Originally named Extreme World Warfare,image1 EWW was founded by Jamie Clubb and Stu Allen.  They launched their first show in December 1998 at the Exeter Hall in Oxfordshire. ‘The Declaration’featured an 8 man tournament to determine the first ever EWW Champion and would set the tone for the style of the promotion. The main event saw Fighting Spirit become the inaugural EWW champion after defeating The Dominator in what was billed as the first ever Steel Cage match featured on a British wrestling card.




Over the next few years, EWW would produce critically acclaimed cards such as ‘Scorched Earth’ and ‘Castled’ earning themselves the slogan “The Innovators of Violence”. EWW was firmly supplanting themselves as the no.1 hardcore promotion in Britain.



By the time 2004 had rolled around EWW would use the Palace Nightclub in Witney as its main venue. Many fans would dub it as the ‘EWW Arena’ at that time where hundreds would witness the famous bloodbath rivalry of matches featuring former New Breed tag partners Ashe and ‘Playboy’ Phil Bedwell. This would be the year where Chris O’Regan would take over the duties of Jamie Clubb until 2009 where Allen would take sole charge of the promotion.




2009 saw the dawning of a new era in the company as changes were made to take EWW to bigger heights. Firstly changing from extreme world warfare to Extreme World Wrestling.Secondly was the introduction of Skarlett who would go on to become the first ever EWW Women’s Champion and touring areas such as Herne Bay, Coventry and Liverpool before finally settling into their new home of the Hastings centre where they perform in front of an audience up to a thousand.



Favourites such as Titan, AWOL, Drake, Erin Angel, Deano Lock and many more would feature as well as getting a glimpse of the future stars of EWW who all train out of its training facility ‘The Extreme Academy of Wrestling’. Nearly 20 years in the business, EWW continues to grow from strength to strength with high production values and unique, mysterious storylines suitable for all ages, here’s to another 20.


 This is Extreme World Wrestling, the badly behaved stepchild of British wrestling!!!