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Invasion of the BodySlammers 8! 20 years of EWW!!

The Leader of The Unknown revealed!

Deadly Nightshade pays a visit to Deano Locks home…

EWW returns to Sussex Coast College, Hastings for UNKNOWN UPRISING on Saturday 24th March 2018. Get your tickets now via our online shop

The Good, The Red & The Ugly DVD Trailer available now in our online shop

Family Values DVD Trailer available now in our online shop

A message from Eden voiced by their leader Philip Bateman to Skarlett, regarding her match up on March 5th at the Hastings centre against her own brother- Drake.

Extreme World Wrestling Invasion of the Bodyslammers 5 DVD trailer 5 years of fear. On sale naow via our online shop


The Twisted Philip Bateman has a message for the Queen of extreme Skarlett. These two extremest lock horns on October 10th at the Hastings centre, Hastings for the EWW Heavyweight championship. Get your ticket now via our online shop!


Eden Rising DVD Trailer Available soon from our online shop!


16th May the extremists will return to Hastings to face a new and chilling threat – The Children of Eden and its twisted leader Philip Bateman… but who will join the ranks? 
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Doctrine 3. ‪#‎joinus‬

Chilling messages from the leader of the Children of Eden “The Ladykiller” Philip Bateman

“Whispers and echoes have to be addressed. Eden’s rise will not be delayed. Bear witness on May 16th.”

SINders Challenge

Highlight reel of Invasion of the Bodyslammers 4, now available on DVD from our online shop

18th October two of EWW’S mainstay goliaths will clash one last time, with the added stipulation the LOSER will RETIRE from EWW for good!!
this huge match up will change the landscape of EWW forever!

From commissioner J.DAWG official page… anti womens wrestling propaganda.. 

We cant comment on behalf of the commissioner, however… we are sure if he carries on shaking the hive the way he is soon enough he will have to deal with an angry queen Bee.

Who are Eden?

Earlier today A mysterious video was sent directly to EWW HQ.

The video featuring cult leaders of the past and subliminal messages of “FOLLOW” “OBEY” “BELIEVE” and “COMPLY”

Also within the video contain the words ” EDEN IS COMING”
What could this mean for EWW?


Horrifying promo from SINders.., but what can it mean?


SINders has a chilling warning for the extreme academy boys facing him on the 24/06/14 


Extreme World Wrestling’s brightest stars and baddest villains take on the classic spaghetti western in this EPIC trailer for the forthcoming show ”Survival Of The Sickest” Showing why they are the INNOVATORS of REAL British Wrestling


The sinister Bateman has a chilling message for AWOL regarding ”Survival of the sickest” 24th may 2014


Extreme academy stand out AWOL has a few choice words for ”The Ladykiller” Philip Bateman


Leaked footage from Extreme World Wrestling’s training facility – The Extreme academy of wrestling featuring up and coming star Drake getting called out during a training session with E.W.W Pro’s – Skarlett, Stockwell and AWOL by fellow academy stand out Jay Lamrod.


EWW Invasion of the Bodyslammers 3 trailer

EWW – Hell is where the heart is trailer

EWW Invasion of the Body Slammers 2 Trailer