EWW Invasion of the Bodyslammers 7 tickets on sale now!

With lots of questions now needing answers after the huge 1000+ sell out smash in June EWW make their return to Hastings at the Sussex coast college with their unique brand of violence, drama and entertainment.

The Atrium of Sussex coast college will transform by night into a huge amphithetre of wrestling action.

Witness the most important night in EWW history to date as we will se the return of EWW Regulars – like, Skarlett, The Dominator, Titan, EWW St. George’s champion Brother David, Bother Drake, SINders and Exodus

Also join us for a FAREWELL TO FEAR – Celebrating the terrifying E.W.W career of one of our most beloved and disturbing characters, JYNX as he retires from the ring and returns to your nightmares!

This is one night of action you will not want to miss!

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