of the silent assassin. Does the revolution fear the clown? Or is maybe Jynx still feeling the effects of chairs and thumbtacks and could be taken down twice in a row? We’re in for a gooden here people!


EWW World Heavyweight Championship STEEL CAGE: Philip Bateman (c) vs. The Dominator:

A decade in the making these two EWW legends clash in the very structure that put EWW on the map all the way back in 1998. No children of Eden, no Titan or Skarlett just the Dominator and Philip Bateman one on one. They have been partners, friends for many years but today they stare at each other as deadly enemies. This has been brewing since Death Row’s antics on Skarlett to the point where the British Beast just couldn’t take it anymore. Bateman has had a successful year and a half as EWW Heavyweight Champion but could that time be up Saturday July 9th as Dominator could walk out with his tag belt on one shoulder and the big one on the other, becoming the four time world heavyweight champion? Bateman states that Dominator must realise, “I’m not locked in a cage with you, YOU are locked in the cage with ME!” but after a recent message from the big man himself, those eyes of his assure you that he mean business and he is ready. Get ready Hastings; this will go down as one of the greatest matches in EWW history!


Now after all that is there any other reason to get to the Hastings Centre on Saturday July 9th? Buy a ticket, come on down and witness history in the making. See you there ladies and gentleman, it’s time to get EXTREME!!!

Points of Pugh Deano Lock Interview:

Jake Pugh: I’m joined at this time by the no.1 contender to the St. George’s championship Deano Lock! Dean congratulations on your very successful victory in the classic rumble at Family Values I spoke to you at the event before hand and you were very calm and cool and to see the excitement on your face when your hand was raised was great has it all sunk in 3months later?

Deano Lock: I entered the rumble with one goal in mind… To win it! Although I only eliminated Exodus and SINders I kept my mind set, kept my head down and battled through. I’m not going to lie Jake it was hard as hell. After a while of constantly beating the crap out of each other you tend to want to just give up but I got a thing inside of me that really hates losing and I refuse to lose! I actually had a rib dislocated in that rumble along with all the cuts and bruising but you know what? It was worth it. I had all my fans, friends and family there to back me and they did an amazing job. All the cheering from the crowd kept me going.
I went in, bashed who ever came at me, took a beating, gave out more beatings and somehow by the skin of my teeth won it. I think it sank in after a few pints that night and I felt like superman.

Jake: So tell us a bit about yourself Deano as I understand (correct me if I’m wrong) you had some background in MMA? What made you want to change from the martial arts to professional wrestling?

Deano: From a young age I’ve always loved wrestling. I remember when I changed schools and all the kids at my new school were mad about what was then the WWF in the attitude era. I quickly fell in love with it, borrowing v.h.s tapings of pay per views and dreaming that one day I could become one of these insane larger than life superstars. We would meet up on parts of the school grounds hidden from the teachers and beat each other to a pulp. Imitating our favorite wrestlers and pulling off their signature moves until eventually my parents could see that it was no longer a phase and allowed me and my brother to attend Sunday classes at the N.W.A hammerlock school in Sittingbourne. I lasted a few months but the gym was a long way from home and we soon moved onto boxing at a more local gym in Hastings. Then years later I followed my brother into training at the AKA gym to learn the art of kickboxing. I also trained with the samurai gym for a couple years learning Mauy Thai and karate jutsu kai, both were as brutal as each other but extremely rewarding and enjoyable but again it just wasn’t me. I missed wrestling and finally after years of keeping my ear to the ground I heard about the EWW academy and have never looked back.

Jake: Of course you’ve trained under the Extreme Academy of Wrestling and your opponent come July 9th is Brother David, I’m guessing you two go way back considering he was one of the first to graduate from the academy?

Deano: David, then Awol, was in many ways one of my biggest inspirations, he taught me a lot. When I wasn’t focused he set me straight and I will always be grateful for that as well as respectful.
However he soon lost his way and joined the Children of Eden. I was always under the impression that David was a real man as well as his own man but how I was wrong. When he joined this bizarre clockwork orange cult of white spandex sporting hipsters he sold out all of his friends at the academy. So now I have no issues with beating the hell out of him and reminding him about what we at the EWW truly stand for.

Jake: Brother David is indeed the St. George’s champion and represents Philip Bateman’s children of Eden are you aware of what could await you leading into the Good the Red and the Ugly?

Deano: Now I know exactly what to expect from Eden on the 9th of July and before we get into that I’d like to point out something that I believe to be relevant to the subject at hand. Now what we have roaming this earth today is the same as it has always been, it doesn’t matter what century you look at or what corner of the world you are in, with human beings there has always been wolves and sheep. The strong and the weak, the leaders and the followers. Now Phillip Bateman is the Wolf in this situation and his three fluffy D’s are his sheep that he is leading to slaughter. So what am I? I’m a bigger, badder Wolf and I’ll gladly drag all four to the Abattoir. When I enter this match, I not only expect Eden to interfere, I invite all of the members to come and try to take me down. Come on Eden I dare you to try and stop from taking that title!

Jake: Many graduates of the academy have had great success already such as Alfie Essex, the Freak Foundation but you are one step ahead from the others with an opportunity of championship gold, tell us how much it would really mean to you to become the EWW St. George’s Champion?

Deano: I want that gold more than anything right now and I’m sure David’s equally as desperate to hold onto it as I am to take it from him. I love those people in that crowd probably more than they love me. And let’s face it who would the people prefer as their St George’s champion? Some slave to a master of some strange cult? Or a real man who’s willing to go all out balls to the wall crazy. The more you awesome fans scream for me to beat David’s face into the mat, the more I will feed off your energy to feel that awesome buzz and I can’t wait. You guys are the reason I do what I do and I can’t wait to give you all the show of a life time.
To win that title would mean everything to me. Not only would I have the status of champion but it would be a big middle finger to all those who ever doubted that I would make it this far. For me to become the St George’s champion in my first official singles match would be career making and will prove all those that ever doubted me wrong.

Jake: Thank you for your time Deano.

Deano: Thank you Jake and I will see you on the 9th!


Points of Pugh: Interview with EWW World heavyweight Champion ‘The Prophet’ Philip Bateman

Jake Pugh: Once again I’m joined by the reigning EWW World Heavyweight Champion ‘The Prophet’ Philip Bateman. Mr Bateman for months…you called out The Dominator and at Family Values you got your answer, Saturday July 9th at the Good the Red and the Ugly, you defend your title against the British Beast in a steel cage match and by the look on your face, if you don’t mind me saying, I saw a glimpse of fear, are you truly afraid of stepping into the cage?

Philip Bateman: You project onto me what you feel yourself. What do I have to fear? Physical pain? As if I’ve never suffered before? I’ve been involved in wrestling for over 20 years. What could The Dominator possibly do to me of which I have never felt before. I’ve felt the wrath of him before in a different time and place. There are no surprises for me when he hits me. However, Dominator has never felt the power of Eden before and in the midst of battle he will fall, he WILL kneel.

Jake: This is without a doubt THE biggest showdown in EWW, tell us where it all began with you and Dominator?

Bateman: It began the first day I walked into EWW as part of the New Breed. I saw what this man had created within himself and saw his power. And I’m not afraid to say I admired it. Too many people in this world will find reasons for why they fail. The true power is to find a reason to succeed. And with all the obstacles that Dominator and myself have faced throughout the years we have always found a way to adapt and to succeed. I knew that one day we would have to meet in battle. The strangest part is that I’m aware of what a force of nature “The British Beast is.” We’ve circled each other for many years but now the dance is over and we draw into our event horizon. This descent is terminal. When we met before Dominator has his hand raised in victory. But that was the past. I know now what savagery I have to descend into to beat this man, this beast. The cage will just add to the violence that I can inflict upon him. My Children will be separated from me but that is no matter to me. They can witness once again what I am capable of. I will make a example of The Dominator that no-one in attendance will ever forget.

Jake: Is it safe to say Mr Bateman that you may perhaps know Dominator better than anyone in the history of EWW?

Bateman: I know all I need to know about The Dominator. He brought me into EWW, and he brought me into his faction Death Row. We’ve worked with each other and against each other. But now I’n no longer in his shadow. I am the Champion and the Main Event. I am The Prophet and hub on which the wheel of EWW turns. The future of the company rests on this very match and as much as I am hated by the EWW masses I will show them a reckoning. They have doubted me for far too long. On July 9th they will doubt no longer.

Jake: I would also like to point out that should you beat the Dominator on July 9th you enter October officially as EWW Champion for 2 years and will go down as one of the longest reigning champions in EWW history, but if you were to lose, you lose to a fellow warrior who’s been here from the very beginning, no grudges afterwards?

Bateman: The only thing lost is any respect you had from me to ask such an idiotic question. No grudges? Then why is this in a cage? Make no mistake I know the sacrifices one has to make in such a match. I know on this night how much we will both suffer. But my faith is in the Truth, the Path and the Way. The Truth of the sunrise behind the mountain. A golden dawn of a new beginning. There is no losing for me. I AM the way to succeed. This match and victory is the defining moment in my career.

Jake: So sir in the past year and a half, you have beaten all that has been put infront of you. Titan, Skarlett and Bulk. What makes you believe in your heart of hearts that you could move the ultimate mountain?

Bateman: I’ve faced the best that EWW has to offer. Dominator has sent all his friends and students against me. Now he can deny me no longer. This is his turn. And as strong as this beast thinks he is. As much as he thinks he can beat me. His belief will not be enough. Eden is the only true way of success and victory. And all of the Truth of Eden is within me.

Jake: After the Good the Red and the Ugly is in the history books, no matter the result, what’s next for yourself and the children of Eden?

Bateman: There is going to be only one result. With the power and faith I have within me there could ONLY ever be one result. And I have nothing but disdain for people like you who think there could be any other result. The Beast will fall. Like all the others have fallen by my hand. You think I worry that my children won’t be by my side? I relish it because when I have my hand raised in victory there can be no more doubt from anyone about my power and conviction. There is NO-ONE left. All have fallen before my power and the Way of Eden. What is next for us? Many of the ranks of EWW have joined me. We grow stronger by the day and the only thing that should scare you more than who we have revealed as children is who we have yet to reveal who has joined us.


EWW News:

EWW are proud to announce a second home to their successful training academy. If you would like to be a future EWW Champion and perform in front of a crowd of up to 1000 people, this could be your chance as we’re proud to present the Extreme Academy of Wrestling Maidstone led by head coach and professional wrestling veteran of 19 years Jon Moores. First session begins on Sunday June 26thand is FREE to attend! For more information please dial: 07506469527 or email: or visit the official face book page:


Points of Pugh: Two for the price of one!

So just this past weekend we got not one, but two red hot match announcements for ‘The Good the Red and the Ugly’ on Saturday July 9th at the Hastings Centre, firstly it was announced that after a brutal triple threat which took place at Family Values the 7ft masked monster Exodus would go one on one with the maniacal SINders in a ‘No Disqualification Street Fight’ match.

Well Exodus picked up the win at the last event by pinning Jynx after slamming him through a combined number of steel chairs, chains, dustbins and thumbtacks! All three men took a hell of a beating in the contest and although it was Exodus who got his hand raised in victory let’s not forget that SINders was not pinned. If you go back and watch the DVD you’ll see that SINders actually took a hell of a beating during the match, he certainly is no stranger to bringing weapons with him to play (look at Drake, Infinity, and Dominator) but he would not go down and he kept coming back for more. The man is like Michael Myers stalking you in Halloween where not even a bullet could put down the supernatural. We’ve seen a more demonic side to SINders on recent shows, gone is the lantern that once guided him to a path he walked towards; I guess this all goes back to his failed attempt at capturing the EWW World Heavyweight Championship at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4. He uses his opponents own skills physically and mentally to get into their heads, the more use of weapons and disturbingly violent outbursts on people makes him a more dangerous competitor than ever before.

Exodus has been on a different path himself as of late, since siding with Skarlett he’s been doing the deeds on all that is good in the world of EWW, but don’t think for a moment that the twisted, psychotic side of the giant has gone away, oh no! A silly mistake to make, he took it to both SINders and Jynx and came out on top, proving to be the king of monsters in EWW but with SINders not being pinned, he plans to put an end to that equation once and for all. I can guarantee that on Saturday July 9th, this one is going to get messy!


And speaking of Jynx, it was also announced that for the very first time in EWW history, the evil jester will square off with one half of Critical Mass, EWW Tag Team Champion, ‘the Revolution’ Titan! I’ve actually been waiting for this matchup for a long time now and what better event to display this matchup than on the same night the main event bout will be held inside a 15 foot high steel cage.

In some respect, you’re probably looking at two of the strongest athletes on the EWW roster. What I mean by that is this…We have Titan, recently crowned tag team champion along with the Dominator and has a very successful career in EWW thus far, a HUGE hulking warrior, very dominant, fought many battles who fears no man or beast…but ask yourself one question…does the revolution fear the clown?

Jynx frightens the daylights out of his opponents just by looking into those eyes of his. His biggest strength is right there in those dark evil eyes of his, we know how quick he is, we know how violent he can be but when the lights go down, his music hits and the ‘silent assassin’ slowly makes his way down to the ring you know that you’re in trouble! Ask Skarlett, ask Brother David you could even ask his former companions at Death Row and considering he had his shoulders pinned to the mate back at Family Values after a violent encounter along with Exodus and SINders I will expect that he will be a very foul mood. You could be going into a match 100% focused but it takes one stare from Jynx and he takes you completely off your A game. Is this something that could play into hand on Saturday July 9th? Titan may well and truly crush Jynx into a thousand pieces when the bell rings but it takes one mistake to make and the clown has got you. This will be a very interesting encounter and I cannot wait for this one!


So far for ‘The Good the Red and The Ugly’ the card so far:

EWW World Heavyweight Title STEEL CAGE match- Philip Bateman(c) vs. The Dominator

EWW British Women’s Title match- Skarlett (c) vs. Deadly Nighshade

No Disqualification Street Fight match- Exodus vs. SINders

Titan vs. Jynx

Just on those matches alone, I’d say shut up and take my money! Stay tuned for more announcements folks, we’re in for the biggest EWW event of the summer so book your tickets NOW!!!

Points of Pugh 30/05/15

So EWW’s summer spectacular is officially titled ‘The Good the Red and the Ugly’ and tickets are on sale now! You people are in for a wild explosive night as for the first time in 15 years EWW returns the structure that made the company famous all the way back in 1998. The contracts have been signed by both competitors and we can officially claim that the EWW World Heavyweight Champion and the leader of ‘the Children of Eden’ Philip Bateman will collide with one half of critical mass and EWW Tag team Champion, The Dominator in a STEEL CAGE MATCH!!!


So it was just announced that on Saturday July 9th at The Good, The Red and The Ugly, Skarlett will defend her EWW British Women’s Championship against one half of the Freak Foundation, Deadly Nightshade!

This is certainly a contest that myself and a lot of EWW fans alike have surely scratched their heads considering as to this day after 2 years we still can’t quite work out what Deadly Nightshade is. Certainly he (she?) is a tremendous competitor in the ring but could you imagine if Nightshade was to score the winning fall over the bombshell from hell? In a strange way too it’s a fresh opponent for Skarlett and a chance for her to take her mind off matters that have taken place over the past few months.

Skarlett thrives on being the best. She holds victories over some of the very best male and female athletes in the country and she came very close to making history back in October last year by almost becoming the very first female World Heavyweight Champion in EWW. Her own flesh and blood Brother Drake was to blame for all of her dreams to come crashing down and let’s not forget he cost her a shot at the St. George’s Championship by sneakily eliminating her from the rumble…a rumble he wasn’t even participating in!!! He certainly paid the price in the lumberjack match back at Family Values and maybe Skarlett now feels she could perhaps put all that behind her? Well don’t forget that she must also have concern for her husband, The Dominator. He also has the chance of making history on Saturday July 9th by holding both the EWW Tag and Heavyweight Title’s at the very same time but he must get through his most dangerous to date, Skarlett’s biggest enemy in EWW, Philip Bateman.

And what about J.Dawg, the commissioner once again saw every opportunity to take Skarlett out of any chance of accomplishing the unthinkable, even threatening to terminate her contract in EWW and let’s not forget his plans to wipe out the women’s division and re brand the belt as the EWW Cruiserweight Championship! But should Nightshade pick up the victory would J.Dawg allow the deadly freak to strut around declaring him (or her) self as the EWW British Women’s Champion? I certainly hope Skarlett has a plan for back up during this contest, don’t forget, Nightshade has the gigantic force of nature in Blitzkrieg as a tag partner. If he so much as thinks of getting involved I feel Skarlett should make a call to some friendly faces, but I’m sure she’s very aware of that. I plan to catch up with Skarlett officially here on to talk about everything that’s on her mind.



Saturday July 9th EWW presents ‘The Good, the Red and the Ugly’ and for the first time in 15 years Extreme World Wrestling returns the structure that made the company famous at the very beginning…the STEEL CAGE!!! It’s the Dominator vs. Philip Bateman for the EWW World Heavyweight Title and with nowhere to run for the champion as he is locked inside against the beast that’ll be looking to exact revenge for all the crimes he has committed. So as we get all excited for the summer I would like to point out that this is in fact the fourth cage match to ever take place in EWW. What were those past matches you might ask? Well I’m going to tell you…

As I said above the cage match is what put EWW on the map right from the start of its inception. Friday 11th December 1998 at The Declaration was where it all began and The Dominator himself demolished his way through to the finals of a tournament to crown the very first EWW Champion. His opponent was an individual by the name of Fighting Spirit who was one of the most popular EWW wrestler’s on the shows at that time. Though Dominator did not walk out as champion that night, he gave Spirit a beating that he probably still bares scars to this very day. Glass bottles, chair’s, ladders and tables all played a huge part in this bloody brawl but it’s a contest that is still spoken about today due to event’s like this had not been seen anywhere on the UK scene before. EWW made a huge statement that night and changed the landscape of wrestling from then on.


The second cage match to take place would be at Scorched Earth on August 20th 1999 which would once again feature ‘the British Beast’. This time he squared off against a man who would go on to become one of Dominators most memorable rivals during the late 90’s and early 2000’s, a man who would also go on to become World Heavyweight Champion down the line, ‘Upton’ Frankie Capone. This was Capone’s first EWW outing and back then he arrived to exact revenge on the Dominator on an issue that happened many years before when the two men were training together out in Florida with British legend ‘Adrian Street’. The two met inside the 15ft high structure to settle their differences where Frankie would come out on top (due to the help of then champion Fighting Spirit).


Oddly enough 2 years later at EWW Castled in September 2001, Capone (now going under the name Francisco Capone) donned a darker persona and aligned himself with the Dominator and the Dead Souls organisation to help take over EWW. Malcolm Martin (who co owned the promotion back then) rallied some troops from both the UK and the United States. More man in particular was ECW legend Nova. Capone actually claimed earlier that evening that it was Nova who cost him his chance at gaining a contract with ECW and that “payback was a b***h!” What made this cage match more interesting was that a double prize was up for grabs; the winner would not only walk out as the SCW Champion (Florida based promotion) but would also become the no.1 contender to the EWW Heavyweight Championship. Both men put on a tremendous display and in the end the Dead Souls got involved and cost Nova his chance at getting a shot at the belt. In one of the most memorable moments in EWW, after a huge brawl erupted the Spirit of Instinct was left alone with Python, Jody Fleisch and Nova and Nova climbed the very top of the steel cage and splattered Instinct with a huge frog splash.

And now 15 years later EWW are doing it all over again. This will without a doubt go down as the possibly the most historic clash in EWW history. Two legends will be locked inside and when the bell rings all hell will break loose. Dominator is looking to dish out a beating with years building up of frustration from what Bateman has done to his wife Skarlett over the years. Bateman knows the Dominator better than anyone, having known each other for many years and when wrestler’s came and went over the years, Bateman stayed and helped build EWW to what it is today…but most importantly, he now wants to put an end to the ‘British Beast’ once and for all. And what a way to place this matchup than in the confines of a steel cage! Get ready for war everybody, this going to get ugly!!!


Points of Pugh: Dominator vs. Philip Bateman: Legends Collide- STEEL CAGE!!!!


HOLY S**T!!! I’m sorry but those were my words at the commentary desk at Family Values and my reaction is still the same! Finally on Saturday July 9th 2016 at the Hastings Centre we will see without a doubt THE biggest and most highly anticipated encounter in the history of Extreme World Wrestling but not just any kind of matchup, oh no! For the first time in 16 years, EWW returns a format that put the promotion on the map all the way back in 1998, the very structure that would change the landscape of British wrestling forever…STEEL CAGE!!!

Two highly respected individuals in not just EWW but British Wrestling as a whole. The British Beast and leader of the Children of Eden, two men that have been part of Extreme World Wrestling from the very start they have been friends, they have been partners but now, deadly enemies. If there is anybody who is strong enough, so powerful, so beastly that could take down the CHILDREN OF Eden single handed with Bateman at the helm it is the Dominator himself!

Those of you too young to remember it was The Dominator who brought Bateman into EWW in the first place giving him a spot in the controversial Dead Souls organisation, many years went by where both gentleman had their respective goals and achievements in the business and once upon a time had an encounter with each other for the EWW World Title on the original Halloween spectacular Halloween Holocaust.

After that one encounter both men went on to great heights within EWW. Bateman became the very first EWW St. George’s Champion, Dominator would go on to become unbeaten for the next 6 years until that came to an end in October of 2009.

2012 would be where these two would once again team up when Dominator introduced everybody into the Death Row stable ‘The Ladykiller’ Philip Bateman. Gone was the cocky arrogant ‘Playboy’ Phil Bedwell who would cheat his way at every possibility who was also somewhat cowardly at times. Philip Bateman a cold hearted human being with the power to brain wash your mind and unleash a brutal punishment on his opponent whoever it may be not a care in the world about winning or losing. But this reformed friendship would all come to an end at Survival of the Sickest in 2014.


Bateman would get in to a fierce rivalry with the ‘Bombshell from Hell’ Skarlett, the leader of Team Extreme at the time. Somebody who Bateman has become obsessed with in recent years, they have faced off in a casket match, 5 person survival match but no encounter can be more viscious more brutal than the one this past Saturday at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5. Philip Bateman is more aggressive and more evil than he has ever been, his Children of Eden by his side in the forms of Brother David, Brother Damian and now Brother Drake, Skarlett’s own brother!

Bateman Skar

 Just take a look at that right there! A picture is worth a thousand words and although Skarlett put up one hell of a fight, this is the kind of torture Bateman put the Queen of Extreme through. Dominator had a lot on his hands that evening as he and his Critical Mass tag partner Titan managed to advance to the second round of the EWW Tag Team Championship tournament. But will that be put on hold come May of 2016? Or will we have to wait by Invasion of the Bodyslammers 6? As Philip Bateman issued a challenge to the Dominator after proclaiming he has beaten everybody put in front of him… And then…There was one!!!Dom 2

Are we looking at the very man who is responsible for creating such a cancer within EWW? Is Dominator the cure to that cancer? Although the Dominator has accepted the challenge for anytime, anywhere and anyhow is Bateman the one to put the final nail in the coffin of the Dominator’s legendary career? “I’m going to end your career” were the words of the British Beast towards the Heavyweight Champion but we really have to ask ourselves, is even The Dominator, the most violent, intimidating and dangerous man in EWW capable of wiping out Philip Bateman and the Children of Eden? What about the World Heavyweight Championship itself?

Dom SkarBateman belt

If the title was put on the line and the Dominator prevailed he would become the EWW Champion for the fourth time in his career, Bateman has managed to hold on to that belt for a year now and is on the brink of going down in history as one of the greatest EWW World Champions. Maybe it isn’t about the EWW belt this time around, this is personal and a lot of bad blood between these two has been boiling since Dominator couldn’t take it anymore from Death Row. Perhaps for the time first time in his career the Dominator is no longer the master of the mind game, has Bateman got in to the Beast’s head? SINders may have pinned Dominator back at Eden Rising but if anybody is capable of beating the Dominator to a bloody pulp it is the very man who may know him better than anybody.

Just recently at EWW Family Values, Bateman did the unthinkable and lived up to his words by ‘moving mountains’ and pinning the 35+ stone Bulk’s shoulders to the mat, on the very same night history was made once again as EWW crowned it’s very first tag team champions in the form of both Dominator and Titan K but the celebration would not last long. Bateman along with his Children of Eden stood on the entranceway and told the Dominator to finally accept an official challenge between the two. The British Beast accepted but however, what was to come next took everybody completely by surprise. There could only be one way to settle a score as huge as this, nowhere to run and nowhere to hide as it was announced that on Saturday July 9th it’s The Dominator vs. Philip Bateman in a 15 foot high STEEL CAGE!!! The odds are stacked, has Dominator completely turned Bateman’s game plan upside down? For the ‘Prophet’ must now meet the ‘Beast’ in the devil’s playground.

This encounter will be a decade in the making. I urge you all to grab a ticket a soon as possible as on Saturday July 9th you will bear witness to the most long awaited battle in the history of Extreme World Wrestling!!!

Commissioner’s Statement 11/03/16

As we recover from the excitement of another incredible sell out show at the Hastings Centre there are of course a few important points that need officially addressing following the Family Values event this past Saturday.

The State of Authority in E.W.W –

Firstly, the State of Authority in Extreme World Wrestling – that in recent times has become a somewhat blurred line which certain E.W.W talent think they are free to step across. Since first becoming The Commissioner of this wrestling promotion in 2010 I have tried to allow a certain amount of leniency to those who wish to enter the ring and voice their grievances. This privilege is something that has increasingly become abused to the point where the inmates now think they are running the asylum, and E.W.W officials have been verbally threatened and I myself have come to physical harm on a number of occasions.

Regardless of whether talent agrees or disagrees with my decisions and match-making it has come to a point where everybody in the E.W.W locker room needs to be firmly put in their place and understand that I, as The Commissioner (their Boss), am in control of their careers in this promotion and if they are willing to make my job harder I too am more than prepared to make it harder for them to succeed here. This is what I enforced on Skarlett in the ring on Saturday during her interruption at the opening of Family Values. The fact she would interrupt me at all is disrespectful enough but the fact that she did this before I was able to greet our loyal fans and thank our valued sponsors is inexcusable and punishments needed to be issued immediately.

Let me make it perfectly clear that from this point forward any verbal abuse or threat will go towards a talent’s company record affecting when, where and under what stipulations they appear on future cards (if they are permitted to appear at all). More seriously, physical assaults on myself or non-wrestling staff will result in immediate termination of contract.

Skarlett’s Participation and Elimination from the St. George’s Classic Rumble –

As fans in attendance last Saturday will remember, as part of Skarlett’s on-the-spot reprimand I entered her into the St. George’s Classic Rumble Match as the first participant. Many have attacked my choice to do this and believe my decision to be based purely on my recent personal tensions with Skarlett herself. But after reiterating the above points about disruptions to the show and continual disregard for authority I hope my criticisers can understand my anger at the time and that this was a justified action in reflection of the situation at hand. The punishment was issued in a solely official capacity. In other words, nothing personal – just business.

Which brings us to the St. George’s Classic Rumble Match itself and Skarlett’s much questioned elimination..

Our fans, and even some of the E.W.W roster including our referee Paz, were upset and confused by my decision to announce Skarlett’s elimination from the Rumble after Brother Drake illegally entered the match and became physically involved with his estranged sister. It’s true that Brother Drake was not scheduled to appear in the match and entered unlawfully. Rest assured that an appropriate punishment for his actions is currently under consideration. But did he actually eliminate Skarlett from the rumble match? In my opinion, no. Absolutely not.

To remind those who were in attendance, whose memories of the events might be a little bit skewed due to upset caused over the loss by their fan favourite – While eliminating Blitzkrieg, Skarlett put herself over the top rope and left herself in a vulnerable position. She was on the apron, outside of the ring, taunting and posing before any physical interference by Brother Drake. Therefore Brother Drake did not complete a full elimination and I conclude that Skarlett was responsible for her own elimination through acting carelessly. Whether the fans like this decision or not, the photos and footage speak for themselves.



Keep Moving Forward –

With the unpleasant business out of the way, I would like to end on a positive note and let everybody know that as E.W.W continues to grow its fan base and regularly thrill 1,000+ strong crowds I, as The Commissioner, remain committed to pushing the product towards new and exciting possibilities. As witnessed at the Family Values show, we made history by crowning our new Tag Team Champions after a lengthy tournament to find E.W.W’s most dominant duo. Titan and The Dominator ploughed through all teams involved to take the tournament finals and the brand new title belts, thus opening the door for tag team wrestling to become a fixture in the promotion going forward.

Speaking of The Dominator, as announced at the end of Family Values, The British Beast’s next challenge will be against the Leader of Eden and the current reigning and defending E.W.W World Heavyweight Champion – ‘The Prophet’ Philip Bateman. The match will be contested in a 15-foot high steel cage on Saturday 9th of July at the Hastings Centre and I am pleased to announce the title for this show will be THE GOOD, THE RED & THE UGLY. Tickets will be on sale in the coming weeks and we hope to see you there.

EWW Family Values – RESULTS:

Usually at the start of every show we are greeted by Commissioner J.Dawg to welcome the sell out crowd in Hastings but before he could even begin to speak Skarlett grabbed the microphone and demanded that Brother Drake came to the ring to confront his sister for his actions back at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5. Even getting their own father involved in the confrontation who found it hard to watch his family being torn apart right in front of him. J.Dawg interrupted and announced that he was tired of authority not being restored in EWW and sick of Skarlett thinking she can just do what the hell she likes each and every show. So he announced two shocks that involved the ‘bombshell from hell’, firstly in her lumberjack match with Brother Drake she would be putting her Women’s Title on the line, if she were to be defeated then the women’s title will be decommissioned and re named the cruiserweight championship! But that wasn’t all, to make matters worse, Skarlett would be entering the rumble match at no.1 and from now on, if she laid a hand on the commissioner, she would be FIRED on the spot!

EWW St. George’s Championship: Brother David (c) def. Flatliner

EWW Tag Tournament Semi-Final: Critical Mass def. Delightful Powers

As Critical Mass celebrated, the Freak Foundation appeared and took out the ankle of Titan, will he be 100% going into the final?

Inter-gender Rumble no.1 contender to St. George’s Title:

Featuring Skarlett, Lupo Lee, Amara, Deano Lock, Big Baz, SINders, Pandemonium, Lucha Len, Exodus, Deadly Nightshade, Affendra, Blitzkrieg, Lucha Dora and Flatliner. WINNER: Deano Lock

During the matchup, it looked as though Skarlett would last the whole rumble match and would go on to win until after eliminating a number of participants, out of nowhere Brother Drake (who wasn’t even in the rumble) eliminated her.

Brother Damien def. Alfie Essex

3 Way Street Fight: Exodus def. Jynx and SINders

Lumberjack match: Skarlett def: Brother Drake

EWW World Heavyweight Championship: Philip Bateman (c) def. The Bulk

EWW Tag Team Tournament FINAL: Critical Mass def. The Freak Foundation – EWW Tag Team Champions crowned!!!

Whilst the Mass and various EWW wrestlers celebrated in the ring, the Children of Eden came to ringside and Philip Bateman claimed that after beating all the other giants and mountains of EWW it was time for him and the ‘British Beast’ to collide and once again challenged the Dominator to a one on one encounter. Dominator accepted and announced the time would be Saturday July 9th, the place would be back at the Hastings Centre and the stipulation would be…A STEEL CAGE MATCH!!!

Family Values THE RUNDOWN

So over the past few weeks we’ve had match announcements for our next outing at the Hastings Centre on Saturday March 5th when EWW presents ‘Family Values’ so let’s take a look at the line up.

The first match announced is all about family values indeed when brother and sister face each other for the very first time. A first for EWW and I’m pretty sure it’s a first on the British circuit. We have Skarlett, reigning British Women’s Champion who is looking for sweet revenge as she clashes with the newest member of the Children of Eden, Brother Drake! There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide for Drake as he must face up to his actions and pay the consequences. Just to ensure that everything goes smoothly, the added stipulation to this match is a ‘Lumberjack’ match. Wrestler’s will be surrounding the ring, if one of the competitor’s in the match is thrown to the outside, than the lumberjacks see fit to do whatever they want. But just who will be on the outside? I’m sure Skarlett will bring her army to ringside but let’s not forget how easy it is to be brainwashed by the Heavyweight Champion, Philip Bateman. Maybe a new recruit? Perhaps somebody may step up to assist the ‘Bombshell from Hell’. Expect a war in this one ladies and gent’s.


Talking of Bateman, our second confirmed match for Family Values is for the big one as Philip Bateman once again defends the EWW World Heavyweight Championship but this will certainly be his toughest and biggest challenge to date as he takes on the returning 35+ stone pitbull, the Bulk! Bateman has managed to walk away with his hand raised still holding the belt on the past two occasions, can he make it a third time lucky? I’m not so sure this time around, despite all the backup he may have from the Children of Eden, there is nothing that will keep the Bulk down. He’s unstoppable and he’s proven that on many occasions in and outside of EWW. What a great way to make a return if he were to win the Heavyweight title in his first match back. After recently speaking with Bulk he’s very confident on walking out as the (super) heavyweight champion and the Children of Eden will come crushing down on Saturday March 5th!


Our third match confirmed has somewhat been described as a death wish among some. Although they didn’t just lose to the Hooligans at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5, the Delightful Powers took one hell of a beating. So the question on everybody’s mind is how on earth they got a ‘pass’ into the semi final match of the EWW Tag Team Championship tournament? Check out my recent interview with the Delightful Powers to find out! They may be feeling confident and excited to possibly go to the final, maybe they should re think about the situation as they’re opponents are none other than Critical Mass. Dominator and Titan are hungry and since beating Blazing Inferno they have their sights sets on those tag title’s. Will Delightful Powers become victim’s number 2 to the Mass? Or will they rise to the occasion and cause possibly the biggest upset in EWW history?


The ‘king of the extreme academy’ Alfie Essex makes his singles debut at Family Values and has already shown signs of stepping up to the mark as he battles another of the Children of Eden’s latest recruits, Brother Damien. No Flatliner in is corner, Essex is all alone on this one and I’m very confident that he’ll get the job done on this one and we could be looking at a potential show stealer here. Despite what you might say about Brother Damien, you cannot deny he’s a tremendous competitor and despite being the bigger man in this contest, he has a lot of speed behind him. Alfie will need to use a lot of his own speed going in to this one and out wrestler Brother Damien. If he can pick up the victory in this match, this could take him to even bigger heights in EWW. We’re all rooting for you Alfie!


after they’re recent clash got out of hand at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5, Jynx and Exodus will settle the score one more time at Family Values. If you thought their last encounter was a monster mash, well check this out. EWW management have also thrown the maniacal SINders into the mix with a stipulation added, a 3 WAY STREET FIGHT!!! We know SINders loves playing with weapons, just look at his victims in the past and Exodus has that mighty chain of his that has done lots of damage to many of his opponents all over the country. And I feel we could be seeing a more extreme side to Jynx come Saturday March 5th, although he has that mysterious cane of his that he likes to strike out at any moment but I have a feeling that maybe the silent assassin has been pushed way too far. Since suffering his first loss in EWW back in October, we could be looking at a more dangerous and deadly clown.


And we shall also see a EWW St. George’s Championship defence from Brother David as he is set to take on EWW legend, the one and only Flatliner! This contest doesn’t come as a surprise to me now once the match between Alfie Essex and Brother Damien was announced. Is this a set up from the Children of Eden to rid EWW of one of its biggest legends plus one of the most popular up and coming stars on the roster? I don’t believe for one second either that Flatliner will kneel to Brother David and join Eden either! Flatliner has the chance to make history here, since his debut all the way back in 1999 at EWW Scorched Earth, believe it or not but this is Flatliner’s very first singles match in the company. Could he pick up his fist ever EWW title, will Brother David find a way? Be sure to buy a ticket to Family Values to find out!


SURPRISE!!! We will crown our first EWW Tag Team Champions at Family Values as The Freak Foundation await their opponents. But who will it be Critical Mass or the Delightful Powers? One way to find out, get your arse down to the Hastings Centre!!!


I mentioned earlier of a St. George’s Title match, well on Saturday March 5th, we are going to crown a NEW number one contender! But this could change the scene of the championship completely as EWW holds it’s very first Intergender Classic Rumble match. Both male and female competitor’s involved which feature standouts from the Extreme Academy of Wrestling, some newcomers to the EWW scene plus Skarlett and Flatliner on double duty on the same night!!! This is going to be an interesting one people, watch very closely.


And that’s the full line up ladies and gentleman to EWW Family Values! Not many tickets are left so be sure to book now to avoid missing out on a very important night in EWW history. So much at stake here as Bateman goes in against his heaviest opponent to date for the World title, back at the last event he issued a challenge to the Dominator to which the British Beast accepted! But when? How? Is this another of Dominator’s mind games to intimidate the ‘Prophet’? Who will be the last monster standing in a 3 way street fight? Skarlett looks ready to gain revenge on her brother for crushing her dreams with the ring surrounded by the EWW roster! Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide its EWW vs. Eden and most important of all it’s all about FAMILY VALUES!!!

01/03/16 Jake Pugh Interviews The Delightful Powers:

Jake: I’m standing by with the Delightful Powers. Guys your debut back in October saw you take a very tough challenge in the form of the Hooligans so how have you recovered since then?

D.P’s: We are fully healed, it only took two weeks for Richy to be able to walk straight afterwards, so you lucky people don’t have to worry about Stan Powers and Richy D-Light missing any action due to injury.

Jake: So after losing to the hooligans it was revealed a few weeks ago that you got a ‘bye’ into the semi finals of the EWW tag title tournament, how did this come about?

D.P’s: To get the full story behind that, you will have to talk to somebody in the EWW office. We discovered that we had received the bye at the same time as the fans. We choose to believe it’s because the people running the show realise that you can’t have a tag team championship tournament without DP as a central part of it, and decided to give us a helping hand into the semi finals… Not that we needed it, we obviously could’ve gotten to the semis on our own, but we’re not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Jake: Well come March 5th you two are in for an even tougher challenge in the form of Critical Mass (dominator & titan) do you guys by any chance know what you’ve let yourselves in for?

D.P’s: We’ve faced and beaten big guys before none quite as big as these guys though but we have had a few run ins with the Dominator before on the circuit, but now we think we have a strategy figured out to secure a victory.

Jake: So say you somehow manage to beat Critical Mass and advance to the finals you could make history by becoming the first EWW Tag Team Champions, are you confident you could win?

D.P’s: We go into every match not just believing we can win the match, but knowing we can win it. It’s not our fault that stupid things like rules keep getting in our way and hinder us on our way to victory. EWW has clearly seen something special in the Delightful Powers, and who can blame them? DP are tag team championship material wherever we go, but now, we have the chance to become the first ever EWW tag team champions, and among such an Amazing tag division that would really prove just how brilliant we are. Delightful Powers…first ever EWW Tag Team Champions, we like the sound of that, it has a nice ring to it.

Jake: Ok thank you for your time, any final comments?

D.P’s: Delightful Powers, first ever EWW Tag team champions. It really does have a good ring to it. Make sure you get down to The Hastings centre on March 5th to see us take a step closer to making it happen. So be there, and bring your cameras, and your camcorders, your phones, your Nan’s phone and make sure you get a picture of this momentous occasion. Thanks for talking to us Jake, you’ve been great. And as always we have been delightful and you have been delighted.

07/02/2016: Jake Pugh Interviews The Bulk!

Jake: Ok folks it gives me great pleasure to introduce with me now, making his return to EWW after almost a decade, The Bulk! Bulk it’s great to see you, how does it feel to be back at EWW?

Bulk: Feels pretty rad to be back for EWW. Me and my bruv had some great matches and great laughs at EWW, after Dave retired through injury I was kind of in limbo and tried retirement myself which lasted about 8 months lol.
I’ve kept in the loop though, had a good 12 months with karn as the unnatural disasters and now I’m teaming with Jo FX as the new pitbulls, but I’ve always wanted to do a few more singles matches, so I thought EWW was the best place to come.

Jake: During your time with the company back in 2005/2006 you and your brother dominated the tag scene when EWW performed in a nightclub of approximately up to 150/200 people, so knowing you’ll be entering the Hastings Centre on March 5th of a crowd close to 1000 how does that make you feel?

Bulk: Those shows were great! Crazy crowd (remember the PORK chants?)And our locker room was a bar, what more do you want? I’ve worked crowds from 10 to 10,000 but as long as they are loud and into it then bulk is a happy man!

Jake: You are certainly no stranger to EWW legends such as The Dominator and Flatliner, it must feel like a big welcome home for you?

Bulk: I’ve been seeing a little bit of flatliner lately working for allstar,but I’ve not hooked up with Dom for ages so it’s gonna be great being together at the show. Might even bring big Dave down too, watch out locker room lol

Jake: Ok talking of EWW legends, let’s get down to business, your return match is for the EWW World Heavyweight Championship, it’s you and somebody else you’ve known for quite a long time, Philip Bateman somebody who has changed as an individual while you’ve been away, what are your thoughts on Bateman and this upcoming match?

Bulk: I wrestled Bateman a lot back in the ukp vs. new breed days, we had great matches, some of my favourite actually.
Looks like the dude has lost his mind a bit now though, so I’ll look forward to knocking some sense into him!

Jake: Describe what it would mean to you to win the world heavyweight title?

Bulk: It would be awesome to hold the EWW title, so much history there; I think the belt would need to be extended though.

Jake: Thanks very much for your time Bulk, any final words to the EWW fans?

Bulk: No probs, I’m looking forward to the show at Hastings, let’s smash the fucking place to bits!!!

Points of Pugh: BULK IS BACK!!!

Saturday March 5th 2016 EWW welcomes home after 10 long years, the pitbull, considered the greatest super heavyweight in Britain and all over Europe, 35 stone of pure dominance… THE BULK!

Bulk 1

Those of you that remember, Bulk was one half of the most dominant tag team in British wrestling history, The UK Pitbulls along with his brother Big Dave. Together they travelled the world winning nearly every tag team championship in almost every federation in the United Kingdom at the time. Both made their EWW debuts at Unified in September 2004 and were an immediate hit with the fans. Some memorable moments include the infamous handicap match against then co -owner Chris O’Regan where they left him with broken ribs or at Requiem in April 2006 when they joined the Dominator’s team of Freak Foundations to beat Joe Legend’s team in a 4 on 4 survival match!


As the years went by Bulk’s brother pursued a career in strongman contests and Bulk took a break from the ring, interestingly enough focused on another passion of his, music and still continues to perform with his band to this day!

But the 35+ stone pitbull was hungry to get back inside the squared circle and vowed he would return to the ring and raise more hell than he’s ever raised in his life! And what better way than to return to the company where many idolise him as a EWW legend and others consider the land of extreme a home. So the date was set and Bulk signed on the dotted line and officially after a decade of absence returns to Extreme World Wrestling at Family Values on Saturday March 5th! And what better way to make a returning impact than by challenging for the EWW World Heavyweight Championship!

Now despite the actions of Philip Bateman time after time, we cannot deny that he is willing to put his title on the line each and every event and could go down in history as one of the greatest EWW champions of all time. Eden Rising he pinned Titan’s shoulders to the mat, Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5 he defeated Skarlett but all with the assistance of members from the Children of Eden. However at Family Values I feel that Brother David, Brother Damien and now Brother Drake will not be enough! Even if they grow more numbers by time the event comes around they will not take this giant down! Bateman is a very experienced warrior but can he truly handle the kind of punishment that may await him on the night of March 5th? I guarantee that once Bulk hits that “bulkaroller” finisher and crushes Bateman in two, we will be looking at the new World (super) Heavyweight Champion! Many enemies of the Children of Eden will be watching fairly closely I’m sure and will no doubt have Bulk’s back on this one should Bateman’s children show their faces during the matchup but I personally think Bulk won’t need any backup on this one, despite how many are in Bateman’s army. Bulk is a one man wrecking machine and Bateman’s championship reign is in serious jeopardy. Witness history on Saturday March 5th ladies and gentleman, book your tickets now and welcome the return of an EWW legend and a night where it’s all about Family Values, if you don’t …BULK’S GONNA EAT YA!!!



Points of Pugh: Looking back.

I hope everybody had a very merry Christmas and I’m sure you’ll have a happy new year. We are in fact only 3 months away from EWW’s first show of 2016 to be held in March at the Hastings Centre and I can assure you after all that went down this past year, 2016 looks set to be the biggest year in the history of Extreme World Wrestling.

2015 saw two of EWW’s most beloved betray family, friends and fans alike by siding with the devil himself, Philip Bateman and joining the Children of Eden. Brother David and now Skarlett’s little brother Drake! Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5 saw history coming close to being made as Skarlett was set on becoming the first ever female to win the EWW championship. A magnificent display which will certainly go down as match of the year was followed by Drake turning on Skarlett, donning the Eden crest on his shirt and Bateman retaining the Heavyweight Title. Titan did all he could to rid Bateman at Eden Rising in May but unfortunately couldn’t get the job done. Skarlett was the same so who in god’s name can be the one to save the day and destroy this cancer that is the Children of Eden? The British Beast…THE DOMINATOR!!! Bateman laid out the challenge to the Dominator at the end of the last event to which the Beast accepted, vowing to end Bateman’s career. The date has not yet been set for this historic showdown between these two EWW legends but I can assure you that when both individuals have signed the contract, we are looking at one of the most anticipated matches in Extreme World Wrestling history!

But with members Brother David, Brother Drake as well as Brother Damien, the Children of Eden are stronger than ever! The chilling question is…whose next?

Speaking of the Dominator, 2016 didn’t start out that great when he was screwed out of a victory from SINders at Eden Rising however October saw the formation of what could be the most brutal tag team in the history of the company…CRITICAL MASS!!!

Dominator and Titan marched their way to the ring and defeated both SINders and another individual who’s been impressing staff and fans around the country, Danny Blayze! Critical Mass are now through to the semi finals of the EWW Tag Team Championship tournament, the Freak Foundation have already scored their place in the final by beating Flatliner and Alfie Essex but who will join them in the final? Critical Mass? Or perhaps the Hooligans who also made a huge debut back in October, maybe a tag team that we are not yet aware of! It’s been a long time coming for EWW to crown its first tag team champions and in 2016 we are finally going to see it happen so keep your eyes peeled!

Commissioner J.Dawg once again failed in plotting to rid EWW of the British Women’s Championship. Although Skarlett has had her hands full this year with a win over Jynx and a huge match with Philip Bateman, the commish’ feels she is once again dodging opponents that eyeing up a shot at the Women’s Championship. Skarlett did make quick work of her former student Jezabeth back at Eden Rising but what is next for the title? Skarlett will certainly be out for her brother’s blood by next year but while all these personal issues are going on this could be a distraction towards he in preparing for opponents coming for her belt, is that what J.Dawg wants? Maybe so…there could be a trap…

Talking of Jynx, he and Exodus went to war recently but got so out of control the referee disqualified both monsters! That wasn’t enough though to keep the former stable mates apart and the capacity crowd were eager to see them go at it more! This rivalry is certainly far from over!

Congratulations are in order to Alfie Essex who is now King of the Extreme Academy after defeating all the other graduates in a gauntlet match, what a year it’s been for the popular youngster, so where does this take him in 2016? Could the king step and perhaps challenge Brother David for the EWW St. George’s Championship? Perhaps we could see him go for a few more victories along with Flatliner in the tag team division. They may be out the tournament but I’m sure they’ll be keen to challenge the champions once they are crowned!

I hope you all enjoyed this year, I know I certainly did. And while you’re at it, head over to our Facebook page ( EWW Pro Wrestling) and count your vote in the end of year awards. See you all soon EWW fans, 2016 shall belong to us and us only!!! The Innovators will be back!!!

Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5 Results
EWW St. George’s Championship match:
Brother David def. Drake to win the St George’s Championship!
The Hooligans def. Delightful Powers
eww ibs 5 (193) 2
Alfie Essex def. Deadly Nightshade, Blitzkrieg, Lupo, Deano Lock and Lucha Len to become King of the Extreme Academy of Wrestling. 
eww ibs 5 (331) 2
1st Round EWW Tag Team Championship Tournament match:
Critical Mass (Dominator and Titan K) def. Blazing Inferno (SINders and Danny Blaze)
Exodus vs. Jynx resulted in a Double DQ!
eww ibs 5 (486) 2
Semi final EWW Tag Team Championship Tournament match:
The Freak Foundation (Deadly Nightshade and Blitzkrieg) def. Alfie Essex and Flatliner
EWW World Heavyweight Championship match:
Philip Bateman def. Skarlet
eww ibs 5 (639) 2eww ibs 5 (641) 2
eww ibs 5 (732) 3
Photos used under copy write of Peter Mould of and Del Soane.
Points of Pugh: Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5- The Rundown!
We are literally just days away from the biggest event of the year! Our Halloween spectacular Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5 on Saturday October 10th 2015 at the Hastings Centre and as always here at EWW we bring you a presentation that is must see and cannot miss, so let’s get straight on with the rundown.
By the end of the night we shall crown our very first King of the Academy as the graduates do battle in a gauntlet match which features the Freak Foundation (Deadly Nightshade and Blitzkrieg) Alfie Essex, Lucha Len, Deano Lock and Lupo. We’ve seen many gauntlets that feature some of the combatants in this matchup, however this has a huge prize at stake as the winner will be knighted as the king of the extreme academy of wrestling. Rivalries shall be tested once again, friend or foe there can only be one survivor!
That’s not the only match that involves 3 of the extremists in the above as the Freak Foundation shall do battle with Alfie Essex again, but this time it is a semi final match in the EWW Tag Team Championship tournament. Flatliner will partner up with Essex and both are the odds on favourite to win the whole tournament. Can the speed and power of the Reem Team advance them to the finals or will the sick and twisted Nightshade unleash the machine on a path of destruction? Find out this Saturday night!
Brother David goes one on one with his former Team Extreme team mate, Drake! The prince of punk has been on an incredible role since winning the St. George’s Championship over a year ago now and the formerly AWOL has yet to win a match. Now born again and given a new identity, can Brother David bring the belt to the Children of Eden or will he be just another victim added to Drakes defeated challengers list? This is going to be a cracking match!
Prepare for the ultimate monster mash as former friends have a score to settle! Jynx blames Exodus for his first defeat in EWW and is out for revenge. Will the silent assassin unleash a beating like no other? Will he be the first to destroy the 7ft monster? Or will his terrifying jester face walk right in to a big boot and suffer his second loss in a row.
Another first round match in the EWW Tag Team Championship tournament that features Wild Inferno (SINders and Danny Blaze) taking on the newly formed duo of Critical Mass (Dominator and Titan). There’s certainly some un finished business between Dominator and SINders after the controversial victory back at Eden Rising and you can rest assured the Dominator hasn’t forgotten. Titan came so close to capturing the Heavyweight Title from Philip Bateman last time and now sets his sights on a new journey by becoming one half of the tag team champions. Will they make it to the next round? Will SINders pin the Dominator again? Maybe we’ll see a pose off from Danny Blaze and Titan. Be certain of one thing though and that’s all hell will break loose in this one.
And of course the big one, the leader of the Children of Eden and reigning EWW World Heavyweight Champion Philip Bateman vs. the Bombshell from Hell Skarlett! Skarlett has the chance to do the unthinkable, perhaps make history by becoming the first female World Heavyweight Champion! Her track record of victories over males in the past is incredible and she has defeated Bateman before. But this time, nobody is going inside a casket and I think we can agree that both individuals have changed a lot since then. More stronger, more powerful both physically and mentally but lets not forget, Brother David could be on the loose, as well as any other followers that Bateman may have secretly recruited. But I’m sure Critical Mass and Drake will be on hand to make sure this stays a fair fight and we all want to see a fair winner!
So there you have it folks, the full line up and there are still some tickets lets so book now to avoid disappointment. In the near 20 year history of EWW, this is the most important show to date, get in your car, jump on a train, jog, swim, fly if you have to! Witness the ultimate battle between good and evil in the main event, one man who’s destiny is to wipe out those who he feels are weak within EWW. The other, the hometown girl who is fearless, who has made history before and is determined to make it happen again!
I shall now raise my glass and propose a toast. Saturday October 10th, here is to five years of fear!
Points of Pugh with The Prince of Punk Drake 28/09/15
Jake Pugh: So Drake, what a year! It’s been nearly two years since you first won the EWW St George’s Championship surely you must be feeling on top of the world?……..
Drake: Yeah dude wouldn’t anyone? To be honest top of the world doesn’t even come close! I’ve come from the little runt punk kid to being a champion. I’ve fought off monsters and cocky show offs to stay at the top and that’s a place I never thought I would be
.Jake: Having watched you grow as both a wrestler and a person Drake, you are without a doubt one of the most popular athletes on the EWW roster, so since winning that belt back at Survival of the Sickest has that changed anything about you at all?………..
Drake: Two years is a long time Jake, of course things have changed. I’m having to constantly look over my shoulder to make sure I’m not on a hit list of a jealous person that wants a shot at my title. All I say to them is bring it on! I aint scared of you no more. But really the main thing that has changed is the bond with my sister Skarlett. We have become closer then ever and I know nothing can come between us. We’re both champions, that’s something not only we’re both proud of but our family is extremely proud to see. Jake: You’ve had two very successful victories over Exodus and Danny Blaze but come Invasion of the Bodyslammers V, you face somebody who you considered your best friend once upon a time, Brother David. Surely this cannot be easy for you, you both trained together at the Extreme Academy of Wrestling coming up through the ranks together, what are your thoughts on this particular match?…….
Drake: Ahh god man where do I start with this one…. No it’s not easy, Awol was MY brother. One of the guys I could turn to in times of need, a friend I could laugh and joke with and he’s turned his back on us. You expect me to call you “brother” David? Get bent! You’ll never be a bother of mine again and on October 10th at the Hastings centre when I’m looking you dead in the eyes from across that ring I’ll prove that!Jake: I have to ask as well Drake, your sister faces her greatest challenge to date, has it sunk in that by the end of the night she could be walking out of the Hastings Centre the EWW World Heavyweight Champion?……..
Drake: I don’t think it will sink in until I see her with the belt on her shoulder when we walk out of the Hastings center together. Even then I don’t think it will sink in fully. I’ve seen the struggle and hard training that she put n for this match. This is her opitunity of a life time and I’m going to be with her every step of the way from the time she walks out of the curtain to the end when she’s crowned the new EWW Word Heavyweight Champion and we walk back to the locker room.Jake: I have every faith in you Drake to keep the title away from the Children of Eden but Bateman has stated that there will be a surprise on October 10th, not that I’m accusing you sir, I just don’t want to see you fall in the same trap as AWOL did, but you are watching your back aren’t you?……..
Drake: Do you really need to ask that Jake? C’mon? Give me more respect then that! I would never turn my back on anyone. My sister has helped me get to where I am today. Blood is thicker then water Jake and that all I’ve got to say on it.Jake: Okay Drake thank you for joining me any final comments for your home town fans?
Drake: I just hope you keep believing in me. You guys keep me going and I hope you can see in me that the little punks can make it and don’t always get pushed back in life. Thank you Hastings!!
Points of Pugh with Alfie Essex 21/09/15
Jake Pugh: People I have the pleasure of being joined by one of the most popular up and comers on the EWW scene, Alfie Essex! Thanks for your time Alfie it’s been one hell of a year for you, well since your debut in fact, you are certainly one of the most loved individuals on the EWW roster and come October 10th if you and Flatliner win you could be going to the finals of the EWW Tag Team Championship tournament! What’s been going through your head?
Alfie Essex: Hi Jake, I made my debut on this very event two years ago at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 3. Going into this match against The Freak Foundation, I’m feeling super excited! I’ve stepped into the ring with both Deadly Nightshade and Blitzkrieg before, they’re indeed a deadly combination but I’m confident myself and my good friend Flatliner will get the job done and progress to next round. Just the very prospect of becoming one half of the very first EWW Tag Team champions makes my mouth water.
Jake: You and Flatliner certainly are a great combination together, how has it been teaming with such a legend, a man who has been a part of EWW for so many years?
Alfie: Flatliner is exactly that, a Legend. We have great chemistry inside and outside of the ring and that’s shown in our last few matches together. Teaming up with a veteran like Flatliner has made me really grow up inside the ring, it’s such a huge advantage having that kind of knowledge and experience in my corner. I truly believe our tag team game is now too much for other teams out there to handle.
Jake: Your opponents at Invasion of the Bodyslammers V are none other than the Freak Foundation (Blitzkrieg and Deadly Nightshade) now I know you have had history with these two that goes way back to your training days in the Extreme Academy of Wrestling and as much as I’m pleased to see you and Flatliner go up against these two, I have to admit I am slightly concerned after the beating Blitzkrieg dished out on his opponents at the last show and Deadly Nightshade is just…well..Deadly Nightshade ha! How are you preparing for this match both mentally and physically?
Alfie: As I’ve said I’ve fought both of these guys individually but never as a team. What they did on the last show back in May I admit scared the crap out of me. They’re a force to be reckoned with. Blitzkrieg is strong and Nightshade is smart and conniving. In preparation I’ve been in the gym every day, training hard at the extreme academy of wrestling and doing all the research I can on these two guys.
Jake: Also on the bill we have a tag title first round match that pits Wild Inferno (Danny Blaze and SINders) against Critical Mass (Dominator and Titan) now Alfie you have never been in the ring with any of these men and all incredible athletes, should you and Flatliner pick up the victory, who would you personally like to face next if you had to chose out of those two teams?
Alfie: I thought this was a no brainer however going toe to toe with my mentor the British Beast, The Dominator and Titan would definitely be on my bucket list. But as far as progressing to a final or even winning those Tag Team titles I’d opt for Wild Inferno, neither an easy match but that would be my choice.
Jake: Now Alfie, your not only involved in one match, but also another, as you, both your opponents and others are taking part in a gauntlet to be crowned King of the Academy, now after being involved in many in the past, this has a huge prize waiting at the end, how would it feel to you to be crowned as the King of the Extreme Academy of Wrestling?
Alfie: Jake, it would be the ultimate prize for all the work I’ve put into the Academy since joining. Becoming King of the Academy would show the EWW fans that Alfie Essex is on the rise. That I’m no longer a rookie, no longer a trainee in the Academy but a rising EWW superstar. It would prove that I have what it takes to mix it with those other top names here in EWW. It’s been said that I’m a throwaway superstar and that I wouldn’t last 5mins in an EWW Wrestling ring, well winning this match would show those people that Alfie Essex is here to stay and I’m hungry for success. I’ll prove to everyone that winning this and becoming king is a statement for all of those doubters that I am the one to beat!
Jake: Alfie Essex thank you for joining me, any final comments for the Hastings crowd as well as your opponents?
Alfie: The Hastings crowds are the best! I’m overwhelmed by their continued support. When the crowd cheer my name ‘Alfie, Alfie’ it gets me so pumped! Keep believing in Alfie Essex and I’ll do my best to bring those tag team titles home. The only way is Essex baby!
Points of Pugh with The Magnums. 14/09/15
Jake Pugh: Joining me now are one of the two tag teams making their EWW debuts at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5, The Magnums! Ok guys please tell the EWW audience a little bit about yourselves please
The Magnums: We are the sleaziest, dirtiest and filthiest tag team in the U.K, Europe and probably the world. We are two failed porn stars from the 80s. We like the women and the women like us…..the dudes can do one!
‘Filthy’ Chris Walker and ‘Dirty’ Dick Riley have been travelling together (as friends) wrestling the best tag teams out there, winning championships and getting paid a lot of money at the same time.
Jake: So after travelling up and down the country winning various titles and beating some of the best tag teams on the UK scene, what’s brought you here to EWW?
Magnums: we came here because of the money! We also heard that there are a lot of milfs down south, so we have come to investigate, because let me tell you, we love going down south.
Jake: Your opponents on October 10th are none other than the Hooligans, one of the hardest hitting tag teams in the country, how prepared are you both for this match?
Magnums: We have prepared the same way we prepare for all our matches. We went out and got hammered, stumbled into the home of a nurse and got a personal massage.
Jake: We at EWW are in the processes of a tag team championship tournament, although your match is a traditional tag contest, should you defeat the Hooligans, is that the next step for the Magnums?
Magnums: I would hope that if and when we beat the hooligans the EWW management do not make us wrestle another match, instead they just hand the titles over to us.
Jake: Ok guy’s thank you for your time, any final words to the EWW fans?
Magnums: Follow us on facebook ( and twitter (@The_Magnums69) and our website (, if you’re a beautiful lady in the age range of 18-90 then send us your number!
Points of Pugh with Philip Bateman.  All you have to do is join us. 07/09/15
Jake Pugh: Joining me now is the current reigning EWW Heavyweight Champion, Philip Bateman! Mr. Bateman before we talk about your match at Invasion of the Bodyslammers V firstly you successfully defended your championship against Titan at Eden Rising but it’s what happened after that surprised us all, you turned AWOL against everybody! His family, his friends, his hometown people in Hastings, now answering to the identity of Brother David, I must ask you sir, why AWOL?
Philip Bateman: Perhaps you should ask David. I do not speak of the destination of Eden, I can only shine a light to the path that the children must follow.
David has suffered much loss and disappointment whilst being a member of Team EWW. He clutched his fans, his team mates and even his family so tightly. But, ultimately, what did that do for him? What happiness did it truly give him? You saw on the show that the fans turned from him and left him with bitterness and anger. Now he is truly at peace. He has found his calling and the real family he needed for happiness.
Jake: So now you have Brother David standing by your side I expect that you may have another trick up your sleeve on the night of October 10th?
Bateman: There are no tricks within the teaching of Eden. Tricks are poor magic for a rundown sideshow. The order of Eden offers True Magic. And as more wrestlers and fans turn from EWW to Eden you will all witness to what extent the power of the truth has.
Jake: One question I have yet to ask you Mr. Bateman is come October it would have marked a year since winning the gold in that fatal four way match, for someone who has been in EWW from the very beginning, you were of course the very first St. George’s Champion way back in 2007 how much does the EWW World Heavyweight Title belt mean to you?
Bateman: You always mention my followers, but I also have had to find the way. Even though I had success as The Playboy I wasn’t complete. The teachings of Eden have shown me true Glory. When I was able to capture the EWW Heavyweight Title this just reflected to me that I had found the right path in my life. Everyone reading this should honestly look at my example and the challenges I face. So many are lining up to take this title from me, to decry the words I speak as menacingly diatribe. Yet here I am, still EWW champion, with more children than ever and my words ringing ever louder.
Jake: If you don’t mind me bringing this up, it seems very clear that you still have some un finished business with The Dominator. Ever since he went back to Skarlett for the only reason being is you and Death Row took your actions way too far, why can’t you just let it go? Why interfere in his match last year with Rage? Why do you still feel the need to get involved in his business whenever you see fit?
Bateman: Dominator has been there from the beginning. I was so proud of him and what he had achieved. Death Row was a great creation and I thought he would lead us all to glory. But he lost his nerve for what was needed to truly lead.
Sometimes even the greatest must wallow in the muck and mire to ultimately rise above the sins of the world. He said I had gone too far, but as I prove now I hadn’t gone far enough. I will bring the whole of EWW down, reduce it to rubble so we can rebuild it all in the image of Eden. Dominator’s day will come. He will see the light and the truth. And he will kneel. One way or another, he will kneel.
Jake: Moving on to your match at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5, it’s you vs. Skarlett, somebody no doubt you have so much history with. The very first encounter you two had was a casket match, she picked up the victory although let’s not forget, I can’t seem to remember the last time you were pinned or tapped out in a EWW ring. Will lightning strike twice Mr. Bateman? I mean, we never expected Jynx to ever get beat and who did it? Skarlett! This has to be one of the biggest matches of your career?
Bateman: Skarlett has already mentioned that I took her to another place when she fought me. I was teaching her lessons even then. Now she believes she can defeat me for the greatest prize in EWW?
I’m not the same man I was, and now I must teach her another lesson. And this lesson could be the last she needs to learn in a wrestling ring. I’m disgusted that EWW would sacrifice their Queen to me because as much as I respect what she has achieved this will not end well for her.
I expect her to bring her very very best and I’ll bring mine. I will suffer the agony and her wrath because ultimately Eden is truth, love and victory.
The wondrous flame haired warrior she is, what she could have become if she’d only have declared subservience to myself and Eden. She is my greatest disappointment. And I will demonstrate how disappointed I am in her on October 10th!
Jake: Thank you sir, any final comments?
Bateman: When I fought Titan the fans cheered so loud at the beginning for him. They were so quick to mock me and Eden. Yet at the end they had gone so quiet. Do you know why? Because when a animal realizes it has met it’s better it goes still. It accepts the inevitable. That is what happened to the 1000 fans in Hastings last time. But the end they could all see no matter how much they cheered and how much Titan struggled they had to accept that Eden is the better way.
So I want Skarlett to come to the ring on October 10th and bring everything she has. And the fans to cheer her name and invest all their dreams and hopes into her. Because in the end, they will quieten and she will be still and accept her fate.
If anyone reading this could save themselves anymore pain and struggle. The answer is very simple. All you have to do is join us.
Points of Pugh with Skarlett.  Times, they are A- changing. 31/08/15
Jake Pugh: At this time ladies and gent’s I have an exclusive interview with the reigning EWW British Women’s Champion, Skarlett! Thanks for joining me Skarlett I know you have a lot on your hands right now so let’s get right to it, Invasion of the Bodyslammers V you face the biggest challenge of your entire career, it’s you facing Philip Bateman once again however you could be walking out the EWW World Heavyweight Champion, has that actually sunk in yet?…….
Skarlett: Until that belt is in my hands Jake it won’t sink in I don’t think. The last 5-6 years of my career I have spent blazing a trail across British wrestling like no woman ever has. This October finally sees the fruit of that labour finally ripe and ready to pick. I can almost touch it with my finger tips. I intended to make history at EWW, I was added to the roster because management saw that potential in me. The thing was we didn’t know exactly where that potential and drive would lead me to.
Bateman cannot and will not stop me, this is my legacy. I will be the one who changes the game forever. I will be the one who did what no woman before her ever could. I will become EWW world champion.
Jake: Well this is certainly something that has never ever been done before and obviously, being the EWW Women’s Champion there’s going to be people raising some concern of this match for certain reasons, what message do you have the doubters out there?
Skarlett: Doubters? You mean the doubters who said I couldn’t become the first ever EWW women’s champion? The doubters that said I couldn’t hold onto that title and defend it all over Europe successfully for 3 years? 3 years undefeated. That’s an incredible record. 
I suppose these doubters are also the ones who said I couldn’t beat exodus, rage, chuck Cyrus to name but a few … But I did. I also silenced the Doubters when I beat my own husband the Dominator, when I shut Philip Bateman in a casket and when I was the one who finally pinned Jynx.
And where were these doubters when I lead Team extreme through a war? When I saved the women’s division? They are standing at the merch table with everyone else Jake because that’s what I do.
I prove the doubters WRONG.
Jake: Now of course as I mentioned earlier this will not be the first time you have gone one on one with the leader of the ‘Children of Eden’ so although the difference being, you cash in on your golden contract for a shot at his championship, how will this be differently mentally for you?
Skarlett: A lot has changed since The LadyKiller and I first faced off in that casket match. It was a long time ago. It would be ignorance to say that Philip Bateman hasn’t changed, evolved even. 
It would be more ignorant to say that Skarlett hasn’t either.
You see Jake that Casket match lit something in me that I never knew was there. Bateman pushed me past my limits to a place I never knew existed in me. Such fire and strength, desire to win racing through my veins with every heartbeat.
Bateman hurt me worse than anyone ever had. I was on the injured list for months after that match, yet in the moment? I didn’t care about the pain. I could take it. I could take it and use it to push me harder, I could take it and use it against him.
Jake, it may shock you to hear this. I have a respect for Bateman that he couldn’t understand. In a way it’s because of him that I am the warrior I am now. If it wasn’t for Bateman and death row I wouldn’t have had to find out how far I could be pushed and how much I could take.
I would never have become The Bombshell from hell.
Back then if you asked me if I could capture the world title from his waist I would have said no.
If you ask me now? I’ll say … WATCH ME
Jake: Speaking of preparing mentally, I must also congratulate you on one of your biggest victories to date, you became ‘THE ONE’ to beat Jynx, your greatest fear and to be honest Skarlett after the first encounter in 2013 between you two I didn’t think you could do it, tell us how you felt when you walked back through the curtain?
Skarlett: I’m disappointed that you have such little faith in someone you have seen bounce back stronger and stronger each time Jake … But like I said earlier, I prove my doubters wrong. 
When I stepped through the curtain my heartbeat was in my throat and my ears were ringing. Not with the Crowds screaming but blood rushing in my ears.
When I stepped foot in the ring with jynx again, it all came flooding back. The kicking I got in 2013 that ultimately lost me the women’s title.
Then it hit me. Looking out at the faces of the crowd, my friends, my fans, my family all there none of them seemed apprehensive or afraid. In fact my dad who was at the show just nodded at me slowly. Maybe in a way it reassured me in that way he did when he used to check on Drake and my closet for monsters when we were small children.
It reminded me that monsters only have the fear over you that you allow them to have. It reminded me that Jynx had broken me once. Nothing he could do this time could be worse than what I already come back from.
I was stronger now and I’m not a little girl that’s afraid of clowns anymore!
Jake: One subject we have yet to touch on actually is your past friendship with our commissioner J.Dawg, it just seems that every opportunity he seizes to screw you over, he will try and do so! I mean we don’t even have an explanation from the man! On more than one occasion he has tried to rid you of being the EWW Women’s Champion! Just out of the blue as you were preparing for Jynx you were defending the belt against a former trainee of yours, Jezabeth so the question is Skarlett are you ready for a backup plan should J.Dawg try this out again?
Skarlett: I don’t know what’s going on in his head anymore and honestly I don’t care. He’s got a warped vendetta against me for some reason. 
I’ve gone from leader of his army to most hated enemy with no explanation.
Hopefully when I punched him in the face and knocked him out it rebooted and fixed the malfunction in his brain, because he has to see sending my students like Jezabeth, to take me out is only going to end up in bruised and battered students right?
Jake: One more thing I would like to ask you, should you make Bateman tap, should you pin his shoulders to the mat, in front of a capacity crowd of 1000 in your hometown and become the NEW EWW World Heavyweight Champion, what’s next for Skarlett?
Skarlett: I don’t dare to think past October 10th. Bateman is a tough opponent and I must remain focused on not only the momentum task at hand but also what it could mean to achieve it. As I’ve said before, every day, every battle has been a step that has lead me to this point. I am stronger, more resilient, more prepared and better focused than ever. Becoming World Champion would change my life, change EWW and change WRESTLING.
Like Bob Dylan once sang Jake …Times, they are A- changing.
Points of Pugh: 24/08/15EWW News: First off direct from EWW HQ. EWW St. George’s Champion Drake will put his belt on the line against the newest member of the Children of Eden, Brother David! Formerly AWOL, now Brother David, just out of the blue he has managed to worm his way into a title match with the ‘Prince of Punk’. Drake has been on a very impressive streak since winning the gold and Brother David has actually yet to win a match in EWW! But that could all change on the night of October 10th! Will Eden play a part in the match? Drake’s sister Skarlett is in for the biggest match of her career on the very same night, maybe he will have to go it alone, be sure to book your ticket’s now ladies and gentlemen; we’re in for a very interesting evening!11241933_10153619893514214_7940236605543406973_nUp next, our Halloween spectacular has just got even spookier as for the very first time in EWW history we will see former tag team partners Jynx and Exodus face off! Exodus came to the aid of Skarlett after her brutal encounter with the evil jester at Eden Rising, you can be certain that the silent assassin will be looking for revenge on October 10t. All hell will break loose in this one folks, Could we perhaps see fear for the first time in Exodus when he squares off with his former Death Row ally? Or will Jynx gain his second EWW defeat at the hands of the giant? Prepare for the ultimate monster mash!11903962_10153624616929214_7214130132068772349_nThe year of the tag teams.Wow! That’s all I can say at the moment to be honest, two HUGE tag team matches announced for our big super show Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5.
Firstly we at EWW are proud to present two of some of the best tag teams on the British circuit that’ll be making their EWW debuts.
We have the Magnums, the combination of ‘Filthy’ Chris Walker and ‘Dirty’ Dick Riley both men have travelled up and down the country beating some of the very best teams this country has to offer, winning championships although mostly resulting in very questionable circumstances. Yes they are cocky, they are arrogant but whether you like them or not, they always get the job done but on the night of October 10th, if they think that they are in for an easy ride then they certainly have another thing coming.
Their opponents are none other than the UK Hooligans! Roy and Zak Knight, the son’s of British legend and former EWW St. George’s Champion ‘Rowdy’ Ricky Knight, the two brothers have travelled the world leaving their mark wherever they please and I can assure you that having seen the Hooligans a few times myself, they hit hard! They will hurt you I’d even go as far as saying destroy you. Believe me, they can certainly perform technical wrestling when the time comes but fighting has always been their lifestyle. Certainly very popular in their hometown of Norwich and I’m sure the good people of Hastings will give them a great EWW welcome. I wouldn’t like to say personally on who I’d like to see win. The odds go to the Hooligans due to power and strength but the Magnums will pull out a victory in any way they can but be certain of one thing people, we are definitely in for a show stealing match.11866367_10153600599444214_704388695159124453_nNow we move on to our second tag match of the evening. We can officially confirm that this is another 1st round match in the EWW Tag Team Championship tournament! We shall pit the Critical Mass duo of Dominator and Titan against the tag team of SINders and Danny Blaze, Wild Inferno! There is certainly some unfinished business between the Dominator and SINders after that controversial victory back at Eden Rising, mainly due to the referee’s fast count (who represented Eden let’s not forget) Now the ‘British Beast’ has a chance to get some revenge on the maniacal mad man. As for Titan K, unfortunately he came up short in his World Heavyweight Title clash with Philip Bateman however he now seeks a new journey in gunning for the tag belts and what better partner than a fellow monster, a giant of a man, an EWW legend, somebody who taught him everything he knows, The Dominator. Danny Blaze was unlucky in taking the St. George’s Championship from Drake back in May, but he also realises what is at stake.  Where there is a negative, turn into a positive. But rather than pick a friend or somebody who shares the same technicality and high flying skills that he does, Danny chose to search the dark, mysterious route to find a creature so powerful, so disturbing, you never know what he may do next, and he dared to choose SINders! So the question remains, although they could make an awesome team together, can they actually co operate? Two different people with different mind sets and personalities, I just hope they all know what they’ve let themselves in for.11139346_10153616773489214_8390275003465486936_nI’ve said it before but it’s been so long overdue for EWW to crown its first ever Tag Team Champions and we already have Alfie Essex and Flatliner threw to the next round. I’m sure they’ll be paying very close attention to Wild Inferno vs Critical Mass. Although the Magnums against the UK Hooligans is a traditional tag contest, that doesn’t mean that either team could be entered into the tournament somewhere down the line or even challenege the champions themselves in the future once they are crowned. Book your tickets now everybody, this just keeps getting better, what a year it’s been so far for many different reasons but I honestly feel that this year is the year of the tag teams!Points of Pugh: 5 years of Fear
Well well well people! We are finally on the road to the biggest event in the EWW calendar, Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5!
History has been made once under this spectacular name now Extreme World Wrestling plans on delivering once again so be sure to get your tickets now folks! We already have our big main event announced as for the first time ever a female shall challenge for the most prestigious prize in British wrestling, the EWW World Heavyweight Championship as the leader of the Children of Eden, Philip Bateman goes up against Golden Contract winner and EWW British Women’s Champion, Skarlett!Just imagine it folks, if the Bombshell from Hell scored a pinfall over the champion and won the belt, never once has an individual held two EWW belts at the very same time. Well it may just happen on the night of October 10th. Bateman won the gold at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4, could it all come to end? Maybe Skarlett is our only hope to rid the Children of Eden before all hell breaks loose, this is certainly one not to miss, so strap yourself in for this one, business will pick up!But oh no that’s not all remember the opening contest at Eden Rising? We are finally introducing EWW Tag Team Championships! Alfie Essex and Flatliner are already through in the title tournament and come Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5, we shall be introducing more teams that are keen and hungry for gold! Who are they? Stay tuned in the coming weeks to find out! And speaking of tag teams, we know that for the first time ever in EWW history the gigantic duo of Dominator and Titan will team up for the very first time to assist Skarlett in wiping out the Children of Eden as they are coming to get AWOL…the soldier of Eden, the traitor, the Judas! Turning his back on his friends, his family and the hometown crowd of Hastings to reveal a darker, stronger personality. Will that be unleashed in October? Who will be next to join Eden? Whoever they are will feel the wrath of Critical Mass!
I’ll tell you another thing and that is on the night of Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5, one gentleman I aim to stay away from and advise others to do the same would the deadly jester, Jynx as I can assure you, after tasting defeat for the first time in EWW and from the actions of Exodus, he will be in a very foul mood! And of course let’s not forget, getting involved in the NO DQ match involving Dominator, Jynx sent a message to the Dominator loud and clear involving his trust worthy magic cane! How will the British Beast respond? Just you wait and see!
Plus all your favourites will be there including the current EWW St. George’s Champion Drake! What a victory he scored when he beat Danny Blaze at Eden Rising. The Prince of Punk has been on a role lately since winning the belt back at Survival of the Sickest, who will be next in line for a title shot? Can Drake be beaten? We shall see, let’s also not forget the new deadly duo of Blitzkrieg and Deadly Nightshade, the Freak Foundation! A dominating victory they won at our last event, these two could be a big threat in the EWW Tag Team Title tournament, come on Commissioner! Put them in the tournament!
Speaking of J.Dawg, we are still waiting an explination on his current actions, especially towards Skarlett and the EWW Women’s division. Skarlett has proved once again why she will go down as the most dominant women’s champion in EWW history. Just at the last minute, she was thrown into a title match with a student of hers under the name of Jezabeth, what more could you want? She is ready and focused at all times, why is J.Dawg so desperate to get the belt away from Skarlett? And El Toupee on his back and planning to show up at the October event, I trust it will not be a good night for the man with the microphone!Keep your eyes peeled everybody I plan to get some interviews with some of the EWW roster as we journey to our spooktacular extravaganza on October 10th! 5 years of FearTime to get EXTREME!!!Points of Pugh: AWOL – An act of betrayal!
So among the shocking moments that were presented to us back at Eden Rising, the one that stood out to all of us was of course the shocking revelation of the newest member of the Children of Eden…AWOL.
So why? Why AWOL would you resort to such actions? Considering all that EWW and most importantly your home town has done for you. A mercenary who had seen it all and done it all on the battle field despite not yet having picked up a victory yet in EWW, he always showed a lot of heart, passion and determination. He couldn’t quite get the job done against Exodus so what does he do? Grabs the monster’s own heavy chains and begins to put beating on him to which even his own family thought was very disturbing to watch and after the bell had hung and AWOL got himself disqualified he shoves the referee and verbally abuses all those in attendance at the Hastings Centre! We were all in shock as to what had happened and with no explanation we began to wonder…had somebody got in the ear of AWOL convincing him to stroll down a different path and begin a new chapter in his life.
We got our answer during the EWW Heavyweight Championship main event when a mysterious individual draped in a hooded robe stormed the ring and cost the challenger his chance of claiming the gold. When all was said and done, the hood was removed and dressed in white was none other than AWOL himself! With Philip Bateman at the helm, we can only wonder if AWOL has ‘seen the light’ shall we say, then who is next? Another ‘family’ member of Team Extreme? Or perhaps somebody we’re not even aware of who may not even be on the EWW roster. These are all possibilities as to why this may have happened but I think we all demand an answer from the man himself! The Children of Eden needs to be put to rest before they grow more number by the minute, otherwise all hope is lost. The gold will remain around the waist of Bateman, the hired gun is now AWOL and after his recent display of actions there’s no telling of what strengths he will go to next and how dangerous he can really be. Maybe that sheer brutality of violence from his past that he has tried so hard to forget might all come rushing back and whoever stands in front of him to step up may quickly regret that decision.
I think I speak on behalf of all the fans that EWW management had better come up with a pretty dam good opponent (s) to put an end to this before we fear for the worse! Stay tuned ladies and gent’s, Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5 is on the horizon and I think we can rest assured that business will indeed pick up!Points of Pugh: EDEN RISING…THE FALLOUT!!!So once again, EWW made history on May 16th performing in front of a capacity crowd of 1000 and arguably the best show to date. So let’s take a look at what went down shall we…Alfie Essex and Flatliner def. Political Powers (Richard Parliament and Iasonas) Essex and Flatliner now qualify to the next round in the EWW Tag Team Championship tournament!Before our next contest EWW Heavyweight Champion Philip Bateman addressed the crowd and challenged those in attendance to stand up, rise and join the children of Eden. He then turned his attentions to the referee who was standing at the side, forced him to bow down whilst taking a pair of clippers and cutting his hair! The referee stood to his feet, embraced the champion and ‘saw the light’ so to speak…Had a EWW official become the next to join Eden?…Exodus def. AWOL via DQ AWOL appeared frustrated during the match failing to put the big man away so he proceeded to bat the monster with his own chains! Shoving the referee to the side and sticking it to the crowd with verbal abuse! A side we have never seen of AWOL before…but why?…Our EWW commissioner J.Dawg once again wormed his way through into Skarlett defending her EWW British Women’s title although scheduled for a ‘Golden Contract’ match with Jynx later in the evening. Introducing Skarlett’s student from the Extreme Academy of Wrestling, J.Dawg demanded the ‘Bombshell from Hell’ defend the belt as well as the Bellatrix title against none other than Jezabeth!EWW British Women’s Title match: Skarlett def. Jezabeth!EWW St. George’s Championship match: Drake def. Danny Blaze.No Disqualification Match: SINders def. The DominatorIt was indeed a brutal and violent encounter, but when it looked as though ‘the British Beast’ was about to put the mad man away, Blitzkrieg, Deadly Nightshade and Jynx all played a part in taking Dominator out, but however, the biggest controversy was that the referee (the same referee who had been blessed by Philip Bateman earlier in the evening) pulled off a fast count in order for SINders to get the victory. It was certain that there would be hell to pay by the end of the evening!Freak Foundation (Blitzkrieg and Deadly Nightshade) def. Deano Lock, Lupo Lee and Lucha LenGolden Contract Match: Skarlett def. Jynx
Skarlett officially became the one to stop the silent assassin but when it looked as though more punishment was about to be unleashed on the ‘queen of extreme’, Exodus from out of nowhere came to the aid of Skarlett sending Jynx fleeing from the ring, many were stunned but applauded the monster for his recent change of actions!EWW World Heavyweight Championship match: Philip Bateman def. Titan K
A superb main event with lots of twists and turns, Philip Bateman got the win, however with the help of the referee as well as a mysterious individual draped in a white hooded robe. After the bell had rung, Bateman removed the hood and the individual revealed himself as none other than…AWOL! The crowd were in shock! How could their hometown hero turn his back on the crowd in such a fashion, becoming the newest recruit to the Children of Eden! Dominator, Skarlett and Drake raced from the back to even the score and chase off Eden, the ‘British Beast’ then grabbed the microphone and demanded that Bateman sent his disciples into battle on October 10th against himself and Titan K, now forming themselves as the newest tag team ‘Critical Mass’! But they were not done yet, Skarlett then announced that on the very same date she would cash in her golden contract against Philip Bateman for the EWW World Heavyweight Championship!
All this and more to go down at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5, Critical Mass go up against the Children of Eden, will AWOL explain his actions for siding with Philip Bateman? Could Skarlett make history by becoming the first ever female to win the EWW World Title? Huge opportunities are at stake here ladies and gentlemen stay tuned for further information this is the ride of our lives!!!Points of Pugh: EDEN RISING…THE COUNTDOWN!!!
So if you haven’t bought your tickets for EDEN RISING which take place this Saturday…why not???!!! Witness history being made once again, historical clashes taking place and more questions that desperately need answering, it all happens at the Hastings Centre and as usual, tickets are selling fast so I’d advise you to get your orders in very quickly, performing in front of 800 to 1000 fans, it can only be here at Extreme World Wrestling!
So let’s get a rundown of the whole card as we see Drake, the prince of punk defending the EWW St. George’s Championship against Chuck Cyrus. Drake has been on an incredible roll as of late since winning the belt almost a year ago now, outwitting 6 other contestants to take home the gold, but Mr Massive has yet to pick up a victory here in Extreme World Wrestling, could Saturday May 16th finally see him change the (L) to a (W) and what better way than to get your first victory than winning the St. George’s Title, we’re in for a treat here folks!
Team Extreme’s renegade, AWOL may have had his deadliest challenge back at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4, however at EDEN RISING, he faces his biggest challenge to date as he takes on Exodus. These two have been in the same ring together at the same time in the past but this time, there’s no body backing the other at ringside. AWOL has been in the ring with some of the creepiest and most dangerous individuals on the EWW roster but they don’t come more giant like than Exodus, AWOL may be the smaller man but never count out the strength and power of this soldier and with the local crowd behind him, he could get the winning pinfall.
Not one, but TWO tag team matches taking place this Saturday, firstly we have a Tag Team Tournament beginning! What is at stake for the winners down the line has not yet been confirmed but what we can confirm is that the first two teams involved to advance into the next round are the combination of Iasonas and the debuting politician Richard Parliament against the popular duo of local lad, the ladies favourite, Alfie Essex and EWW legend, Flatliner! Expect this to be one of the most entertaining matches of the night, the power in both Iasonas and Flatliner and the speed and technicalities in both Essex and Parliament and let’s not forget after the recent Election voting, I don’t expect Richard Parliament to get a great welcome, so watch out for this one!
The other tag match on the card shall pit two gentlemen (well…if you can call one of them that mind) against not one, not two but THREE members of the Extreme Academy of Wrestling. The rather unholy alliance of the monstrous powerhouse Blitzkrieg and the rather disturbing and weird Deadly Nightshade who bill themselves as ‘The Freak Foundation’ against 3 mystery opponents! Blitzkrieg and Nightshade have been on opposite sides of the ring in the same match on a few occasions, what has made the two join together is a mystery but rest assured, this could become of the most incredible tag teams to come out of EWW, whoever their opponents shall be had better be prepared both mentally and physically!
And now we look at just who could be walking out of this next matchup with a GOLDEN CONTRACT! Trust me, this ain’t no trip to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, this is a golden opportunity to take your career in EWW to the very next level! Current EWW British Women’s Champion Skarlett put’s her upcoming Women’s Title defences on hold as she prepares to do battle with her greatest fear once more! JYNX!!! Unbeaten in EWW, never been pinned, never submitted, the victims keep coming through the curtains and most the time end up leaving in the back of an ambulance! Their last encounter two years ago was one of the most disturbing to watch, Jynx may have got himself disqualified but the beating he unleashed was not for the fainthearted. But the Bombshell from Hell has become stronger, wiser and more viscious since then! She may have saved the women’s division back in October, but this time, she must save her own life to put it bluntly! Has Commissioner J.Dawg planted another plan to rid of EWW of the ladies scene? Hopefully all will be revealed at EDEN RISING!
Now I said earlier about an entertaining matchup, well we turn our attentions to what could be one of the violent encounters coming our way on May 16th! Ever since Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4, failing to win the EWW World Title, SINders turned his attentions to The Dominator. If he could not claim the biggest prize in British wrestling, how else could the maniacal madman make history? By possibly putting the British Beast into retirement perhaps, SINders laid out the challenge to Dominator months ago for EDEN RISING, but all was silent, many wondered if the EWW legend was still feeling wounds from his encounter with the Rage back in October but the silence was broken and Dominator accepted. What SINders wasn’t prepared for however, was that the Dominator took it upon himself to make the match a No Disqualification matchup! Both monsters have a history of demonic violence so something is going to give this Saturday. Will Dominator get his rand raised or will SINders slay the British Beast forever?!
MAIN EVENT TIME and the biggest questions on all our minds hopefully get answers, founder of ‘the children of EDEN’ and reigning EWW World Heavyweight Champion, Philip Bateman vs Titan K! The mind games stop as these two clash in the centre of the ring, Bateman has encouraged those that he feels are weak and worthless to join his crusade and be given the so called ‘correct guidance’ but nothing will stop the Revolution Titan as he gets another chance to gain something he so preciously desires. Always the warrior, but never the champion, could that all change at EDEN RISING? Is Bateman hatching another plan to just maybe rid EWW of Team Extreme’s giant? If Titan were to win the gold, could this rid the children of EDEN before it even has a chance to spread fear and destruction across the land of Extreme? Is there something we don’t know about which the Ladykiller could reveal on the night, who will join and who will stand against…EDEN?
People seriously, all the situations leading to this event may have huge consequences for your EWW favourites! Book tickets now if you want to know what will go down! I shall be sat with my colleague Ricky Slatter calling the action and I do hope to catch a word or two with some of the participants with a camera crew to get a glimpse of what is really going through some of their minds, how will the react? What will they do, bearing in mind people I’ll have security with me on standby just in case! See you at the Hastings Centre people, EWW 2015 is coming this Saturday!!!


So just recently announced, The Dominator has accepted the challenge from SINders for EDEN RISING. But there’s a catch, does SINders know what he’s let himself in for? This match has been made a NO DQ matchup, we expect all hell to break loose on this one!
Also current St. George’s Champion Drake shall defend the belt against ‘Mr Massive’ Chuck Cyrus. Can Drake continue his golden success or will Chucky C claim gold around his massive waist?

Points of Pugh: Golden Contract!

Skarlett has become a hero after saving the women’s division at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4. Regaining the British Women’s Championship and proudly taking on all challenges that come towards her. However, the journey stops dead in its tracks! Just announced a few days ago, the ‘Bombshell from Hell’ plays with fire once more and must come face to face with her greatest fear…JYNX!
Now, I got to witness firsthand what happened that time these two met in a one on one encounter. To say it was tough to watch is an understatement. Skarlett may have got the win, but only via disqualification. Although he has never been pinned, JYNX doesn’t seem to care about the win/loss records, he just wants to hurt people, hurt them so bad that they can’t even walk anymore. Remember what happened after that match? Destiny cashed in her women’s title shot there and then and won the belt leaving Skarlett motionless. We all know the situation with Destiny at the moment and let’s not forget that her and Skarlett’s long awaited re match is still yet to happen.
But what has happened after those events took place? We’ve witnessed a slight change in Skarlett’s attitude recently. Although still loyal to all the fans and Team Extreme, we are looking at a more deadly, more vicious, stronger bombshell! Just ask Sammy Baynes, ask Commissioner J.Dawg, even ask Chuck Cyrus! Nobody can take a beating from three monsters in a survival match and keep coming back for more. She has got the British Women’s Championship back around her waist but come May 16th 2015, is it déjà vu for Skarlett?
She is very much aware of what she has signed up for and we all know her fear of clowns, but she has stood there and faced eye to eye with the devil himself more than once, now she must do so one more time and with a catch. The winner shall receive a golden contract! What that prize is however, is yet to be revealed. Could we be looking at a new era? Could JYNX be looking into his future and maybe taste championship gold? Or could the ‘Queen of Extreme’ rise to the occasion and overcome her fear and be ‘the one’ to end the reign of terror?
This one could get very ugly indeed on the night of EDEN RISING, I hope to catch a word with Skarlett before her encounter exclusively for EWW TV to find out what exactly is going through her mind. No Death Row this time around to help the silent assassin but it wouldn’t surprise me if J.Dawg has pulled a nasty trick out of the bag in his continued quest to rid EWW of women’s wrestling, but no explanation for all of this has been confirmed from our commissioner for all of this . So why? Why the change? I want to know, the fans want to know and certainly Skarlett wants to know! He could be on the receiving end of a Skarlett’s axe kick if he is not careful…that is if of course she can make it through her deadly battle with JYNX. Prepare for no mercy ladies and gentlemen ,we’re on the highway to hell!!!


As reported last week, Extreme World Wrestling are proud to announce that on the night of EDEN RISING, a tag team tournament shall begin, although that it is unclear what is at stake for the winners, you can be sure that it will be huge!
Unfortunately due to injury, the Unnatural Disasters have had to pull out of the event, however, EWW have found suitable replacements to go up against the Flatliner and Alfie Essex. Iasonas who made his debut at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4 has stepped in along with a fellow who may be a stranger to EWW, however he is well known across the country as the UK’s only wrestler and politician, Richard Parliament!
Released just 24 hours ago, the official trailer for EDEN RISING which also brings up some very interesting points and questions that need answering… For those who watched, The Dominator appeared in the reflection of SINders and gave a nod to the maniacal sinister. Is this the British Beast informing us that he accepts the challenge? We shall be doing our very best to keep up with the information on this…


“Solider of misfortune”

“Always the warrior…never the champion”

“You’ll always be in her shadow”

“Will god save the queen?”

Has Philip Bateman got into the heads of every single member of Team Extreme? Have the mind games come full circle? Just who is next to join the Children of Eden?

AWOL, a man who is adored by all in his home town, a mercenary who fears no man who fights for everything he stands for in EWW, but could he be the mass of muscle that Bateman needs? #JoinUs

Drake, the EWW St George’s Champion who is enjoying every bit of success he has, or…is he really just living in the shadow of his older sister Skarlett? Could he do the unthinkable? #Joinus

Skarlett, the British Women’s Champion, the heart and soul of Team Extreme, a queen who has tried to slay pure evil…is lost hope? Would the Bombshell from Hell sell her soul to the devil? #JoinUs

Titan, the beast, the giant, the challenger to the biggest prize in this country, in order to claim a prize he so desperately desires, must he sacrifice, admiration and loyalty? #JoinUs

May 16th? Game Over? No More Heroes?…

Points of Pugh: Challenge Accepted?

Not a single word. No response, no answer, nothing! Silence… That is all we have had since SINders laid out the challenge to the Dominator for EDEN RISING. But why?
No one can deny that SINders has been on a role since his debut with Extreme World Wrestling, demolishing all that stands in front of him and although he may have defeats in the record books, it is safe to say that no one has defeated him in a fashion for us to be safe from this sadistic individual forever. Is there anybody? Maybe not a man, but maybe a BEAST! The BRITISH BEAST perhaps?
SINders failed to capture the EWW Heavyweight Title back at our last show but this has not broken his spirit or wiped the smile off his face, he looks to a new challenge, a challenge where he could make a huge name for himself, a mission that if he were to accomplish, fans alike would be talking about that moment for many years to come. Could SINders be the one to slay the British Beast once and for all? Many have tried and failed and let’s not forget, two members of Death Row who may have some unfinished business. The Dominator has taken all comers, retiring The Rage from wrestling forever back at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4, he has many enemies coming his way and this could be certainly his most dangerous challenge to date. That is of course, if the Dominator were to accept!
Where is Dominator? Why has he not responded? Will he respond? Is he still recovering from the wounds of his recent match with The Rage? Is he showing signs of a mortal? We know one thing ladies and gent’s, SINders is growing very impatient waiting for an answer, how far will he go to get The Dominator’s attention? And with the Children of EDEN not set to emerge with our EWW Champion, Philip Bateman at the helm, no one is safe, especially Dominator. The time is drawing near, we could be looking at a brutal encounter if this match goes ahead. However, we have yet to get a response. Be certain that as soon as we gather more information, you’ll hear from us as soon as possible. EDEN is rising people, May 16th…BE there or BE square!!!


Points of Pugh: EDEN RISING!

So I’m back ladies and gentlemen with the first ‘Points of Pugh’ of 2015. And what better way to start than with the EWW World Heavyweight Champion, Philip Bateman, the Ladykiller! So let’s get straight down to the point. EDEN…The unveiling on EDEN back at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4, Bateman has made it very clear that now he has taken the title belt, he intends on taking over Extreme World Wrestling. However as powerful and vicious as Bateman can be, taking over EWW shall not be an easy task, especially when Bateman’s first title defence is none other than ‘Revolution’ himself…Titan K!

These two are certainly no stranger to one another. As we all are aware of their very first encounter back in 2011 but both men have changed so much in the cause of time. Titan has grown to be one of the most loved and admired members of the EWW locker room and a huge favourite to all the fans, where as Bateman has grown stronger, more deadly and very dangerous! Love Bateman or hate him, standing in the middle of the ring after that title win and the declaring the formation of EDEN sent chills down my spine, the crowd were silent as we were all sucked in to his words, as though we were all under hypnosis from the man. Can his reign of terror come to an end?

There are also those however who believe that Titan may not get the job done at EDEN RISING on May 16th. The biggest man doesn’t always win…the strongest man doesn’t always win…but the coldest man, the smartest man, mind games! Mind games will certainly play a big part in this matchup as we do have to ask ourselves here, who can Titan really trust? Yes, he has the back up of Skarlett, Drake and The Dominator but Titan and Stockwell were like brothers to one and other. They fought it out respectively in the fatal 4 way match but look what happened afterwards! Honestly who can Titan really trust? All this must be going through the big man’s mind, however, he needs a clear head going into this and go in to the land of extreme with the mission of destroying Bateman and finally becoming the EWW World Heavyweight Champion. Can he do it? Who will be next to join the Children of Eden? What evil mastermind plan does Bateman have up his sleeve this time? Find out at the Hastings Centre on Saturday May 16th.
Next time on ‘Points of Pugh’ we’ll be taking an exclusive look at SINders and his recent challenge to the Dominator. Will the ‘British Beast’ answer the call? Buckle up people, it’s time to get EXTREME!!!!

The 5th Annual Extreme Awards!!

Its that time of the year again where we recognise the hardworking ladies and gents at EWW for busting their asses (and other bodyparts) to entertain us as well as they do. Whether it was Stockwells shock turn, Dominator Retiring The Rage, Skarlett defending Womens Wrestling from Chuck Cyrus,The Ladykiller Philip Bateman finally capturing the gold…

there were ALOT of highlights this year and we would LOVE you to let yours be known

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  • Rising Star ( Which New E.W.W Extremist has impressed you)
  • Fan’s Favourite (Which E.W.W Extremist do YOU most look forward to seeing)
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  • Non Wrestling Staff Member of the year
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  • Favourite move
  • Biggest Pop


Points of Pugh: A Year in Review

Well it’s been a while since I’ve spoken to the EWW audience and I trust you all had a merry Christmas. It’s the final report of 2014 and what better way to end it by looking back on some of the most memorable moments of this past year and who to look out for in 2015.
Who could ever forget the response from the Hastings crowd when Dominator turned on his Death Row companions to show his true colours by rejoining Skarlett? Leaving everybody wondering where they go from here, speaking of Dominator, two classic encounters in 2014 which I personally feel stand out as highlights. The ‘British Beast’ and Titan K was a dream match to many EWW fans and what better card to put that clash of the giants on than Survival of the Sickest, combined with the concluding Death Row vs Team Extreme survival match and the EWW World Title going on first! Can’t get any bigger than that can you?

How about Drake, picking up his first championship after successfully overcoming various members of the Extreme Academy of Wrestling as well as retaining the St. George’s title over the 7ft monster Exodus at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4. The rookies have without a doubt impressed me so much this year. Before I select my personal favorites, I would like to say that every single member of that academy has a great future ahead of them, but standouts for me, Deadly Nightshade due to the fact that every show so far, when you think you have seen the weirdest of them all, it gets weirder and only going to continue in style and Blitzkrieg. The man is a beast, powerful, ferocious, un merciless. Looking forward to seeing who he has his eyes set upon in 2015.

2014 also saw us witness the return of EWW legend the Flatliner. It has been far too long and he was a huge hit with the Hastings crowd. Up to his old tricks as usual and it took me back to 2005/2006 sitting in the EWW crowd, loving every minute of it. And as one legend returned we sadly said goodbye to another as The Rage was defeated by The Dominator in a memorable rematch where the loser had to retire. He began the year as EWW champion, hated by the fans but finished on a high with everybody from the fans to the men and women in the locker room paying their respects to this proud warrior.
Another successful year it has been also for the silent assassin that is simply known as Jynx as he came out as one of the sole survivors in the main event of Survival of the Sickest, as well as defeating rising star AWOL at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4. Since debuting back in 2012, we have come to that point now in EWW where we have to ask the question, who is ‘the one’? Jynx is undefeated here in EWW, never been pinned, never submitted. Could 2015 be the year where somebody steps up and rids the nightmare forever?

The biggest moment for me would have to be the formation of EDEN and the ‘Ladykiller’ Phillip Bateman reaching his destiny and becoming the EWW World Heavyweight Champion. You have the master of the mind games at the helm and backing him up, the mass of muscle, Gregory Stockwell. One of the biggest highlights of this year saw Stockwell win the world title back from The Rage at the start of the year, a belt he never lost to begin with and now, turning his back on his Team Extreme companions, we know that revenge is certainly on the horizon, especially for ‘The Revolution’ Titan K. We enter a new dawn in EWW and it’s the biggest question on everybody’s mind. What’s next for EDEN? They’ve sent a message to all, follow and join but we need those who will stand united and try to take down this potential dangerous organisation.
2015 can only get bigger after a gigantic set of events that took place this year. In this world of mystery, when you think you have the answers, EWW changes the questions. Will Drake continue a successful run as the St. George’s Champion? Which female shall enter the land of extreme and try to take the women’s title from Skarlett? Will J.Dawg over step the mark in his quest to rid women’s wrestling? And who will be ‘the one’ to stop Jynx? Thank you EWW for another splendid year and here’s to the next, cheers everybody. 2015, bring it on!!!

Points of Pugh: Goodbye Rage

On this edition of Points of Pugh, I’m not here to discuss shockers and express my opinions of what is right and what is wrong, this week I’d like to look back on the career of the now retired former EWW Heavyweight Champion, The Rage.
Rage began his professional career all the way back in 2003 under a very different persona, but it wasn’t until he turned his direction to the land of extreme and adopted a darker persona and quickly became one of the most popular superstars on the EWW roster. Battle of Britain 2 he made quick work on a competitor by the name of Triggerman followed by a memorable encounter with ‘Playboy’ Phil Bedwell at Last Man Standing. He may have been defeated but Rage was set to climb an even higher mountain when he was signed to clash with Stockwell in a no.1 contender’s match at The Darkest Hour. Rage would be victorious and everybody was geared up for what would be known as the ‘ultimate challenge’ between himself and The Dominator.
What we were not expecting however was as soon as he was crowned the no.1 contender to Dominator’s title, Rage turned on all who supported him, showing a more aggressive, more evil side to him that we never thought we would see. The stage was set for the very first Invasion of the Bodyslammers where the Rage would beat the Dominator and win the EWW World Heavyweight Championship for the very first time. There and then all the fans in attendance were expecting to say goodbye to the ‘British Beast’, however, we would witness the birth of one of the most dominating forces in the history of EWW. Death row!
For the next year The Rage would go on to have very successful run as the EWW Champion, beating everybody who was put right in front of him, but come March of 2013, it all came to an end when Stockwell cashed in his golden contract and won the title, leaving the Rage furious and eager for revenge. Due to personal reasons, Stockwell could not defend the title and was therefore stripped of the gold at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 3, which gave Rage the opportunity to win the back the belt that he felt he was robbed of, becoming a two time Heavyweight Champion.
To prove that Stockwell’s title win was a fluke in the first place, Rage agreed to the title on the line against Stockwell at Survival of the Sickest. At times it seemed as though it would be lights out for the ‘Modern Messiah’, he rolled him up for a small package winning the belt back from the Rage proving all of his critics wrong. But by the end of the evening, Rage had even bigger fish to fry… Furious of the actions of Dominator at the end of the event for turning on Death Row, Rage vanished for some time, no explanation, no words, and silence until the lead up to Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4. Claiming that EWW was no longer big enough for the both of them, Rage challenged his now former companion to a final retirement match. No if’s, no buts’, one man would be gone from professional wrestling forever!
We witnessed in front of a sold out Hastings Centre one of the most anticipated rematches in EWW history. Lightning would not strike twice however, after near fall after near fall, Dominator pushed his shoulders to the mat, saving his career. But it was what took place after that where we all started settling down and thinking. After all these years, turning on the fans, saying some horrible nasty things to the fans, the EWW faithful, we thoughts back to all that Rage had done in EWW. A man that was so loved by the fans when he first entered the ring was the same man leaving through the curtain for the very last time. As a ‘thank you Rage’ chant echoed throughout the venue, we all rose to our feet and showed respects to a true legend.

Not many individuals enter this business at 300lbs and walk the top rope or hit a moonsault. Giving us some memorable moments and putting on some of the best matches ever seen in this company. Thank you Rage for all you have done for Extreme World Wrestling. A person that despite his actions at times, someone I always respected and admired for his heart and desire to go out in that ring and put on the best performance he could possibly give. There’s only one Rage! Thank you!!!

Points of Pugh

The Playboy…The Ladykiller…The Champion!

Now, what I’m about to address may cause some controversy towards fans alike, however being a fan myself first and foremost, I can’t deny that it is a historic moment to witness somebody who has pretty much been with EWW since 1999, kick, scratch, fight, bleed and kill his way to the top and finally his name is the books…your new EWW Heavyweight Champion of the World, ‘The Ladykiller’ Philip Bateman.

Revelations, the year was 1999 when two unknown gentleman made their EWW debut under the persona’s Ashe and Luthan (quickly renamed as Curve) and together they were the New Breed. A very successful tag team who traveled up and down the country winning championships, dominating the UK tag team scene for many years. However in 2004, that came to an end as Curve turned on Ashe, and adopted a persona of ‘The Playboy’ Phil Bedwell. Bedwell and Ashe would go on to feud over the next few years and we would witness some of the most bloodiest battles in EWW history which many still talk about to this day. He would make history first time around by being crowned the first ever St George’s Champion, going through a gauntlet that featured the likes of Jonny Storm, B-Rey, Matt Damian and others.

Bedwell held the belt for quite some time before losing it to Andy Simmonz on a EWW tour and shortly after he was gone for a few months. However, it was Last Man Standing where he would return and have a great encounter with The Rage followed by bouts with the likes of Chris Wyld and up and coming Titan K! Then…everything changed! Know Your Enemy in 2012, Bedwell would join the monstrous Death Row faction and revealed a whole different side. A side we had never seen before, gone was this arrogant, cocky and cowardly man who would cheat his way to victory and get out of any situation he wasn’t satisfied with, Philip Bateman is a cold hearted killer with no emotion behind those dangerous eyes of his, it’s not always about winning according to the ‘Ladykiller’, it’s about punishment, sacrifice and destruction!

One of his greatest rivals would be none other than the ‘Bombshell from Hell’, Skarlett! Claiming his passion for the women’s champion and going by the motto of ‘no more heroes!’, he would make her suffer with a brutal beating as well as any other EWW favorite that would stand in his path. On the night of Saturday October 18th, Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4, Bateman would reach his destiny, after nearly 20 years, making history for the first time in his career, Philip Bateman, the EWW World Champion. Everybody in attendance at the Hastings Center came to a stunned silence! They didn’t believe he could do it, especially with Stockwell, SINders and Titan K thrown into the same contest. I can remember it as if it were yesterday, jumping out of my seat on commentary in shock at what I had just witnessed. Bateman stood tall amongst the masses with his hand raised in victory before a fallen ‘Modern Messiah’. Speaking of this man, Stockwell, in a shocking turn of events would bow down to the new champion and we would witness the birth of what is simply known as …EDEN… What this means we do not know but you can be sure of one thing and that is that come 2015, the landscape of Extreme World Wrestling will change forever!

So now we have a new champion crowned, who is brave and bold enough to step up to Bateman and have a chance of a lifetime? Could we see Titan K next in line? Something that has been eating away at him for such a long time, each opportunity, he gets closer and closer to claiming the belt, but I guess he may be looking for some answers from a certain former Team Extreme member. Or perhaps maybe the Dominator? Who recently retired the Rage from wrestling. And Bateman has made it very clear that he is looking for revenge on the British Beast’ after crossing Death Row, and of course let’s not forget that Bateman got involved in the match trying to take Dominator out of action once and for all. Dangerous days are ahead extremists, watch this space!

Points of Pugh

Well ladies and gentlemen, I cannot stress enough how emotional, how fun filled and how thrilling Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4 was. Full results are over at our Facebook page ( but I wanted to talk about the main points that went down on the night of October 18th 2014.
Firstly we have a NEW Extreme World Wrestling Heavyweight Champion in the form of ‘The Ladykiller’ Philip Bateman. I was in total shock, after nearly 20 years in the business and being a part of EWW from the very start, his name is up there with all the greats that have held that very belt. But the shock would not end there as ‘EDEN’ was finally revealed and the mastermind behind it all was none other than Bateman himself! And to make matters more horrific, ‘The Modern Messiah’ Stockwell, after losing his championship, bowed down to the new champion and sided to form EDEN! Dangerous times are ahead and we could be looking at a whole new landscape in EWW.
‘The Prince of Punk’ Drake managed to chop down the giant Exodus via count out and still walk away the EWW St George’s Champion. Drake put on a display that shows that he is truly stepping up since his graduation from the Extreme Academy of Wrestling and things can only get better for him from here.
It wasn’t a good night for our Commissioner J.Dawg. #Decommission was not trending by the end of Skarletts match. Having revealed the mystery opponent to be ‘Mr Massive’ Chuck Cyrus and should he defeat the ‘Bombshell from Hell’, the women’s title would be recommissioned as a cruiserweight title. Nope! Not at all! Both individuals hit hard and put on a terrific display of wrestling but once again, the arrogance of Cyrus would cost him another victory and when it was all said and done, Skarlett saved the women’s division and won back the EWW Women’s Championship.
And finally the most emotional scene in the company’s history took place in the Hastings Centre as The Dominator and The Rage squared off for the final time and what an encounter it was. Both monsters through everything they had at each other, neither of these two legends held back, many close near falls, hitting each other’s finisher’s but the other just wouldn’t stay down for the count. Until the Rage could not get his shoulders off the canvas in time and The Dominator reigned supreme. After the clash, both men embraced, Rage gave an emotional speech and the 700 plus crowd gave a standing ovation followed by a thank you Rage chant. And indeed thank you Rage, for everything you have given to British Wrestling, EWW and will go down in history as one of the best heavyweights this country has produced and definitely one of the best EWW Champions we’ve ever had. Here’s to an amazing 2014, 2015 will be even bigger, watch this space Extremist’s. Prepare for the ride of your lives!!!

Official e.T. Press Release.


I want to clear the air regarding what happened at EWW’s Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4, held at the Hastings Centre on October 18th: specifically, what happened during and immediately after Skarlett’s Defend or Decommission Women’s Wrestling match against J Dawg’s mystery opponent ‘Mr. Massive’ Chucky C.

Firstly, I want to go on record as saying I am not affiliated with Skarlett, or EWW, in any way. Hand on heart, I can say that I had never even met Skarlett before Oct 18th, let alone attended an EWW show.
Secondly, and just as importantly, I want to clarify that I am not now, nor have I ever been, affiliated with any other wrestling promotion or organisation, lest anyone think I might have been out to sabotage J Dawg’s dream of an EWW Cruiserweight Division – a dream for which he was willing to sacrifice the EWW Women’s Division.
So, with that all being as it may, why did I do what I did?
I’ve been following the story for some time online, tracking its developments from the original Lumberjack Match to the Defend/Decommission match, and it bothered me. I can understand and accept why J Dawg felt the need to strip Destiny of the EWW Women’s Title – in his position it’s likely I would have done the same – but his subsequent decision to decommission that title was wrong. To then learn that he wanted to replace it with a Cruiserweight Division only reinforced what I had come to believe, and that’s basically that he’s a chauvinist, if not an outright misogynist.
The reasons he gave – centered on allegedly protecting Skarlett and her future as a wrestler – smacked of a man trying to convince people he wanted to save her from herself. It was disrespectful.
Newsflash, J Dawg: most times women don’t need saving by men; most times women need saving from men.
But that wasn’t why I did what I did, either. That would make me no better than J Dawg.
Whether Skarlett won or lost, if both participants had remained in the ring – where I believe every wrestling match should be fought and decided – then I would have remained in my seat, figuratively if not literally. Instead, when Chucky C forced Skarlett to the floor and then failed to follow up on, or take advantage of, that situation he was obviously looking for an easy count out victory instead of earning the win by pinfall or submission – and I couldn’t just sit idly by and do nothing but watch.
Verbal encouragement wasn’t enough so, yes, I assisted Skarlett in getting back to, and then into, the ring. But that was it. Nothing more.
After that – with Skarlett victorious in the ring, on her own, and by submission: meaning J Dawg’s chosen one chose to concede defeat – it was Drake (rather than Skarlett) who handed me the microphone and it was Drake (rather than Skarlett) who invited me into the ring to announce the victor following J Dawg’s apparent refusal to acknowledge Chucky C’s loss. When I went to hand the mic’ back to J Dawg it was he who chose to be confrontational and unprofessional, not me – which, much to my shame, I reacted to.
And that’s all there is to it: no conspiracy against J Dawg; no collusion with Skarlett, or anyone else for that matter; just me doing what I believed was the right thing to do at the time.
And if J Dawg still wants a Cruiserweight Division, all power to him: I can fully support that – I’m a fan, after all – just as long as it’s not at the expense of the EWW Women’s Division or the career of one of beacons of British Women’s wrestling.
Otherwise, there may – or may not – be more #Hell2Pay.

Jake Pugh Reports: RETIREMENT

October 15th 2011, was a night where we thought for good, for eternity, forever that was it, two of the biggest forces, iconic names to ever grace an EWW ring, one would never be seen again. How wrong were we? Invasion of the Bodyslammers 1 was the birth of Death Row and the moment we witnessed one of the most shocking events to have ever been seen, Dominator turned on his wife Skarlett and joined his army of monsters along with Exodus, Philip Bateman and The Rage. Fast forward to our last show, Survival of the Sickest, the Dominator could take no more, unbearable punishment from the hands of Death Row on Skarlett. The ‘British Beast’ made it very clear that he was coming for revenge on al of them, however, very rarely does this giant of a man forget, and he may be forgetting that Death Row want revenge…on him…
Since Survival of the Sickest, matches had been announced for all members of Death Row, except one, The Rage. Nobody had seen the Rage, nobody had heard from him, it was rumoured that Rage was angered so much by the actions of the Dominator that he spoke to nobody, not even his Death Row companions, hiding away from the world shutting himself out, until the silence was finally broken. Announced for Saturday October 18th, Invasion of the Bodyslammers IV, The Rage issued a challenge to the Dominator with the stipulation being the exact same from the first encounter…a RETIREMENT MATCH!!!
Now I know how some people feel about retirement matches but having spoke to the commissioner, we can all rest assured that there are no if’s and no buts’ after this encounter, the loser will retire from professional wrestling forever!
Battle of Britain 2 back in 2010 was when The Rage first stepped foot in a EWW ring, but let’s not forget that before he became the dark entity that we all know so well, Rage actually made his professional debut back in 2003 and ever since then he’s been involved in some of the biggest and most violent bouts we’ve ever seen in this country. And for someone of his size and presence, to walk along the top rope and to hit a moonsault is one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that he is by far one of the best heavyweights in the country and I’ll be the first to say that he will go down as one of the greatest EWW World Champions in history.
The Declaration, December 1998, all the way back in the first chapter of Extreme World Wrestling, The Dominator put ‘new British wrestling’ on the map. Whoever could have predicted that this monster would still be going strong to this day putting souls to rest that would dare cross his path. Three time EWW World Champion, been involved in death matches, cage matches, survival matches, Dominator has seen it all and done it all in British Wrestling, and now having a change of heart and ‘coming home’ to EWW, the Hastings crowd will certainly be on his side on the night of October 18th.
But let’s not forget now ladies and gentleman, both men have a very impressive win/loss record in EWW. I for one actually don’t want to see either man leave the company. Both have done so much for EWW both in and out of the ring. I know many people have been talking about this match and they have their predictions but the truth is I don’t want to pick a winner. Heroes come and go, but you can guarantee that legends will live forever and neither man’s legacy will never ever be forgotten after one shall lose their career after Invasion of the Bodyslammers IV.
Will lightning strike twice when The Rage beats Dominator for the second time in EWW? No interference, no excuses, will The Rage slay the beast and be the ultimate KING of EWW? The Dominator has been with the company from the very beginning. Could this all come to a crashing end or will the ‘British Beast’ calm the Rage and send him packing to a place never to be seen again.
I would like to say thank you to both men for everything you have done for Extreme World Wrestling, you shall be missed when that bell rings, emotions will run high, a winner will be announced and loser shall vanish, forever…

Jake Pugh Reports 06/10/14

EWW News:

Final match announced for Invasion of the Bodyslammers IV as we shall witness for the first time ever a ‘Pro/Am Tag Team Challenge. Four teams shall be competing with a rookie and a veteran on each team. Graduates of the Extreme Academy of Wrestling shall be involved. The mysterious newcomer Blitzkrieg shall be teaming with the powerhouse RuffNeck, who shall be making his EWW debut, Deadly Nightshade shall be teaming with a veteran who is also making his EWW debut in the name of Loco Mike Mason and not one but TWO veterans make their EWW returns come Saturday October 18th. Chris Wyld shall be mentoring EWW newcomer Deano Lock whilst Hastings favorite, Alfie Essex teams with EWW legend, The Flatliner!
A video promo has been released for the big Halloween super show, highlighting the upcoming retirement match between The Dominator and The Rage. You can view the video by this link here

Jake Pugh Reports:
The journey commences in just a few short weeks time for Invasion of the Bodyslammers IV. And this week, I felt it was about time to discuss one of the HUGE main events of the evening. The fatal four way match for the EWW World Heavyweight Championship.
All four men going into this match have plenty of experience in the ring now, some still newer than others but truth be told that every man involved in this contest is indeed worthy of holding the most prestigious belt in British Wrestling.
‘The LadyKiller’ Philip Bateman, a man who has been with EWW from the very beginning and weather you love him or you hate him, you cannot deny his brilliant track record in EWW past. First ever St. George’s Champion, he’s survived and come out victorious in some of the most bloodiest, violent and personal encounters in the history of the company. Gone now is the once very arrogant, cocky and sometimes cowardly man who was full of himself, this is now a cold hearted psychopath who will do anything to destroy what is in front of him, all the heroes that the fans so much adore, he wants rid of now and forever and now could well and truly be his time, where after nearly 20 years inside the squared circle, he finally becomes the Extreme World Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.
SINders, a man who claims to have evolved after putting the Extreme Academy of Wrestling graduates through hell and I personally feel that we may see a different side to this man come October 18th. What I mean by that is this, being that this is his first ever chance at a shot at any championship in EWW, I feel we could see SINders take it just that one step further, the only man in this match who is somewhat a stranger to the Heavyweight Title, I honestly think we could be seeing a more aggressive, more evil side to SINders than we have ever seen before and god have mercy for all those who stand in his way once that bell rings.
‘The Revolution’ Titan K. The biggest man in the match once again has the opportunity to be crowned the biggest champion in EWW history. Titan is without a doubt no stranger to the title rankings. He had his first shot in a hard fought contest against The Rage last year at Hell Is Where The Heart Is and a few months after that in a tag team encounter at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 3. Each time he has reached one step further to claiming the belt something has always been able to stand in his way. What must be going through his mind right now? Could he be thinking that this could be the last shot that he has in quite some time? Well you can bet on one thing and that is that he’ll be training very hard for this encounter and he knows all four individuals very well going into this match, he’ll bring his A game and with the fans behind him we may finally hear J.Dawg announce the ‘Revolution’ as the new World Heavyweight Champion.
‘The Modern Messiah’ Stockwell finally shall make his first defense as EWW Champion, an opportunity he never had the chance to achieve first time around, talk about upping the ante and being thrown straight into the deep though by being challenged by not just one but three opponents. I have every faith in Stockwell to retain the title after seeing what this man has been through over the years, picking up some of the biggest wins since the very start of this company back in 1998. He’s got stuck in with some of the best the world of wrestling has had to offer and after an emotional journey back to the ring earlier this year, reclaiming what he never lost, I think Stockwell is more focused than ever. Another man who his no stranger to all involved in this matchup, Stockwell I’m sure is studying these men mentally and physically and you can mark my words, they’re possibly going to have to destroy the ‘Modern Messiah’ to stop him from losing the gold.
BUT ladies and gentleman, one thing we must remember, the most important factor going into this match, FRIENDSHIPS WILL BE TESTED!!! The old saying goes in this business…”are you here to make friends or are you here to make money?”… Now, Bateman and SINders are ofcourse assigned to Death Row and I’m pretty sure that as much as much as they would both like to wear the big gold around their waist, I’m sure they just want the title back into the dark clutches of Death Row as a whole. Titan K and Stockwell on the other hand, well, we all know that they are both members of Team Extreme and very good friends, but Titan has made it very clear in the past that weather you are a friend or a foe, if you’re holding that championship, he’s going to be hungry and he’ll do whatever it takes to finally become the champion. And i’m sure Stockwell has the same sort of mindset, you’re here to the best, so you have to do whatever it takes to remain the best.
I seriously advise you people to hurry and book tickets, they are selling fast and this is going to go down as one of the best events in the history of Extreme World Wrestling, my next report, we shall have a special look into the Dominator and the Rage…someone will retire!!!

Jake Pugh Reports 22/09/14

EWW News:

TWO huge announcements made this past week by EWW management as we head further and further towards Invasion of the Bodyslammers IV. As we’ve reported, Philip Bateman has been sending very mysterious and disturbing messages to EWW HQ without any explanation behind these messages at all…until now! Bateman has made it very clear that he wants the EWW World Heavyweight Championship around his waist, however in order to accomplish that mission, he must go through the reigning champion, Stockwell. But neither man shall have an easy task, as commissioner J.Dawg officially made the contest a ‘Fatal Four Way’ match, also putting SINders and Titan K as the other two combatants. This could indeed spell trouble for both Death Row and Team Extreme, but more on that as we get closer to our big supershow. Also this week, J.Dawg officially announced a huge change to the women’s title match. With Destiny recently announcing her pregnancy, the Commish’ made the choice of stripping Destiny of the belt and suspending her for the time being. Having major concerns of the women’s division in EWW, J.Dawg announced that Skarlett will still be in action against an opponent that shall not be announced until the night of the event, he has guaranteed that the announcement will be massive! And furthermore, no more lumberjack match! Should Skarlett win, she shall win back the British Women’s Title and the women’s division shall remain alive, but should she lose, the belt will be re commissioned and the women’s division will be banished…FOREVER!!!

Jake Pugh Reports:

 Back on my last report I discussed the matches of Drake defending his St George’s Championship against Exodus and Infinity looking to improve his successful run by going one on one with the legendary Danny Collins, both very tough matches for all individuals. Talking of tough challenges, Team Extreme’s renegade AWOL shall step into the darkness once again as he goes one on one with Death Row’s sinister jester, Jynx. Unable to pick up a victory over Philip Bateman at Survival of the Sickest, he still showed he had the heart of a lion when he went back into battle in the survival elimination match that evening. AWOL has proven time and time again that he is one of the bright future extremists on the EWW roster, but we must never forget the fact that Jynx is undefeated. And on the night of Saturday October 18th, Jynx comes home. Ever since he debuted at the second Invasion of the Bodyslammers, this individual has been on a path of destruction showing no mercy to whoever stands in his path. AWOL has faced some tough battles both in and outside of the ring, the things that this man has seen in Iraq would make any other human being’s blood curl, he certainly has no fear and will face any evil that stands before him, but combine the punishment Jynx unleashes and add that with the mind games, even looking in to his eyes, there’s something that isn’t quite there, AWOL is going to need all the luck he can get, this will be challenging to say the least.

These two warriors are not the only ones who shall have a challenging night ahead of them as recently announced, the EWW World Heavyweight Championship shall be defended in a ‘Fatal Four Way’ match. ‘The Modern Messiah’ Stockwell shall make his first official defence against ‘The Ladykiller’ Philip Bateman, SINders and ‘The Revolution’ Titan K. A lot is at stake in this matchup but I shall go further into detail on this subject in the coming weeks.

Skarlett now has a HUGE responsibility resting on her shoulders after the shocking news of Destiny being stripped of the EWW British Women’s Title, she now awaits the identity of her mystery

Jake Pugh Reports 08/09/14

EWW News:
Once again, the ‘Ladykiller’ Philip Bateman had this sent to EWW Headquarters… “All the blood lying on the floor
Sense the crowd expecting something more
Opened up, proudly on display
What we tried so hard to hide away” … And again, no understanding or meaning behind this at all, we are trying to get to the bottom of this as we speak, but what we do know is that he will be in action on October 18th for Invasion of the Bodyslammers IV and his opponent will be announced very soon.
The big news of the week comes from the announcement of a rematch from the very first Invasion of the Bodyslammers event. The Dominator shall face The Rage once more in a ‘Retirement Match’. Now, we all know what happened last time around, however, the recent change of events from Dominator turning on his fellow Death Row monsters to side with Team Extreme, Rage feels this is the ultimate betrayal and looks set to end this once and for all. No turning back, no excuses, one of these men after October 18th, is never coming back. Our EWW reporter and commentator Jake Pugh shall be looking into this matchup as w get closer to the huge extravaganza.

Jake Pugh Reports: A Preview!
Well what a past week it has been ladies and gentlemen. Huge and exciting announcements for Invasion of the Bodyslammers IV and there is plenty more to come. As we wait patiently for what else is in store for our Halloween supershow, there are some newly announced matchups I would like to take a more in depth look at. Firstly, the announcement of Danny ‘Boy’ Collins coming to EWW, a former British and European Welterweight Champion, a former World Heavyweight Champion and a former tag team partner of Big Daddy. Collins has seen it and done it all in British Wrestling and on the night of Saturday October 18th, he steps into the carnival of extreme. His opponent, Infinity, a man who has been on such an impressive run since making his debut at the last Invasion of the Bodyslammers and recently had a cracking match against Chuck Cyrus, is the perfect choice for Danny to step in to the ring with. A contest that I’m sure will feature a mixture of speed and technique, it is a potential show stealer and Danny looks set to make an impression, to also prove a point that the ‘old school’ still reigns supreme at the top of the mountain. Can Infinity continue his impressive run and pick up his biggest win to date? Find out on October 18th…
Our newly crowned EWW St George’s Champion Drake shall defend the gold against his biggest challenge to date. The 7ft masked monster, Exodus. Picking up not one, but two gauntlet victories, another graduate of the Extreme Academy of Wrestling and with guidance from his older sister Skarlett, Drake has everything going for him. He’s on the right path, he’s settled some scores and the icing on the cake is that he is the new St. George’s Champion. However, the party may be over quicker than we think. The ‘Prince of Punk’ has never been in the squared circle with somebody quite like Exodus who goes in to this match with more experience and an obvious weight and height advantage. Exodus was the first man to topple fellow giant Titan K which is no easy task and was one of the sole survivors in the huge Survival of the Sickest main event match. Could we be looking at our biggest St George’s Champion to date? Or will Drake play David and conquer Goliath? I hope to get a few words with Drake before the big matchup.
I shall be looking more into the matchups we have coming your way for Invasion of the Bodyslammers IV as we get closer and closer. Tickets are still available but they are going fast. Last event we had the Hastings Centre packed with over a thousand people so book now to avoid disappointment.
More to be announced but the current line up is…
‘Retirement Match’
The Dominator vs The Rage

Jynx vs AWOL

Danny ‘Boy’ Collins vs Infinity

‘EWW St. George’s Championship Match’
Drake (c) vs Exodus

‘EWW British Women’s Championship – Lumberjack Match’
Destiny (c) vs Skarlett
Thanks for viewing everybody, see you again soon.

Jake Pugh Reports 26/08/14

EWW News:
As we reported recently, ‘The LadyKiller’ Philip Bateman sent a mysterious message over to EWW Headquarters. No explanation or meaning behind the message and the confusion continues as we received this earlier today… “The 18th of October fast approaches. I can promise that EWW will never be the same again. No more heroes.” …One thing is for certain, and that is come Invasion of the Bodyslammers IV, Bateman has evil intentions, but upon whom?

Jake Pugh Reports:
A look back on Invasion of the Bodyslammers:
I can remember back in the days of the palace nightclub in Witney Oxfordshire, two annual events at that time were Cruel Britannia and Halloween Holocaust. For some reason, neither event seemed to catch on or continue. It puzzled me for some time as to why this was so. However if you fast forward to 5 years later and you’ll discover, pretty much like life itself, everything happens for a reason.
Saturday 15th October 2011, the Phoenix Venue Hastings would be the birth place for Invasion of the Bodyslammers 1. Without a doubt one of the greatest names to have ever been brought up as a show title and I highly doubt it will ever be topped. It has been said amongst fans that Invasion of the Bodyslammers is the, shall we say ‘wrestlemania’ of the EWW events calendar. I can’t argue with that to be honest, so many memorable moments which I’m now going to look back on.
The 1st I.O.T.B.S witnessed an incredible encounter between then EWW British Women’s Champion Skarlett and Sweet Saraya. The Knight Dynasty certainly made an impact in EWW in one night, as the legendary ‘Rowdy’ Ricky Knight would go on to defeat Stockwell to win the St George’s Championship. But of course, what stood out the most for me on that night was the main event bout between The Rage and The Dominator. Many considered the ultimate challenge between these two and both men’s careers were at stake. Rage would pick up the win, becoming the new champion and we thought we were all saying goodbye to the phenom of EWW. How wrong were we? Turning on Skarlett and the hometown crowd, Dominator would side with an army of monsters to form Death Row.
Invasion of the Bodyslammers 2 went to new heights as I can remember sitting at the commentary desk, calling the action with somebody I thought I’d never see in EWW again, Spirit of Instinct, co founder of this company and despite the banter we had back and forth, it was indeed a huge honor. Philip Bateman and Stockwell engaged in battle to win a golden contract, which we would later see Stockwell cash in a show later and win the EWW Heavyweight Championship from The Rage, Rage and Dominator teamed up to take on the combination of Skarlett and The Bull, Titan K and Exodus battled in the land of the giants, awesome debuts of AWOL and the sinister SINders, but what stood out for me, was that I.O.T.B 2 would be the birth place of one of the most terrifying individuals I have ever seen in my life. Jynx. He continues to impress me every time he steps in that ring, no man or woman has survived the wrath of this silent assassin and to this day, I will sit here and say, I don’t think he can ever be stopped…
Invasion of the Bodyslammers 3 would see EWW debut at the Hastings Center. New beginnings would occur as it was announced at the start of the show, Stockwell was stripped of the title he had won back in March of 2013 and the EWW Heavyweight belt was up for grabs in a tag team main event, which The Rage would go on to be victorious. One of my favorite matches on the card was the Extreme Academy gauntlet match, the future of EWW is looking very bright indeed, fresh young talent, going out there to make a name for themselves and I can certainly see future champions in every single one of these graduates.  We witnessed the first ever standoff between The Dominator and Titan K, eye ball to eye ball, you could cut the tension with a knife. It made perfect sense for these two to go on and clash at Survival of the Sickest which will go down as one of the most memorable encounters in EWW. But one moment in particular which will always stay fresh in my mind was Destiny entering the ring after Skarlett took the beating of a lifetime from Jynx, dropped her on her head with a tombstone piledriver and won the EWW Women’s Title ending 3 years of a winning streak for the ‘Bombshell From Hell’. Everybody in attendance was hushed with silence, they had never witnessed Skarlett broken, fallen and helpless in this way at all. However, she has a chance to take the throne back as we gear forward to the 4th annual of this incredible extravaganza.
Saturday October 18th sees EWW back at the Hastings Centre, continuing the spooky tradition of this super show. Many questions remain un answered after the shocking turn of events that happened at Survival of the Sickest. The Dominator turned on Death Row to side with Skarlett, Death Row are out for revenge, the Flatliner makes his long awaited return to EWW, Skarlett vs Destiny in a ‘Lumberjack’ match, Drake shall make his first St. George’s Championship defence against Exodus and one other subject I wanted to quickly talk about. We recently received a video message which featured cult leader’s and there famous quotes with the tag line at the end ‘EDEN IS COMING’…what could this mean? Very mysterious and we are all very keen to find out what all this is about. This one is not for the faint hearted, I can see things getting pretty ugly at this event where once again, history shall be made and as always, we at Extreme World Wrestling will always re write, the history books, trick or treat? You’re in for a big one…

Jake Pugh Reports 11/08/14


A mysterious message from Phillip Bateman…

EWW Headquarters discovered this mysterious message sent from the chambers of Death Row which states the following… “The clock is ticking EWW. No. More. Heroes.”…What could this possibly mean? We understand that Death Row are furious at the fact that the Dominator turned on his fellow army of monsters to rejoin his wife Skarlett for Team Extreme, but we have had no word from the likes of The Rage, Destiny, or spokesman for Exodus and Jynx. Is this a personal message from Bateman and Bateman alone? More news on this as soon as we get it…


An exclusive look at our EWW Champion, STOCKWELL!

Friday May 14th 2004, EWW Resurrection, Palace Nightclub, Witney Oxfordshire was a moment where a promising career was born. Under a different persona, Greg Stockwell had a great following with his hometown crowd who he gave everything he had to prove to them and most importantly, his mentor, The Dominator that just one day, he would become the EWW World Heavyweight Champion.
A showdown between the then ‘Brazilian Bad Boy’ and the ‘British Beast’ was on the horizon, unfortunately, due to injuries and personal issues, the match never came about. After a brief absence, Extreme World Wrestling returned in 2009 at the Kings Hall in Herne Bay where a series of successful shows were produced, most notably for the short lived EWW TV series. In October of that year, Battle of Britain 1, the very night where Dominator’s 6 year undefeated streak had been broken, Stockwell returned to the ring under his own name, billed as ‘The Modern Messiah’ and he made it clear he was back with a vengeance and gunning for Championship gold!
EWW Rise to Ruin in 2011 would see Stockwell win his first title after defeating B-Rey to become the St. George’s Champion, with a little help from the league of love though. His ego got the better of him unfortunately as he was defeated just a few short months later by the legendary ‘Rowdy’ Ricky Knight. A defeat was all it took for Stockwell to realise that he needed to gain respect back from the fans and step up to the mark and what better way than to join Team Extreme in assisting to take down the monstrous Death Row faction. He certainly proved to be a tremendous and loyal member, standing side by side with the fellow extremist ready to go to war. On the night of Invasion of the Bodyslammers 2 in 2012, Stockwell got a win over ‘The Lady Killer’, Phillip Bateman to win a golden contract which stated he could get a title shot whenever he wanted. This gave Team Extreme the upper hand in catching Death Row off guard as Stockwell cashed in his contract just after The Rage had defeated Titan K in a match at Hell is where the heart Is in March 2013. Stockwell was even lucky to have made it, as earlier in the evening, he suffered a bloody and brutal beating at the hands of The Dominator in a historic violent, long awaited encounter that had been brewing for nearly 10 years.

After all the hard work, broken bones, the highs and the lows, the ‘Modern Messiah’ was at the top of the mountain which to this day will go down in history as one of the most shocking moments in EWW history. But suddenly, the dream was shattered. Invasion of the Bodyslammers 3 in October 2013, Stockwell was due to defend his title, however, his son was born with health problems and had to attend hospital which then caused Charles Fitzgerald III to harshly strip Stockwell of his championship. The Rage would win the belt back later in the evening but a challenge was set for Stockwell to have one more chance at glory at Survival of the Sickest where he would go one on one with The Rage and this time, there would be a fair winner. Both competitors were involved in a gigantic main event pitting Team Extreme and Death Row in the final battle of all battles, so in a first in EWW history, a Heavyweight Title clash would open the show. Safe to say that Stockwell may not have been fully focused after the rough ride he had for the past few months, but he proved he was back and better than ever after pinning the Rage to win the belt back becoming the 2 time EWW World Champion.

So here we sit gearing up for Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4, who is ready to take on the Modern Messiah, now he has that big target painted on the back of him, opportunities are going to come from every man in every direction. Who would you like to see Stockwell face? Who would Stockwell like to put the belt up against? History has been written, but just when you think you have the answers…we change the questions…

The BIG return announced!

October 18th at the Hastings Centre, making his big return to EWW, the place he calls home……FLATLINER!!


Big return for October 18th

Big news coming our way of a former EWW superstar making his return at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4!! But who is it?? Watch this space!!!

First match announcement for October 18th

First match announcement for October 18th in Hastings, and what an announcement! 
Lumberjack match, nowhere to run! This will be brutal!


Jake Pugh Reports 28/07/14

As we head towards Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4 in October, one has to simply look back and ask the question…what now?

Survival of the Sickest saw Death Row triumph over Team Extreme after Skarlett took a vicious beating from Jynx, Exodus and Phillip Bateman. It seemed as though more punishment was about to unload as The Dominator hit the ring. All of a sudden, to the delight of a thousand in attendance, the British Beast turned on his fellow monsters and sided with Team Extreme, reforming husband and wife back together.

Yes, the Dominator was the founder of Death Row, however he himself admitted that the mind games and sacrifices had gone too far. So what now? Death Row now see Dominator as a different individual , most certainly, their new enemy. Revenge shall be on the way for Dominator as he sets out to put a stop to every single member of Death Row until they are no more. But, how far will Death Row go to get what they want? Maybe it’s possible that they want to put to rest one of the biggest names in British Wresting history…

Dangerous times are upon us as we head towards October. More updates to come as we shall get exclusive comments from various members of the EWW roster on a variety of subjects. Strap yourselves in, buckle up as we are about to take a bumpy ride to the highway to hell!!!

EWW Survival of the Sickest Results:

Before the show got underway, commentators Ricky Slatter and Jake Pugh welcomed our DVD audience and announced that Charles Fitzgerald III had parted ways with EWW after the feeling of accomplishing all he needed within the company.

The show itself kicked off in a big way! For the first time in EWW history, the opening bout was for the EWW World Heavyweight Championship. ‘The Modern Messiah’ Stockwell def. The Rage *NEW EWW World Heavyweight Champion* Rage showed a lot of dominance throughout, set to prove that Stockwell’s cash in back at Hell Is Where The Heart Is was nothing but a fluke. Working on the Modern Messiah’s knee and even kicking out of not one but two lariats, Stockwell rolled him up out of nowhere to get the winning fall becoming two time EWW champion, bringing the belt back to Team Extreme.

Skarlett and Erin Angel def. Sammi Baines and EWW British Women’s Champion, Destiny Angel and Skarlett proved a fantastic dream team combination during this bout. After Destiny crushing Skarlett’s title reign back at Invasion of the Bodyslammers 3, the Queen of Extreme was out for revenge, however the women’s champion wanted no part of her. Skarlett picked up the victory after locking in the Skarlett’s web on Baines. After the contest, she challenged Destiny to a Women’s title re match in October, but this time, it would be under Lumberjack rules! ‘

The Lady Killer’ Phillip Bateman def. A.W.O.L Depravity overcame discipline in this one. Bateman spotted AWOL’s baby daughter and wife seated at ringside before the bout and insisted on sending happy birthday messages as there husband /father would never see them again after this match. This only fired up the Team Extreme soldier, ready for a fight, however he could not get the job done against Death Row’s sinister demon. After the contest, as Bateman was about to unveil more punishment, out of nowhere, Kraft made his return to British wrestling after being away for a number of years, coming to the aid of AWOL as Bateman fled the ring.

Drake def. Jay Lamrod, SINders, Rue Blackstar, Deadly Nightshade, Alfie Essex and Blitzkreig *NEW EWW St George’s Champion* Fantastic match up, featuring the debuts of Blitzkreig who proved a force to be reckoned with, Rue Blackstar got a great reception from the crowd, SINders couldn’t bring another title back into the clutches of Death Row, Alfie Essex proved once again to be a crowd favorite, Deadly Nightshade is certainly one unique individual but in the end, it came down to Lamrod and the ‘Prince of Punk’. After a tremendous display of wrestling action, Drake finally scored the winning pin to hold the St George’s Championship. Team Extreme were back in the game! ‘

The Revolution’ Titan K def. ‘The British Beast’ The Dominator via DQ Accompanied to the ring by Destiny, Dominator set his intentions on proving why he is the most indestructible force in the history of EWW. Team Extreme’s Titan wasted very little time heading to the ring and when the bell sounded, you can feel the electricity as we were about to witness one of the most requested matches in the history of the company. Titan K would pick up a win after The Dominator got himself disqualified. It took Destiny, Jynx and a steel chair to get the Revolution off his feet. There would be hell to pay by time the big main event would arrive.

Infinity def. ‘Mr Massive’ Chuck Cyrus Arrogance would not describe the presence of Chuck Cyrus who had been gloating all week before the show on how he would get the win. However, Infinity proved once again why he is the future of EWW, displaying encouragement and determination. A great match that got the audience ready for the big one!

*Elimination Survival Match* Death Row def. Team Extreme Shockingly enough, Titan K and The Dominator were the first two eliminated as they brawled around the ring, all the way through to the backstage area, to settle the score after the incident in there one on one encounter. It appeared to be light’s out for Team Extreme as they lost members Drake and AWOL leaving Stockwell and Skarlett to fend for themselves. Out of nowhere, The Rage found himself on the receiving end of elimination, however, Stockwell may have won the title at the beginning of the event, and he would not go on to be the sole survivor in this matchup. Skarlett was left all lone to take on the combination of the 7ft monster Exodus, Jynx and Phillip Bateman. She tried, she fought, punched, kicked scratched and clawed her way to try and gain the victory, but it wasn’t enough as Death Row unleashed the beating of a lifetime, eliminating the Queen of Extreme and thus becoming Survivors of the Sickest. They were not done yet. As The Dominator made his way back down to ringside to celebrate, it seemed as though they were going to make a sacrifice towards Skarlett. Suddenly, the British Beast turned on his fellow Death Row followers and cleaned house which brought a thunderous amount of cheers from the delighted capacity crowd of 1000 in the Hastings centre. After reconciling, all the battles, all the mind games, Dominator and Skarlett were finally reunited to close the show.