The next N-EWW show will be LIVE on December 7th 2019 at Summerfields leisure centre, Hastings!  

The Main Event in Hastings, December 7th.
After Cyrus Shades controversial win at Summerfields Slam, Commissioner Steel has signed a rematch, AWOL will have his chance once more but with the addition of 10 Lumberjacks around ringside.
No escape. No interference. One winner.

Former tag team partners and best friends face each other for the first time ever for the NEWW Academy title. Dawn cashed in the Majesty gauntlets to take the belt from hometown hero Lupo.

Now it’s time for payback! An additional bonus!  After Lupos sensational win at Slam Wrestling to capture their X Division title, Slam management have agreed that this match now will be title for title!


Another title match for December 7th in Hastings.
St Georges Champion Lenny Lawless meets the challenge of a man freshly returned from NWA TV in Atlanta, the ‘Alpha Male’ Charlie Davies.

Another title match for Hastings, December 7th, , and this one has the new Commissioners grubby hands all over it.
After winning the tag titles from MENergy, the new tag team champs The Bone Brothers make their first defence against MENergy 2.0.
Lou Steel presents his old tag team partner Felix with a new acquisition, the high flying Kit Knox.
Don’t miss this one!


We have ourselves a problem.
See, the Majesty Gauntlet Battle Royal, seemingly won by Skarlett was thrown into chaos after Stickman inadvertently pointed out that his mate, camera guy Billy Zero had never officially been eliminated and was actually sitting ringside.
So…. We have an unusual match here. For the Gauntlets.
Skarlett vs……. Billy Zero.

Another match signed for Hastings December 7th. Skarlett not only has to fight for the Majesty Gauntlets but also takes on the dangerous little bastard from The Unknown, Corvis Kid.
What will the Unknown have up their sleeve for this one?

Having helped Cyrus Shade win the EWW Title, Titan has vowed to continue terrorising Skarlett by first destroying her ‘porcelain babies’ at the Academy.
Hastings, December 7th will see a handicap match as The Wildkats will try to tame the fury of the man they call Titan

The monsters are coming to Hastings December 7th.
Having lost his St Georges title at the last NEWW event, Voodoo returns and faces the high flying Vampire Warrior…. Furio

Skarlett’s brother Drake has answered the challenge thrown at him by the leader of the Unknown, Trevor Bekooy.
December 7th at Summerfields will be a hell of a brawl as Drake takes on Trev!

Brexit Bully ‘Dutch’ returns to EWW to take on Fan favourite Shawn Summers. Can the youngster overcome the veteran.
Summerfields Leisure Centre. December 7th.


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